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Five Hundred Forint (In circulation from 1 February 2001)
Milleneumi 500 Forint / előoldal
500 Forint / hátoldal
On 1 February 2001, the National Bank of Hungary will issue a new 500 forint banknote introducing optically variable ink as a new security feature. Similarly to the 1000 forint banknote issued on 1 November 2000, the new security feature will be applied on the front of the note, replacing the hidden picture above the watermark symbol. The colour of the print, in which the letters 'MNB' (the Hungarian acronym of the Bank's name) are displayed, alternates between gold and green, depending on the angle the note is held.
The Bank wishes to inform the general public and all those involved in cash payments that the old 500 forint banknotes, issued since 1998, will remain in circulation. The introduction of the new security feature on the banknote will be announced in a special notice to be published in the Magyar Közlöny (Hungarian Gazette).


Size: 154 mm x 70 mm, colour: white.
On the front, it bears the portrait of Ferenc Rákóczi II, denomination both in figures and in writing, the bank title MAGYAR NEMZETI BANK, certifying signatures, the coat-of-arms of the Republic, and the following safety features: a hidden picture, see-through registration and serial numbers.
On the back is the view of Sárospatak Castle, the denomination,the see-through registration and a device to assist the partially sighted. Intaglio print is used for the important details of the banknote (the portrait the picture on the back, the denominations). As it emerges from the multi-colour drawings the ink layer is tactile. Certain patterns of the drawings fluoresce under ultra-violet light on both the front and the back of the note.
The banknote, designed by Károly Vagyóczky, are produced by Pénzjegynyomda Rt. (Banknote Printing Co.).
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