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fiber bundle (Definition)

Let $ F$ be a topological space and $ G$ be a topological group which acts on $ F$ on the left. A fiber bundle with fiber $ F$ and structure group $ G$ consists of the following data:

which satisfy the following properties
  1. the map $ \pi^{-1}U_i \to U_i \times F$ given by $ e \mapsto (\pi(e),\phi_i(e))$ is a homeomorphism for each $ i$,
  2. for all indices $ i,j$ and $ e \in \pi^{-1}(U_i \cap U_j)$, $ g_{ji}(\pi(e))\cdot \phi_i(e) = \phi_j(e)$ and
  3. for all indices $ i,j,k$ and $ b \in U_i \cap U_j \cap U_k$, $ g_{ij}(b)g_{jk}(b) = g_{ik}(b)$.

Readers familiar with Čech cohomology may recognize condition 3), it is often called the cocycle condition. Note, this imples that $ g_{ii}(b)$ is the identity in $ G$ for each $ b$, and $ g_{ij}(b) = g_{ji}(b)^{-1}$.

If the total space $ E$ is homeomorphic to the product $ B \times F$ so that the bundle projection is essentially projection onto the first factor, then $ \pi : E \to B$ is called a trivial bundle. Some examples of fiber bundles are vector bundles and covering spaces.

There is a notion of morphism of fiber bundles $ E,E'$ over the same base $ B$ with the same structure group $ G$. Such a morphism is a $ G$-equivariant map $ \xi:E\to E'$, making the following diagram commute

$\displaystyle \xymatrix{E\ar[rr]^\xi\ar[dr]_\pi& &E'\ar[dl]^{\pi'}\\ &B&}.$

Thus we have a category of fiber bundles over a fixed base with fixed structure group.

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Other names:  fibre bundle
Also defines:  trivial bundle, local trivializations, structure group, cocycle condition, local trivialization

reduction of structure group (Definition) by antonio

Cross-references: fixed, category, morphism, covering spaces, vector bundles, factor, homeomorphic, identity, cohomology, homeomorphism, properties, satisfy, transition functions, collection, open cover, projection, map, surjective, continuous, base, fiber, topological group, topological space
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