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JULY 2005

ICM interviewed a random sample of 500 Muslim people by telephone between  15-20th 2005. Muslim people were initially identified from a much larger sample of all adults interviewed on large scale random telephone surveys conducted by ICM. Those who said they are Muslim were re-interviewed for this survey. In order to achieve the sample of 500, some respondents were asked for the telephone numbers of another Muslim. In all 45 interviews were achieved in this way. Because there is no authoritative source of demographic information on the Muslim population data has not been weighted.

This poll was conducted on behalf of: The Guardian

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Q4. Thinking about the London bombings, how surprised were you that the alleged suicide bombers were British? Would you say you were...
Very surprised 52%
Quite surprised 22%
Not very surprised 14%
Not at all surprised 11%
Don't know 1%
Q5. Do you think that there will or will not be further attacks by British suicide bombers in the UK?
Will be more attacks 37%
Will not be more attacks 31%
Don't know 32%
Q6. Do you think that any further attacks by British suicide bombers in the UK are justified or unjustified?
Justified 5%
Unjustified 81%
Don't know 14%
Q7. Since the bombings took place, have you or any member of your family experienced any hostility or abuse from non-Muslims because of your religion?
NET: yes 20%
Yes - myself 7%
Yes - other family members 6%
Yes - both 7%
No 80%
Don't know *%
Q8. To what extent, if at all, do you think each of the following is responsible for the London bombings? Would you say a lot, a little or not at all?

Tony Blair, for his decision to invade Iraq

A lot 58%
A little 21%
Not at all 10%
Don't know 11%
Muslim Imams and other leaders for failing to root out extremists
A lot 26%
A little 31%
Not at all 31%
Don't know 12%
The Muslim community for not doing more to root out extremists
A lot 18%
A little 34%
Not at all 36%
Don't know 12%
Non Muslims in Britain for racist and Islamophobic behaviour
A lot 28%
A little 35%
Not at all 26%
Don't know 11%
The bombers themselves
A lot 70%
A little 15%
Not at all 6%
Don't know 9%
The bombers handlers
A lot 70%
A little 9%
Not at all 7%
Don't know 14%
Q9. Some people say it is acceptable for religious or political groups to use violence for political ends. Do you yourself think it is acceptable or unacceptable?
Acceptable 4%
Unacceptable 93%
Don't know 3%
Q11. Do you think the Muslim community in Britain needs to do more to integrate into mainstream British culture, has it got it about right, or has it integrated too much already?
Needs to do more 40%
About right 32%
Too much already 18%
Don't know 11%
Q12. Some people say that foreign Muslims who incite hatred should be excluded or deported from the UK. Do you yourself think they should be excluded or deported, or allowed to live in the UK?
Should be excluded/deported 52%
Allowed to live in the UK 38%
Don't know 10%
Q13. Do you think that Muslims are doing enough to prevent extremists infiltrating the Muslim community?
Yes 38%
No 50%
Don't know 13%
Q14. How confident are you that Muslims in the UK have the right political and religious leaders to tackle the small number of extremists in the Muslim community?
Very confident 11%
Quite confident 34%
Not very confident 31%
Not at all confident 16%
Don't know 8%
Q15. Do you think ordinary Muslims should or should not do more work with the police to root out extremists from the Muslim community?
Should 88%
Should not 8%
Don't know 4%
Q16. In light of recent events, have you considered whether or not you want to remain in the UK?
Yes 63%
No 34%
Don't know 3%
Q17. In light of recent events, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of your children and other young Muslims in the UK?
Optimistic 56%
Pessimistic 30%
Don't know 14%
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