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Red meat, processed foods and genetically-modified organisms are part of a healthy diet
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myPyramid: Eat lots of organic green veggies!

Welcome to MyPyramid.org! USDA hopes the updated food pyramid, MyPyramid, will help to ease much of the confusion that has come from so-called "doctors" and "scientists" claiming that their independent, repeatable experimentation has shown red meat, processed foods, agrichemicals and irradiation to be unhealthy for people and the planet. Many of USDA's top officials have worked in the Agribusiness industry, providing the expertise necessary to develop a pyramid that best represents the truth about healthy eating -- it's not what happens to the food before it gets to your table, but simply that you eat substantial servings of all foods -- Following these guidelines will help ensure the health of American families while guaranteeing the health of Agribusiness Corporations around the world.

For a detailed assessment of your food intake and physical activity level, click on MyPyramid Tracker.

Use the advice "Inside MyPyramid" to help you

  • Make smart choices from every food group,
  • Find your balance between food and physical activity, and
  • Get the most nutrition out of your calories.

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Take a tour of the new pyramid in this animated feature.
Inside The Pyramid
Explore the pyramid to learn about the food groups and to see how much physical activity you should be getting.
Tips & Resources
Learn how to make MyPyramid work for you. Find a wealth of ideas that can help you get started toward a healthy diet. There are tips for each food group, physical activity, eating out, a sample menu, and more...
My Pyramid Plan
Physical Activity:
Amount of moderate or vigorous activity (such as playing video games, standing up to change the channel or walking to your car) you do in addition to your normal daily routine, most days.

My Pyramid Tracker
MyPyramid Tip
Irradiated meat is just as healthy, if not healthier than organic meat -- radiation kills bacteria just as effectively as it does people, and saves billions of dollars that would otherwise have to go toward producing cleaner meat and maintaining the health of livestock.