World’s Finest Bale Record Broken
Monday 22nd November 2004

A new world record for the finest bale of wool ever produced has just been set by The Wool Factory of Horsham, Victoria, Australia, with a bale branded ‘Fibre Excellence' testing 11.8 micron.




This continues a stellar year for the Wool Factory having won the Ermenegildo Zegna Vellus Aureum International Trophy for the world's best and finest fleece in April.

The record-breaking bale is to be offered in early December in Melbourne Series 23 sales with expectations of worldwide interest from all key textile-producing markets.

The Wool Factory's 2004 wool clip, including several other bales under 13 micron, is being marketed by Landmark Jackson of Geelong, superfine specialists who have been involved with the wool preparation and sheep selection for the past 20 years of the Wool Factory's operations.

“We have continued to strive for the pinnacle of wool quality and fineness in our wool operation” said Tony Craig, CEO of The Wool Factory. “This bale branded ‘FIBREEXCELLENCE' is just that, not only the finest ever produced but also stylish and sound. It is not good enough for us just to focus on the fineness, excellent processing performance is also paramount.”

The bale has measurements of 11.8 micron, 68mm in length, a soundness of 40 newtons per kilotex and a top yield of 74.5%.

“The purchaser of this bale will not only enjoy the kudos of owning the world's finest bale ever produced but also the opportunity of producing a very rare and desirable cloth,” Jackson of Geelong Manager, Ted Wilson said.

The Wool Factory has been the benchmark for the production of the finest wool in the world since their foundation in 1983. Their commitment to the production of quality super ultrafine wool is world-renowned and this milestone is just another in a successful career as specialty fibre producers.

The bale will be available for inspection by appointment from Monday 22nd November and available for complete trade inspection week beginning 6th December.

For further Information:
Ted Wilson, Landmark Jackson of Geelong
+61 3 5281 5400 Mob: 0409 368 376
Craig Turner, Landmark Victoria
+61 3 9261 5222 Mob: 0428 855590
Tony Craig, CEO Horsham Wool Factory
+61 3 5382 0333

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