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Product TitleBallistics
Available LanguagesEnglish
Suggested Retail Price£28.00
Product DescriptionThe year is 2090 and mankind has reached a high tech society where diseases are gone and almost everyone lives a very good life economically. The world is simply a stable place.

But when times are calm and money is present people always start to search for entertainment to fill their everyday lives with. Extreme sports have developed and Ballistics� is one of the bigger ones. You are one of the contenders. You are a Ballistics� Pilot, ready to throw yourself headstrong into the most awesome speed sensation to date! You are going Ballistics�!
The Ballistics� races have evolved from the Formula One races. The Ballistics� pilots are trained from their teens and using electronic enhancers their reflexes are much faster than any ordinary humans. To withstand the extreme g-forces they also replace some of their skeleton with titanium. Wearing g-suits like today�s fighter pilots they set out to race in these insane speed fests in their hunt for fame and fortune.
Not only do you race through high tech scenarios, as a pro league pilot you get to travel the world and compete with other daredevils in the most spectacular tracks ever built. Rushing through settings such as the Belize jungle, Grand Canyon the city centre of future Huston you are in for some serious action and challenge. The tracks are built up using tunnels that allow a racing ground that is curved and twisted in almost any direction. The Pilots who race in these tunnels are all using Speeders.
Speeders are high tech hover bikes with a magnetic repel unit keeping them floating in the air when inside the track. To be able to keep the Speeders floating a magnetic field has been generated close to the track walls. This magnetic field, called the MF by some, will keep the speeder in the air or if the pilot chooses to it will keep the Speeder attached just a few decimetres from the wall - hovering.
Being a Speeder pilot has its pros and cons. The cons being high speed impacts with concrete walls or obstacles, the pros involving fame and the good old hard cash for you performance. Each race pays good and you do deserve that for throwing yourself into this furious racing grind. Pilots are not only awarded price money for their position after each race but also for style. A Daredevil move at 900 km/h can render some serious money if preformed in the right spot in the track.

Ballistics comes in a DVD-style case, and will be on a single CD-Rom.

Current Status: Game is complete except for networking issues.
Minimum RequirementsTo be announced
Prerelease InformationRelease Date expected to be 29 July 2005
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