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10 April, 2005: Corrected URL for the Westchester Lariats on the Links Page.

31 March, 2005: Two pieces added to the Media Section: Good Declares Prison Wish (Good/Murphy trial), and 'Your life on the line'—Reporter recounts Fromme's threat, regarding a message from Manson which Fromme had attempted to circulate to the media.

27 February, 2005: Translated the site from HTML to XHTML. Updated some links on the Links Page which had become outdated.

7 February, 2005: Obviously, I've redesigned the website again. Hopefully ought to load faster. Feel free to email me with comments.

28 January, 2005: Added some to the FAQ Page.

6 December, 2004: Added Squeaky's 'I Hate Ford' Remark Told at Her Trial (includes photo of Manson's Scientology auditor) to the Media Section.

23 October, 2004: Added a Public Opinion Poll conducted in October 1975 regarding the nature of the Ford incident. Replaced the old BOP Inmate Factsheet with an updated one reflecting Fromme's birthday yesterday. Additions to the Media Section: 1978 Wire Report (James T. Craig and Edward Barabas murders; Pricilla Cooper; Fromme's comments on both), Lynette Fromme Escapes from Prison (transcript, December 24, 1987), FROMME RECAPTURED (Soviet account of the 1987 recapture), and Hendrickson Alleges Geraldo Rivera Violated Injunction (1991).

5 September, 2004, marks the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Fromme/Ford incident in Sacramento. One year remains until Fromme's projected release date. Added 2 Manson Followers Convicted of Plot (includes photo of Heather), Member of Manson Family Escapes From Coast Prison (Heather), and A Ghost of Manson Reappears In the East (Sandy, 1989) to the Media Section.

25 July, 2004: Added Manson Film Barred Due to Miss Fromme's Trial and Ford Recalling Assassination Try is Hot Video to the Media Section.

29 June, 2004: Major revisions to the website's structure. If it means anything to you, this site is now entirely CSS-based, with no HTML tables. Should load faster and work better cross-browser.

5 June, 2004: Added Squeaky Gets Offer to Publish Her Book, 'Without Manson, I'm Dead,' Squeaky Cries and Fromme Judge Told Weird Plot (all from during Fromme's trial) to the Media Section.

25 May, 2004: Played around with the general template and navigation a little.

4 April, 2004: Added Fromme Friends Seek to be Freed and 'Treat You Like a Child' (both from 1975) to the Media Section.

2 April, 2004: Added PDF of The United States of America v. Lynette Alice Fromme to accompany the existing HTML version.

11 February, 2004: Added Excerpts from Poetry by Lynette Fromme; three pieces from her high school literary magazine, plus "Jury".

18 January, 2004: Added some to the FAQ Page.

20 December, 2003: I've put together a gallery of old Newspaper Photos. Also, photo added to Boro Story. This may be the first publically available photo of Boro on the Internet.

30 November, 2003: Added Letter, on birthdays, Parable, and Letter, 4/14/87 to the Writings Section.

23 November, 2003: Added Letter, 2/12 (no year), which fans of the film Charles Manson: Superstar will recognize as being the source of the interesting quote, "As for 'Manson's right wing revolutionary cause', I believe that if Manson had wings he'd have at least two of them and a substantial body of his soul self in the center."

21 November, 2003: Added Letter, 2 August, 1975 to the Writings Section.

17 November, 2003: Additions to Writings and Miscellaneous sections; photo added to Judge MacBride obit.

16 November, 2003: Added Expanded Version of the Media section index.

28 October, 2003: Three stories added to the Media Section: Manson Family Women Find New Kin in Prison, "Squeaky" Ignores Parole Hearing, and Judges, DAs Fear Revenge From Convicts.

26 October, 2003: Added Lynette Fromme Carried Screaming From Court (about Sandy and Heather's trial) to the Media Section.

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