bullet Paulina Ann ROWSEY was born on 26 Aug 1836 in Rockbridge Co, Va. She died on 17 May 1919 in Cabell Co, WV. She was buried in Milton Cemetery, Milton, Cabell, WV. Parents: James N. ROWSEY and Mary H. THOMAS.

She was married to Alexander PEYTON on 14 Jul 1857 in at Sarah Heaths, Cabell Co., WV. (262) Children were: Isabell PEYTON, Phyannah PEYTON, Mary E. PEYTON, Alzada PEYTON, Alue PEYTON, Luvada PEYTON, William PEYTON, Viola Merta PEYTON, Ulysses S. PEYTON, James Osburn PEYTON, Charles Richard PEYTON, Dora PEYTON.

bullet Charles RUDDLE married Mary J. SMITH.

bullet Susannah RULEMAN was born in 1786. She died in 1866.

She was married to Jacob SIMMONS in 1805. Children were: Christian SIMMONS, Magdalane (Polly) SIMMONS, Solomon SIMMONS, Jacob SIMMONS, Sara SIMMONS, Catherine "Kate" SIMMONS , Levi SIMMONS, George SIMMONS , Elizabeth SIMMONS.

bullet Tracy RUTHERFORD was married to Denny William BOSTIC in 1984. Children: Emma BOSTIC, Kate Victoria BOSTIC.

bullet Anjebel Jane SAMS was born about 1838 in WV.

She was married to Caperton Alexander BOSTICK in 1858 in Monroe Co, VA. Children were: Joseph Thomas BOSTICK, Isaac N. BOSTICK, Benjamin C. BOSTICK, Leonard Frank BOSTICK, Margaret Mary BOSTICK, Catherine Jane BOSTICK , Sarah Annice BOSTICK, Larcena BOSTICK, Floyd Sherman BOSTICK.

bullet John George SCHIRMAN AFN 1PCN-5NC

He married Elizabetha Catharina PUFFENBARGER.

bulletAndrew SCHLOSSER was born on 3 Jul 1785 in , Frederick, MD.

He married Catherine POFFENBERGER.

bullet Christian SCHMIDT/SMITH was born in 1808 in Pendleton Co, VA. He died on 2 Apr 1850 in Pendleton, WV. Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Susan CRUMMETT on 31 Aug 1830 in Pendleton, WV. Children: Immanuel SMITH, Margaret Smith, Catherine Smith, Sarah Smith, Christian SMITH, Malinda Smith, Barbara Smith, and Christina Smith.

bullet Frona SCHMIDT was born on 19 Nov 1821 in , Pendleton, WV. Parents: Jacob SCHMIDT and Barbara GRAGG.

bullet Heinrich SCHMIDT was born in 1800. He died in Jun 1855 in Highland, Va. Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Elizabeth HOOVER on 6 Feb 1830 in Highland, Va. Children were: Martin SMITH, Christina SMITH, George Amis SMITH, Valentine SMITH, Benami SMITH, Catherine SMITH, Henry Marshall SMITH, Polly SMITH.

bullet Jacob SCHMIDT was born in 1798 in VA. Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Barbara GRAGG on 7 Apr 1821 in Pendleton, WV. Children were: Frona SCHMIDT, Johannes SCHMIDT, Jacob SMITH Jr., Jonathan SMITH, David SMITH, Mary A SMITH, Henry SMITH.

bullet Johann SCHMIDT died in 1838 in Pendleton, WV

For probable origins (not proven) see Johannes Schmidt & Susan Hawn

See will in Franklin Court House dated 31 Mar 1838
Estate settled in Pendleton Co, listing heirs: Sally, Samuel, Joseph, Jack, John, Daniel, Peter and Christian.

He was married to Mary Magdalena SIMMONS in 1794. Children: Jacob SCHMIDT, Heinrich SCHMIDT, Daniel SMITH, Christian SCHMIDT, Joseph SCHMIDT, Peter SCHMIDT, John SCHMIDT Jr, Sarah SCHMIDT, Samuel SMITH.

bullet Johannes SCHMIDT was born on 3 Sep 1824 in , Pendleton, WV. Parents: Jacob SCHMIDT and Barbara GRAGG.

He was married to Catherine Isabel KEISTER on 13 Jun 1847 in Pendleton, WV. Children: Susan Smith, Rebecca Smith, Jane Smith, Eliza Smith, Margaret Smith, John Smith, Joseph Pendleton Smith, Franklin Smith

bullet John SCHMIDT Jr died on 9 Nov 1846 in Pendleton, WV. Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Jane JORDAN on 4 Dec 1834 in Pendleton, WV.

bullet Joseph SCHMIDT Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Magdalane (Polly) SIMMONS on 25 May 1832.

bullet Peter SCHMIDT Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

He was married to Barbara JORDAN on 21 Oct 1830.

bullet Sarah SCHMIDT Parents: Johann SCHMIDT and Mary Magdalena SIMMONS.

She married James ARMSTRONG.

bulletFaye Harley SCOTT married Nina Pearl BOSTIC.

bulletJeffery SCOTT.

He was married to Valerie Dawn BAUMGARDNER on 31 Jul 1993 in OH. Children: Rebekkah Jo SCOTT .

bullet Rebekkah Jo SCOTT was born on 6 Aug 1995. Parents: Jeffery SCOTT and Valerie Dawn BAUMGARDNER.

bullet Louisa Ann SEAMONDS was born about 1821. Parents: William SEAMONDS and Nancy HARSHBARGER.

She was married to John DERTON on 9 Jan 1840. Child: Philip A. DERTON.

bullet William SEAMONDS married Nancy HARSHBARGER.Children were: Louisa Ann SEAMONDS .

bulletDonald Hollis SELVAGE, JR was born on 1 Jul 1922. Parents: Donald Hollis SELVAGE and Ella Elizabeth DAVIS .

bullet Donald Hollis SELVAGE was born on 23 Sep 1900 in Louisville, KY. He died on 30 Mar 1972 in Amherst Co., Va. He was buried in Amherst Co., Va.

He was married to Ella Elizabeth DAVIS on 30 Aug 1921 in Bristol, , TN. Children were: Donald Hollis SELVAGE, JR, Marjorie Maxine SELVAGE.

bullet Marjorie Maxine SELVAGE was born on 14 Jun 1925 in Rocky Mount, VA. She died on 14 Jul 1990 in Athens, OH. She was buried on 16 Jul 1990 in Amherst Co., Va. Parents: Donald Hollis SELVAGE and Ella Elizabeth DAVIS.

She was married to Edward STONE on 21 Jul 1951 in Amherst Co., Va. Children were: Edward Selvage STONE, Glenn Davis STONE, Frederick Alexander STONE.

bullet O.L. SHAFER married Ellen Elizabeth BOSTICK.

bullet James SHARITZ was married to Mary BAUMGARDNER on 10 Apr 1817.

bullet Mary SHARITZ was married to Jacob BAUMGARDNER on 20 May 1817. Children were: John W. BAUMGARDNER , Barbery BAUMGARDNER, Henry W. BAUMGARDNER Pvt, James Marion BAUMGARDNER, Isabelle BAUMGARDNER, Arianna BAUMGARDNER, Mildred BAUMGARDNER, Frances Taylor BAUMGARDNER, Rebecca BAUMGARDNER .

bullet Ann SHAVER was married to William BOSTIC on 6 Apr 1822 in Monroe Co, WV.

bullet Thomas L. SHAVER

He was married to Mary BOSTICK in 1840.

bulletMargaret Jett SHEPPARD.

She was married to Samuel Tazewell ASHWORTH on 24 Dec 1890 in Kanawha Co, WV. Child: Lemuel Yancy ASHWORTH.

bullet Randolph SHOBE married Catherine PUFFENBARGER.

bulletLuther SIBERT married Laura C. PUFFENBARGER.

bulletGoldie Mae SIBLEY was married to George Walton LEIST in 1971 in Knotsville, Tenn.

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