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While most of the country is asleep our ramps are still humming with activity.


Some people say we’re obsessed with it.

Well, they’re right. We have to be.

Because we know our customers trust us with their highest priority, time-critical cargo. Every day, with every shipment, their businesses’ success is on the line.

So is ours.

Moving high priority air freight from Point A to Point B is what we do. It’s all we do.

Ameriflight is not a flight school. We don’t sell fuel. Instead, our pilots, dispatchers, mechanics, cargo handlers every single Ameriflight employee is focused on one common goal:

Getting our customers’ cargo to its destination quickly, safely, reliably, and on time.

Established in 1968, Ameriflight has grown from a small air charter and cargo service to become the unsurpassed leader in the FAR 135 cargo industry. We now make more than 2,100 departures a week, and we're adding more routes all the time.

Over 170 Ameriflight aircraft serve some 200 communities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico from our operating centers across the continent.

Time-critical shippers from major banking consortia to priority freight forwarders and courier services rely on Ameriflight to handle over 75,000 packages every day. They know that our 99.7% dispatch reliability rate* means their high-priority cargo will be there when it needs to be.

Obsessed? That's us.

Fanatical? Absolutely.

Because to earn and keep our customers' confidence, we have to set the standard in our industry.

If your company needs a priority air freight service it can count on, give us a call. Or, better yet, pay us a visit and judge for yourself.

We're convinced that you'll walk away with the knowledge that the company that can get the job done, and done right is Ameriflight.


*Based on departure delays of 10 minutes or more, not including delays beyond Ameriflight's control.

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