Counterpoint to Dreams About War and Retribution

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Counterpoint to War and Consequences

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(Important note: This is intended to be an editorial response to the War and Consequences wikitorial. Simple courtesy demands that if you add content here, you add it from that perspective. Please have courtesy for others and understand that even if people do not agree with you, they have a right to a voice.)

The war in Iraq has been successful in removing Saddam Hussein. The Iraqis are making serious progress toward a constitutional and democratic order. A fast pullout now, when so much progress is being made, is unwise.

To pull out now would be disastrous for the Iraqi people and the U.S. A protracted civil war would result, with the insurgents gaining strength.

More likely the Baath party would reassert its control, and we would revert to a situation where Iraq is not in control of terrorists but rather just thugs.

The territories controlled by the insurgents would likely become a breeding ground for Al Qaeda training and development. This development would put the U.S. in peril.

Furthermore, any U.S.-sponsored reforms throughout the Arab world would be difficult to obtain.

Any time the U.S. attempted to influence or effect a policy change, it would be a green light for violence.

If we dignify the insurgency in Iraq by pulling up stakes and heading home, how long will it take for similar insurgencies to arise in the Palestinian territories and Afghanistan?

Every member of the military is a volunteer. The loss of any is tragic. But 1700 deaths in two years are about half the loss at Omaha Beach in 2 hours on D-Day and most of those boys were draftees.

We took one step forward; let us not now take two steps back.

See Also: War and Consequences