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mobilerss brings RSS (RDF Site Summary) Feeds to mobile users.
mobilerss enables you to view RSS News anywhere on any mobile device.
Just Add your selection of RSS feeds and synchronize with your PDA.


Mobilerss presented in connect article [2005-04-21]

Mobilerss is being presented in the april 2005 issue of the telecommunications magazine connect.

Mobilerss is mentioned on page 114 along with Avantgo and other solutions for reading RSS feeds on mobile devices.

mobilerss optimized for new Avantgo 5 Client [2005-01-05]
Shortly after the release of the new Avantgo 5 client, was optimized for the new tool. now features an improved layout which makes for easier reading on Avantgo 5 Clients.

Avantgo 5 has been released to the public in december 2004 after extensive beta testing.

mobilerss mentioned at [2004-09-03]

Mobilerss was mentioned at in an article about RSS readers for PDAs. is a very poular and comprehensive website for spanish pda users.
Atom Support [2004-06-14]
Basic support for Atom was added today.
|N| feature shows new posts [2004-03-22]
The N feature now helps users see what's new at a glance. Updated feeds are now marked and coloured.
mobilerss on Nokia mobile phones [2003-12-20]
A profile for Nokia mobile phones has been added. View mobilerss on your phone!

mobilerss in mozilla sidebar [2003-08-04]
Users can now view their selection of RSS feeds in the sidebar of mozilla and netscape.
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