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(Think obesity, heart disease, fast growing cancers, diabetes, asthma, behavior problems, digestive problems, memory loss, heart palpitations, seizures, LOTS of problems... and increasing PAIN!)
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The WHY of this site!

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Milk A - Z
Everything you NEED to know about cow's milk and dairy... but didn't know you had to ask! (With many references)

Aspartame disease - An Ignored Epidemic
Aspartame... from A to Z. Everything you *MUST* know about aspartame (Equal/Nutrasweet) but didn't know you needed to learn in order to preserve your health

And yet another excellent book showing how industry, the media and even the government mis-leads/informs the public for fun and huge profits.

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I am working to make this site a focal point for the BAD NEWS substances pushed on the consumer as "safe", "nutritious", and even "necessary".

You, the purposely deluded consumer, will now have at your disposal the WHOLE truth about the substances discussed. It will then be YOUR call (just like the tobacco situation) to eliminate them from your diet and have a CHANCE to live a longer more healthy life... or continue "as is" and become needlessly ill.

While this site is under development, please feel free to visit the parent sites that contain the mother-load of well documented information.

For starters... view/capture the following text files:

Overview on milk/dairy

Overview on aspartame (Equal/Nutrasweet)

Overview on MSG ("flavor enhancer")

and/or visit the respective WEB sites:

Milk, dairy and rbGH www.notmilk.com


    Dave Rietz's huge www.dorway.com

    Mark Gold's well referenced site

    Bryant Holman's Spotlight and Spanish translations

    Jon Baum's Call it like it is site

    Aspartame The whole story on "Nancy Markle"

    And many more!

MSG www.truthinlabeling.com

Each of the above sites, besides providing a wealth of solid information, provide links to even more interesting sites.

Simple and FREE "challenge" tests:

Aspartame: "If one has medical problems that their doctors cannot seem to cure (or they are too young to have old-age related problems) *AND* they consume products laced with aspartame, then try the FREE at-home 60-day NO-aspartame self-test... and simply observe the results".

Review the Top 24 symptoms (of the FDA's 92). Recovery can be as varied as the duration and extent of symptoms acquired over a variable amount of time.

MSG: After consuming an amount of MSG that exceeds an individual's tolerance for the substance, reactions will occur any time from as soon as immediately following ingestion to 48 hours following ingestion. Typically, a given individual will react the same time each time. The time duration of a reaction varies, lasting from minutes up to a week or more.

Cow's milk and dairy: Milk and dairy affects all users... and the cow protein casein, which acts as an antigen, is perhaps the most widely problematic substance. (Humans produce histamines in reaction to foreign proteins, which in turn produces mucous for which they consume anti-histamines). A week without ANY dairy (gotta read labels... no "caseinate", no whey, no lactose, no colostrum) may promote significant improvements. However, damage caused by animal fats, cholesterol, toxins, allergens, and more leading to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and more... are another matter. It is a fact that continued milk and dairy will not improve a person's health. See Mr. Cohen's Magnificent Seven quotes.


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Say NO to aspartame, MSG, and milk and dairy!

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Can the user of aspartame (often misspelled aspertame) get cancer? (or 91 other FDA compiled symptoms of poisoning). Equal (also called Nutrasweet) is considered THE sweetener of all artificial sweeteners and it is used in diet coke, diet Pepsi, crystal light, Kool aid, children's vitamins, candies, gums, flavored infant Pedialyte and over 9000 other products. Those who use aspartame risk themselves to 92 aspartame side effects from phenylalanine, methanol, formaldehyde, aspartic acid, diketopiperazine and more... ranging from headaches, migraines, tumors, diabetic problems, seizures, weight gain, and the pain and problems of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and more. This artificial low calorie intense sweetener with a distinct after taste, a food additive once sold by Monsanto (invented by Searle), is a terrible sugar substitute for diabetics. The information parroted by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), ADA, AMA, CCC, Mayo Clinic, TIME, CNN, MSfacts, in line with Nutrasweet statements promotes a very unhealthy concoction of isolated amino acids and methanol that WILL ruin the health of each user. DORway.com has free information on all aspects of this tragic situation, the best of which comes from the FDA, the same government organization that approved it against all documentation, testimony, and common sense. Now... add to aspartame MSG, a kissing cousin mind-blower, and the absolute worst substance of all... cow's milk and dairy!