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models of Soviet
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Soviet Calculators Collection
by Sergei Frolov


Calculators in the my collection:


Odhner-Hill, Odhner #1, Original-Odhner, Odhner #2, Original-Odhner #1,
Original-Odhner #2, Original-Odhner #3, Kirja, Portable, Felix-Dzerzhinsky #1,
Original-Dinamo, Felix-Dzerzhinsky #2, Felix-SPM, Felix-VOTI, Felix-Schetmash #1,
Felix-Schetmash #2, Felix-Schetmash #3 new.gif (97 bytes), Felix-M, BK-1

  Electro-Mechanical  BK-2, VMP-2, SDV-107, Bystritsa, Bystritsa-2
Electronic Rasa, Elektronika C2, Iskra 12, Iskra 108, Iskra 108D, Iskra 110, Iskra 111, Iskra 111I,
Iskra 111M, Iskra 111T, Iskra 112, Iskra 121, Iskra 122, Iskra 122-1, Iskra 123,
Iskra 124, Iskra 210, Iskra 210M, Iskra 211, Iskra 1103, Iskra 1122, Iskra 2210, Iskra 2240,
Iskra 2240M, Elektronika 155, Epos-73A, EKVM D3, EKVM-P, 4-71b, B3-02, B3-04, B3-05,
B3-05M, B3-08, B3-09M, B3-11, B3-14, B3-14M, B3-18, B3-18A, B3-18M, B3-19M, B3-21,
B3-23, B3-24, B3-24G, B3-25A, B3-26, B3-26A, B3-30, B3-32, B3-34, B3-35, B3-36, B3-37,
B3-38, B3-39, 24-71, C3-07, C3-15, C3-22, C3-27, C3-27A, C3-33, MK-15, MK-18M, MK-22,
MK-23, MK-23A, MK-26, MK-33, MK-35, MK-36, MK-37, MK-37A, MK-38, MK-40, MK-41,
MK-42, MK-44, MK-45, MK-46, MK-51, MK-52, MK-53, MK-54, MK-56, MK-57, MK-57A, MK-57b,
MK-59, MK-60, MK-60M, MK-61, MK-62, MK-64, MK-66, MK-69, MK-71, MK-77, MK-85,
MK-85M, MK-87, MK-90, MK-92, MK-93, MK-95, MK-98, MK-104, MK-106 new.gif (97 bytes), MC 1103,

MC 1104, MKSCH-2, MKSCH-2M, MKU-1, MKU1-1, Malysh, Cash register new.gif (97 bytes), PPV

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And also (Non-Russian): Brunsviga arithmometer, R44SM, Elka-22, Soemtron 220,
faked Casio FX-82TL
, faked Casio FX-3600PV
Computers: BK 0010, BK 0011M, Elektronika MC 0511 UKNC, Robotron 1715,
ΕΡ 1845
, Iskra 1030M
Russian electronic
watches and clock
ZIM B6-02, Elektronika 1, 5-202, 5-203, 5-204 I, 5-204 III, 5-206, 5-207, 5-208,
5-209, 5-29367, 22-01, 2-11, 2-14, 1-07, Signal RP-206, Elektronika 8, Baikonur
Slide rules Russian Slide Rules
Chess computer Chess Partner "Elektronika IM-29"
Other devices Very rare Silicon carbide (SiC) LED KL101,
new Belarussian LCD watch "Integral ChN-01"
Russian computer mouse: First, Second

First calculators:

  • VEGA - first Soviet electronic calculator (1964)

  • EDVM - first Soviet electronic scientific calculator (1967)

  • Iskra 123 - first Soviet electronic programmable calculator (1971?)

  • B3-04 - first Soviet pocket calculator (1973)

  • C3-15, B3-18 - first Soviet pocket scientific calculators (1975)

  • B3-19M - first Soviet pocket true RPN calculator (1977)

  • B3-21 - first Soviet RPN pocket programmable calculator (1977)

  • MK-40 - first Soviet pocket calculator with printer

  • MK-47 - first (and last) Soviet calculator with magnetic cards

  • MK-60 - first Soviet calculator with solar power (1982)

  • MK-52 - first Soviet calculator with EEPROM and external programs (1985)

  • MK-85 - first Soviet calculator with BASIC (1987)

  • MK-90 - first Soviet calculator with graphics display 128x64 (1989)

Image from old magazine

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, Russia
(photo site about life in the my city)

Soviet calculators, not in the my collection (wanted):
Some arithmometers, VMM-2, Vilnius, Vyatka, Vega, Ros, Orbita, EDVM, Elektronika 68 (DD), Iskra 11, Iskra 11M, Iskra 12M, Iskra 13, Iskra 22, Iskra 111 (some variant), Iskra 112L, Iskra 113, Iskra 114, Iskra 211, Iskra 1121, 4-71, 4-71B, 4-73B, B3-09, B3-10, B3-14K, B3-23A, B3-36A, B3-54, MK-37B, MK-47, MK-57B, MK-68, MK-68, MK-94, MK-94A, MK-95, MK-103, MK-106, MK-107.

Calculators for sale, trade

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