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 First, my name is Hal Weeks. I am a ninety-two year old retiree from IBM now living in Coronado, CA. My miracle story of divine healing of cancer is covered in the page entitled " My Miracle" which launched me into a healing ministry in 1977.


Second, I thank you for visiting my website. It contains over seventy pages where I pray you will find something of value. See the list of links on the left to the various topics. At the bottom of this page, you will find a search engine that will enable you to locate topics of interest or go to the "Table of Contents". Most visitors want God to do something for them. This site also teaches what God want us to do for Him, and how to do it, which is a good place to start.

The Scriptures on which we base our teaching.

And third, in addition to being a teaching ministry where you can learn how to pray for others to be healed all in the name of Jesus, the Healer. Also. we are a prayer ministry that will pray for those who request prayer for healing.

Fourth, this ministry is entirely self-supporting and no donations are requested. However your feedback would be appreciated if this website has been a benefit to you.

If you have any questions, or would like prayer for spirit, mind, soul or body, you may email the particulars to me and I will pray for you.

Telephone prayer testimony.

 If you would like prayer by phone you may call Gloria Perry at 619-470-0590 or her cell phone at 619-454-2663 or send her an email.
She also speaks Catalan, Italian, and Spanish.

 You may also call Ann Rebuffattee at 619-437-8077.  If you leave a message with your phone number she will return your call. You may also request prayer by email.


You may call Pastor Bill Hitt at 1-909-476-3896  or send him an email.

 His wife Becky also has a ministry of healing.  You may email her.

 There is a ministry called "Healing Rooms" that I can strongly recommend for personal ministry. 

If you live in the San Diego, CA area we have a prayer and healing class you are welcome to attend.  Call me for time and place. (619) 435-7556

And finally, if you have a website, would you consider adding a link to this one?  In any case, will you forward the url to others?

God loves you, Hal

This ministry's home church is Saint Paul's UMC  in Coronado, CA