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Man falls out wrong train exit

July 11, 2005

A TRAIN passenger who accidentally exited a carriage from the wrong side at Camperdown Railway Station and fell to the railway tracks was found by passers-by after the train continued on its journey.

The Colac man who was travelling to meet friends at Camperdown escaped the fall with a broken leg - police describe it as a lucky escape. Police believe the man in his late 30s broke his leg when he exited the Warrnambool-bound train he was travelling in from the wrong side at Camperdown about 7.30pm on Friday. The man was recovering from surgery at South West Healthcare's Warrnambool hospital yesterday and declined to speak with The Standard about his ordeal.

Acting Sergeant Chris Potter from Camperdown police said the man simply made a mistake and believed he was exiting the carriage to the platform.

"It was just a mistake and the train pulled out (from the station) unaware he was on the ground," he said.

Passers-by heard the man's calls for help and raised the alarm, he said.

After learning of the accident, Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder renewed his calls for an upgrade of the "Third World country" trains running on the Warrnambool line.

"The Warrnambool line has some of the most decrepit carriages in the state - they groan and creak," Mr Mulder said.

"If this could happen to an adult, it could happen to a child. There should be a thorough investigation into the incident."

The Department of Infrastructure rail safety regulator should investigate and the trains upgraded before a child falls onto the tracks or there is a fatality, he said.

The upgrades should include automatic doors the driver or conductor operates, he said. The man was taken to South West Healthcare's Camperdown campus and was transferred to Warrnambool where he underwent surgery on Saturday. V/ine declined to comment.

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