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named after John Mitchell Kemble (1807-57),
of Trinity College, Cambridge,

editor and translator of Beowulf (1833, 1837),
editor of the
Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici (1839-48),
author of
The Saxons in England (1849),
and author of
Horae Ferales (1863)



The British Academy - Royal Historical Society Joint Committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters was formed in 1966. Its primary objective is to organise the preparation of a new edition of the corpus of Anglo-Saxon charters. The first Chairman of the committee was Professor Christopher Cheney. The present Chairman of the committee is Professor Nicholas Brooks. The Secretary is Professor Simon Keynes. The Co-ordinating Editor is Dr Susan Kelly.

The constituent volumes in the series, each representing the charters formerly preserved in the archives of a particular religious house, are published for the British Academy by the Oxford University Press. Nine volumes have been published so far; three more are in an advanced state of preparation; work is in progress on several others. When complete, the series will comprise approximately 30 volumes.

The project is funded by annual grants from the British Academy (for running expenses) and, indirectly, by the home institutions of those who are engaged in one way or another on the editing of volumes for the series.

Substantial grants were received from the Isaac Newton Trust (Trinity College, Cambridge) and from the Leverhulme Trust (London), which enabled the committee to appoint a Research Officer (Dr S. E. Kelly) to work full-time on the project, in Cambridge, for a period of five years (1991-6). The post, based in Birmingham, was funded for the year 1996-7, and for part of 1998, by grants from the Humanities Research Board. The post, based in Oxford, was funded (part-time) from 1 December 1998 to November 2000 by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board. The post was funded (part-time) from December 2000 to March 2001, and in 2001-2, by grants from the British Academy, and is funded (part-time) from 1 October 2002 to 30 September 2006 by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

In November 2002 the AHRB made an award (under its Resource Enhancement scheme) which led to the creation of a full-time post for three years (2003-6), in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, University of Cambridge, for the further revision and updating of P. H. Sawyer's catalogue of Anglo-Saxon charters (1968), including its publication in book form and its further development on this website. Dr Rebecca Rushforth was appointed to the post in the summer of 2003, and commenced her work for the project on 1 October 2003. She can be contacted at the Department of ASNC, 27 Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1QA, or (from 15 August 2004) 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP..


This website was set up in March 1997. Its purpose is to report on the progress of the project, and to make freely available some of the material which has been assembled in the past few years.

It must be emphasised that this website remains in an experimental stage of development, and offers rather more than it is yet able to deliver. Any comments will be gratefully received. Several of the files are self-evidently working drafts, and it is not presumed for a moment that they are in a finished or publishable state. It is hoped that the availability of this material online, albeit in a provisional form, might help to promote and in certain ways to facilitate the study of Anglo-Saxon charters, and that the website will thereby serve a useful purpose.

The links currently active are those which appear underlined in the browser. Please note, however, that the internal organisation of the website as a whole has been modified several times in the past year, and that some of the links within it may have ceased to function as intended. The whole site will be re-designed as and when the opportunity arises.



Note on the discovery of the Athelney Cartulary at Petworth House (1 August 2001)



I The essential work of reference to the entire corpus of Anglo-Saxon charters (royal diplomas, royal writs, episcopal leases, wills, and other records, in Latin and in the vernacular):

(22 May 2001)

II Online texts of royal diplomas:

integrated with the ELECTRONIC SAWYER
(22 May 2001)

III Charters on single sheets, comprising charters preserved in their original form (written on single sheets of parchment), as well as contemporary copies, later copies, and forgeries:

*** New material now available (May 2001) ***

IV Working aids for the study of Anglo-Saxon charters:

V Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE). A project established in 1999, and funded by the AHRB for five years (2000-4).

VI Anglo-Saxon bishops and abbots

VII England and the continent.

VIII W. H. Stevenson and Richard Drögereit on Anglo-Saxon charters.

IX Miscellaneous material.

X History of scholarship.

XI Recent publications of interest:

XII Links to other websites (archives, libraries, related projects, etc.):

The website for the British Academy - Royal Historical Society Joint Committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters was devised in March 1997. It is mounted on a server at Trinity College, Cambridge CB2 1TQ, UK, and is maintained on behalf of the committee by Prof. S. D. Keynes (Secretary) (homepage). Many of the files which have been mounted on this website represent work undertaken under the auspices of the Joint Committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters. The Committee is grateful in this connection to Dr S. E. Kelly (Christ Church, Oxford) and to Dr Sean Miller (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge). Dr Miller has also given technical advice on HTML, and has made an invaluable contribution to the process of converting standard text files into this format. The Committee is also grateful to Dr Ken Emond and Mr James Rivington, of the British Academy, for encouragement and support. Prof. Keynes is grateful to Trinity College for providing the necessary hardware, software, and space on a college webserver. He is grateful in the same connection to Dr Arthur Norman (formerly Chairman of the Computing Committee, Trinity College), George Townsend (Computer Manager, Trinity College), Traci Collen (Computing Officer, Trinity College), Aidan Foster (formerly Assistant Computer Manager, Trinity College), and Tom Kendal (formerly Assistant Computer Manager, Trinity College). Emma Connolly (Trinity College), Tim Cooke (Trinity College), Laura Cordy (Fellows' Computer Room, Trinity College), and Rebecca Rushforth (Trinity College) have also given valuable assistance.

Comments on any aspect of the website may be directed to Prof. Keynes (e-mail)

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