: The Dhamar Project


Tony Wilkinson


Investigations of the archaeological context of Yemeni terraced agriculture have  been conducted since 1994 in conjunction with the Oriental Institute, Chicago, and Christopher Edens of the American Institute of Yemeni Studies (San'a). This investigation is providing a record of long term environmental change, settlement and agriculture for a large area of the Yemen highlands south of San'a. These verdant highlands, at altitudes of more than 2000 m above sea level, show copious evidence for early farming communities and small towns that provided the foundation for the development of the Himyarite state which developed around the time of the Roman empire. This landscape project demonstrates with some clarity how human communities not only reacted to environmental change, but also shaped the land to suit their own purposes over a period of some 6000 years.


Edens, Christopher, T.J. Wilkinson, and G. Barratt.  2000. "Hammat al-Qa: An early town in southern Arabia." Antiquity 74: 854-62.

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