The Göteborg Botanical Garden differs in many respects from most traditional botanical gardens on the European continent. It was conceived and planned by the municipality of Göteborg in the 1910's as a botanical garden with an extra emphasis on horticulture, and with a broad scope in the Swedish community life. It remains a public garden to this day. For a long time our garden was administered by the city of Gothenburg, but nowadays it is part of the larger Västra Götaland Region.


The area in total is 175 hectares (ca 430 acres), of which most constitutes a nature reserve including our arboretum. The garden proper is about 40 hectars and we are growing something like 16,000 different species in various parts of it. Our Rock Garden is (to put it mildly) famous and has received three stars in Guide Michelin. Other fascinating parts of the garden are The Rhododendron Valley and The Japanese Glade, just to mention a few.

Our Greenhouses should be pointed out too. There you will find about 4,000 various plants, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable tufa apartment and the rare Eastern Island Tree.

The most beautiful garden in all of Sweden

No, we are not bragging. In 2003 our garden was awarded as just that! And this in the very first year that the contest was arranged in Sweden. You are welcome to come and investigate yourself, in real or virtual reality, what you think about that.

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