Kamran Diba
Born 1937
Gender Male
Country of Origin Iran
Kamran Diba is an Iranian architect. He studied architecture and sociology at Howard University in Washington, D.C. In 1969, after having begun in private practice, he established DAZ Consulting Architects and Engineers, which he left in 1980. From 1976-1978, Mr. Diba served as the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran. Mr. Diba was a recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1986 for Shustar New Town.

Associated sites
Site Location Country Images
Garden of Niavaran Tehran Iran 5
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Jondi-Shapour University Ahwaz Iran 10
Jondi-Shapour University Mosque Ahwaz Iran 0
Museum of Contemporary Art Tehran Iran 6
Namaz-Khaneh Tehran Iran 4
Shushtar New Town Shushtar Iran 10

Associated publications
Author Title Year
Diba, Kamran. Aspects of a University Project and a New town in Iran 1996
Diba, Kamran. Garden of Niavaran 1983
Shushtar New Town. Shushtar New Town 1989
  Shushtar New Town 1985

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