Nauru Wire www.nauruwire.orgAustralia detains asylum seekers on remote Nauru and Christmas Island, and  warehouses refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia for years.  Nauru Wire is about their  struggle against deportation to  countries where they fear persecution. Australia's thrown away 'boat people urgently need fair refugee assessments by DIMIA and the UNHCR. 


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You can now go to Nauru and access Australia's asylum seekers.

29 May 2005
Nauru prison shows us up for what we are - selfish
, SMH, Letters, January 9, 2004
When will the Australian media get in and show us the real situation? 

Australia deals with Afghan government for forced removal of asylum seekers

   "If their assessment is so bad that they're actually removing Australian citizens and they don't know about it, what guarantee can we have that they're not sending people back and putting their lives at risk," said Amnesty chief Graham Thom. [more] 




 29 May 2005

Ali Hussaini with his wife Batool, daughter Zahra and son Saqlain Abbas in the Nauru processing camp in April. 

Nauru nine win freedom
Michael Gordon, The Age,  ... Mr Mullaie, who barely spoke English and could not use a computer before arriving at Nauru, has worked as a volunteer teacher at Nauru College and is described as an inspirational figure by Nauruans and asylum seekers who were resettled in Australia and New Zealand after being held on Nauru. 
Yesterday he expressed his gratitude to the many Australians who had sustained him during his years on Nauru. "Pass on my thanks to all my friends and the people of Australia," he said. But his joy was bittersweet, as the remaining 20 Afghans face the prospect of being forcibly returned. 
They face a forced return if their claims to refugee status are not upheld in the next 44 days and they reject a financial incentive to return voluntarily.
Read the article
28 May 2005
Nauru Wire list: 

People seeking asylum still detained in Nauru

54 people are still detained in asylum seeker detention in Nauru on behalf of Australia by Nauru on 29 May 2005


Afghan  Bangladeshi Iraqi Iranian Pakistani Total 

Adult Male 

21 2 18  2 1  44 men

Adult Female 

 2 0 0 0   4 women

Child Male 

 3 0 0 0 0   3 boys 

Child Female 

 3 0 0 0 0   3 girls







54 people

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  • 5 May 2005
    ... According to reports from the camp, the children are all lonely and have found it difficult to watch all the other children leaving to begin new lives. They have no friends left to play with. They of course don't understand why they have been left behind. The parents are traumatised and find it difficult to cope with parenting in that situation. They are in a camp full of depressed people. ...Read full article at Scoop NZ 

  • 21 April 2005
    UN Urges End to Australia's Controversial Refugee Detention Policy, Phil Mercer, Voice of America - 21 April 2005, Australia is under pressure from the United Nations to end its controversial policy of detaining asylum seekers on Nauru.

More Nauru asylum seekers news articles below

29 Afghan people including 6 children

Some Afghans granted visas; some pending; some still open; none rejected

20 Iraqi people, of whom:

  • 14 have had their cases 'rejected' 

  • 4 are waiting for UNHCR to interview them because they have refused to convert their cases to DIMIA

  •  2 single men's cases were re-opened, outcomes pending since November, 2004. 

 2 Iranian people 

 2 Bangladeshi people

 1 Pakistani person

2001: 'The MOU also guarantees that Australia will ensure no persons will remain in Nauru after appropriate processing procedures are completed.  [1
2002:  Australia will ensure that no persons are left behind in Nauru.'[2] 
People smuggling: Australia and Nauru cooperate closely on addressing people smuggling in the region and Nauru hosts asylum seeker processing centres. In association with this cooperation, Australia meets the costs of these centres and provides Nauru with assistance in the areas of health, education and maintenance of public infrastructure. As at 9 September 2004, the Nauru Offshore Processing Centres houses 82 residents. [3

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UN on Nauru
Travel to Nauru
Nauru's forgotten asylum seekers
Iraqi asylum seekers in Nauru
Nauru's Iraqi asylum seekers
Archived Dec 04 Nauru home page
Senator Andrew Bartlett


    UPDATED 22 December 2004

  • 30 people from Afghanistan:   
    25 males, 5 females
    Including two families, with children aged 15, 14, 9, 8, 7 and 2 years old.

One recognised Afghan refugee awaits resettlement by the UNHCR. The other 29 are currently in limbo, not recognised as refugees their fate is uncertain.

  • 47 people from Iraq  36 males, 11 females
    Including 5 families , 8 Kurdish people and 14 SIEV4 ‘children overboard’ survivors.

DIMIA recently reviewed 42 Iraqi asylum claims.  Results are due now.  Another five Iraqis, originally assessed by the UNHCR, have not had their cases reviewed.

[Data from Nauru Wire Update 21 Oct 04]

[header] Australians wrongfully detained, deported, Stuff, NZ, 04 May 2005
SYDNEY: At least 33 Australians have been wrongfully detained by their own immigration department in the past two years and others mistakenly deported, sparking fresh criticism of Australia's tough immigration detention policy.

[1]  Media Release, MOU on Asylum Seekers Signed with Nauru, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, FA177 / 11 December 2001
[2] Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Nauru and the Commonwealth of Australia for Cooperation in the Administration of Asylum Seekers and Related Issues, Answers to Questions on Notice, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 19 June 2002. 
[3] DFAT Republic of Nauru Country Brief - October 2004, 


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