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Management Team
   Management Team
Malcolm Zickler, President
Peter Bogdonoff, VP Business Development
Giff Hammar, Chief Technology Officer
David J. Marcoux, VP Sales


Malcolm Zickler has been the President of Woodbridge since its co-founding in February 1993. He has been heavily involved in TASS from its inception, including developing training plans and deployment doctrine, as well as troubleshooting some initial failure paths. He blazed new ground while on active duty in the Air Force by taking over an unused weapons storage area and conduting expected scenario training for his security personnel that included power and communications outages. His focus has always been to make security personnel more effective. More ...   Peter Bogdonoff has over 25 years of startup marketing and operations management experience with emerging technology firms. His first company was the first to develop and market membrane switch technology for computer keyboards. From there, he went on to help found or guide others in starting emerging technology companies. In addition, Peter spent a short amount of time in the MPS fleet. He is always looking for a fresh way to package new ideas. More ...   Giff Hammar brings over 10 years of software and services expertise to WSEG. He developed a computerized reporting system for use throughout the Coast Guard that made it easier for field personnel to report unit readiness. He has since pantented self healing technology for computer networks. Giff performed waterborne security, ranging from a single ship to the Cape Canaveral perimeter, while on active duty in the Coast Guard. He is always investigating ways to automate tasks and make them more reliable. More ...   David Marcoux brings 15 years of experience in providing service and support plans to clients with diverse business needs. His time in the local police force gives him a unique perspective on service and how best to deliver on claims made. More ...  
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