Bye Bye Sun

Posted by pat 59 days ago

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Parting haiku

Netscape, let a thousand protocols bloom
AOL, pick the fruits of the boom
iPlanet, autumn rains loom
Sun, shines amid winter gloom
Time to find my way home, like Poldy Bloom!

My career as a code snippet

A little pseudocode snippet to summarize what I've been doing these past 8 years (full details in my resume :-) I have lived through it, but haven't compiled it!

package; import com.netscape.server.*; import*; import com.iplanet.marketmaker.portal.*; import com.sun.portal.*; import com.sun.syndication.*; import*; public class PatCareerAtSun { public static void main(String [ ] args) { //consulting Netscape France AppServer.importTo(FRANCE).sell(); //AOL MyNetscape Portal Mountain View MyNetscape.get().manage(); //Sun/iPlanet Market Maker MarketPlace iMM = new MarketPlace(); //Sun Portal France Portal.getVersions().next(); //Sun ROME open source project SyndFeedInput input = new SyndFeedInput(); SyndFeed feed = XmlReader("")); throw new ResignException("let's try something else"); } }

I left Sun on monday after 5 years. But among merger and acquisitions I've stayed in the same entity (enterprise servers) for the past 8 years: Netscape, AOL, iPlanet, Sun, doing Portals, eCommerce and Enterprise Servers, so it's a big good bye!

I mosly enjoyed my time at Sun. The things I really liked at Sun are:

  • Good people: it was a pleasure and a learning experience to work with so many bright engineers from all over the world. I made many friends at Sun over the years and will keep fond memories from my time here.
  • Passionate people: Sun people are passionate about what they do, and very opinionated. This very often brought on us some laughs from the analysts, or the rest of the industry. But in the technology business we're in, I think it is a valuable quality.
  • Cool technologies: even if recently I've played a lot with Ruby, Java is still pretty cool in my book (AOP, annotations,...) and the most suitable language and environments for many type of projects. And the Sun Labs people churn out regularly some cool new stuff: Fortress (scientific computing language), Barcelona (multi process VM), Looking Glass (3D Desktop)
  • Interesting problems to solve: scalability, maintainability, huge code base, dependencies management, public API definition and deprecation, platform andf app server issues... At Sun I learnt to program in the large and take into account all aspects of the software lifecycle.
  • Excellent remote working policy: among the many software companies I've talked with, Sun is ahead of the pack with its remote working policies and infrastructure. I've been working from home in France since 4 years, designing products that were implemented in the US or India, and it worked really well.
  • Great recent focus on open source: OpenOffice, NetBeans, OpenSolaris, Sun is putting the lines of code where its mouth is. I did my share with ROME.
  • Best corporate bloggers in the world: thanks Jonathan for giving the impulse from the top for Participating to its birth was one of my most fun job at Sun.

Thank you all for these good years, and good luck!



  1. Will Snow said 38 minutes later:
    I'm so sorry to hear you've left! Dang, you should have let me know - I'd have figured out something for you in the blogs group. Dang it!
  2. P@ said 44 minutes later:
    Thanks Will, you guys in the blog team rock! I'll alway remember your: "I'm Will Snow, I run and I can get a machine to setup Roller now". This can-do attitude is great!
  3. Nick Lothian said about 4 hours later:
    Good luck at Google! It was fun working on ROME with you - hope we'll still see you around the mailing list.
  4. P@ said about 22 hours later:
    Thanks Nick, hopefully I won't stop working on ROME, so you'll still see me around! Our "beyond blogging" talk at javaone today was well attended, and we still have many things to do on ROME.
  5. Dave Johnson said 1 day later:
    I'm sad to see you go Pat. This is a big loss for Sun, in my opinion. I really enjoyed working with you while you were here and I hope we'll continue to work together now that you're at Google.
  6. P@ said 2 days later:
    Thanks for the kind words Dave, the feeling is mutual: I really had a lot of fun working with you and the blogmaster team. I'm sure we'll work together again: there's still a lot to do in java open source syndication tools! Continue the great work you started with the blogmasters at Sun: your team rocks!
  7. Ulficus said 12 days later:


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