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Mobile Flash Content Contest: And the Winners Are…

David Fleck

David Fleck

Director of Developer Programs


14 February 2005

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Some three months ago, at Mobile Day at MAX 2004, Macromedia asked Flash developers to put their creativity to the test and enter the Macromedia Flash Content Contest for a chance to win an eye-popping 42-inch Sony plasma TV or one of eight iPods, as well as gain new business opportunities. The goal of the contest was to encourage Flash developers to build dynamic, engaging, and easy-to-use content for Flash Lite–enabled handsets and to experience the ease with which developers can author and port rich interactive Flash-based content to them. There were no restrictions as to what developers could do—as long as their submissions fit one of eight categories.

Fifteen weeks and more than 150 submissions later, Macromedia is proud to say that the Flash community is raising the bar for rich and compelling mobile experiences. And that's good news for our continuing efforts to promote Flash and the Flash developer community to the global mobile industry.

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And now, without further ado … <drumroll> … here are the winners:

Best Business & Productivity Application


Grand Prize Winner

Developer: Justin Everett-Church
Application: NYC Traffic
Description: NYC Traffic gives users live updates on the traffic situation at some of Manhattan's busiest intersections.

Most Innovative Use of Flash Lite


Developer: Giuseppe Taibi, SmartWorlds
Application: iShop-pro-us
Description: iShop Pro integrates with XML Web Services and enables users to compare prices, read reviews, and find product recommendations using a mobile phone while browsing at any local store.

Best Animation


Developer: Andreas Heim, Smashing Ideas, Inc.
Application: 2001
Description: This two-minute cartoon, complete with music and sound effects, shows you what could happen if you’re a determined astronaut in search of a snack from a very tall vending machine.

Best Business Application


Developer: Nick Gerig, Flash Cell Ltd.
Application: Stock Portfolio
Description: The Stock Portfolio gives users a personalized and near real-time snapshot of their stocks. It also provides a high level of detail and functionality for more professional users.

Best Educational Content


Developer: Tan Gek Hua
Application: Travelers Language Survival Guide
Description: This mobile, easy-to-use guide pronounces nine common phrases from seven different languages and provides simulated video clips and captions for each phrase.

Best Game


Developer: Vishal Gondal, Indiagames, Ltd.
Application: Cryptic Capers
Description: Cryptic Capers combines rich user experiences with engaging game-play.

Best Interactive Content


Developer: Jochen Geiger, webstudio e.k.
Application: VfB Soccer
Description: VfB Soccer keeps mobile users up to date with the latest news, scheduled matches, and player info for the VfB Soccer team based in Stuttgart, Germany. The application also includes a mini soccer game for users to test their skills.

Best Productivity Application


Developer: Jermaine Anderson
Application: Mobile TV Guide
Description: Mobile TV Guide gives UK TV viewers access to weekly program listings on their mobile phones. Users can also send alerts to friends and set reminders for a particular program.

Best Overall Use of Flash Lite


Developer: Mads Bjerre
Application: Floogle SMS
Description: Floogle SMS extends the Google SMS service with a Macromedia Flash front end. Users can send queries to Google from their mobile phones.

Note: For more information on Floogle SMS, see Mads' Developer Center article, "Deconstructing the Flash Lite Floogle SMS Application."

A committee of Flash Lite experts from the Macromedia mobile and devices marketing, product management, and engineering teams judged the entries based on usability, presentation, functionality, and usefulness. The formal announcement of the winners happens on February 14 at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes. During the event, Macromedia also sponsors two networking events that will showcase the winning applications.

If you are member of the Mobile Developer Program and have Flash Lite installed on your phone, you can download these winning applications from the Macromedia Flash Lite Exchange.

Also, if you want to check out these great applications on your desktop, visit the new Mobile & Devices Gallery to get a first look.

About the author

David Fleck has over 15 years' experience managing developer relations and partnering programs. This includes the corporate and consumer sectors with hardware and software companies. Prior to joining Macromedia, David managed the developer program at Openwave. This included managing all aspects of the global community of mobile developers in the content and application space for mobile devices. Prior to joining Openwave, he was vice president of developer relations for Novell, Inc., where he was responsible for worldwide partnering including marketing services, account management, developer support, and compatibility and testing labs. David brings a long history of working with ISVs and other third-party groups that provide strategic business relations and opportunities to the organization. David has held various global developer relations, partnering, and marketing positions with Computer Associates, Creative Labs, Crystal (Seagate Software), and ATI.