[Wikipedia-l] LinkBacks?

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Tue Oct 30 22:02:03 UTC 2001

Laura T. wrote:
> Why is there a debate about using/ having linkbacks?

We are releasing the content of the Wikipedia under an open license,
the GNU FDL.  We have not previously been clear enough about exactly
how people who want to copy our material are expected to behave.  We
are trying to clarify this.

> Also, why 2 sites, or 2 encyclopedias? My impression of them is Wikipedia 
> is the "everyman's" encyclopedia and Nupedia is for the university elite. I 
> looked at being a writer there but I really felt I wouldn't be welcome 
> since I'm just a college graduate of a two year program for corporate 
> communications.

Nupedia was started first, and is extremely high quality in the
limited content that it does produce.  After a year or so of working
on Nupedia, Larry had the idea to use Wiki software for a separate
project specifically for people like you (and me!) who are intimidated
and bored (sorry, Nupedia!) with the tedium of the process.

As it turns out, Wikipedia is dramatically more successful on some
measures, and Nupedia is dramatically more successful on some other
measures.  It is my personal expectation that in the future, Nupedia
will end up using (somehow) content from Wikipedia as a foundation for
an "academically respectable" project.

The main thing about Wikipedia is that it is fun and addictive.  :-)

> Curiousity killed the cat, its a good thing I'm a dragon. ;)

Indeed, it is a good thing, then.

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