DATE: Monday, February 4, 2002


An eminent team of Australian and overseas architects will form an architectural advisory panel to review design proposals for the redevelopment of Spencer Street Station, the Minister for Transport, Mr Peter Batchelor announced today.

As part of the redevelopment, the Bracks Government will use the independent panel to bring critical thinking and a fresh perspective to assess the potential designs for the new Spencer Street Station.

"Spencer Street Station is a significant landmark for Melbourne and there are big expectations for it." Mr Batchelor said.

"It is vital that proper evaluation of its design is supported by high level experience and I am very pleased that such eminent architects as Peter McIntyre, Scott Danielson from the USA, Leon Van Schaik and Peter Crone have all agreed to be part of the panel."

Peter McIntyre
A practising architect with 50 years experience, he has designed key icons for Melbourne such as the Olympic Swimming Stadium, Parliament Station, the Melbourne Arts Centre Spire. A former Professor of Architecture at Melbourne University, Mr McIntyre has also been involved in the Museum of Victoria and Crown Casino Melbourne, and will chair the panel.

Leon Van Schaik
Mr Van Schaik is a Melbourne architect, Pro Vice Chancellor and a professor of architecture at RMIT. He has a long history of promoting local architectural culture in Melbourne through the university's capital works program.

Scott Danielson
An international architect, Mr Danielson will bring an international perspective to Melbourne. He has strong experience in transport interchanges, having been associated with Mass Rapid Transport system in Singapore and Taipei.

Peter Crone
A well-known Melbourne architect, Mr Crone leads his own award-winning practice based on inventive architectural design.

Gerry Neylan
Mr Neylan will contribute almost 30 years experience in major projects. He has an extensive background of planning, architecture and business development.

Mr Batchelor said the five respected panellists would assess and provide advice on the three bidders' design concepts in the context of the design evaluation criteria.

The panel will report to an executive group responsible for evaluating the best overall bid, taking into account the design, engineering, technical and commercial elements of the project.

"This is a unique opportunity for panel members to assess the future design of the new station in the public interest," Mr Batchelor said.

"Spencer Street Station is an integral hub of Melbourne's public transport system. Its redevelopment will transform accessibility for travellers, provide a link to the emerging Docklands and regenerate the west-end of Melbourne."

The project will be delivered under the Partnerships Victoria policy to achieve maximum value for money, and combine the expertise of the private sector and the State Government.

In September 2001, three consortia were short-listed to tender for the Spencer Street Station Redevelopment project, which will commence construction later in 2002 and will be complete in 2005.

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