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Editors note: Most names in red link to pages other than our own. If no source is cited, these are generally linked to the French language l'éphéméride Anarchiste.

Most entries at l'éphéméride Anarchiste have been translated for the Daily Bleed Calendar & will eventually appear as translated pages here or have direct links to the Bleed. To see these English-language renditions, you may search the Daily Bleed Archives by name or event.

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  • CLIK for full pageABAD de SANTILLAN, Diego.
    (1897-1983) Author, editor, leading figure in the Spanish & Argentinian anarchist movement.
    Added 7/15/2001alt; Diego Abad de Santillán

  • ABARNO, Frank.
    Italian-American anarchist, member of Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, imprisoned for planting bombs in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus.

  • ABAYÀ GARRIGA, Francesc.
    (1870-1971). Constituir la CNT (1910). Va ser redactor de la "Revista Social" (òrgan de la Unió Manufacturera) i collaborà a “La Federación Igualadina”, “La Autonomia”, “El Productor” i “El Trabajo”.
    (Biografies de Sindicalistes); added Sept 2004

  • ABELLA, Àngel.
    (??-??). Militant de la CNT.
    (Biografies de Sindicalistes); added Sept 2004

  • CLICKABBEY, Edward.
    (1927-1989), American anarchist, eco-defender, novelist, wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang.

  • ABBOTT, Leonard.

  • ABRAMOWSKI, Edward.
    (1868-1918), Polish philosopher, psychologist, sociologist, anarchist, father of Polish cooperative movement.
    Daily Bleed, August 17, 1868

  • ?ACCIARITO, Pietro.
    (1871­1943) Italian anarchist, attempted to stab the king of Italy, sent to prison for life.
    added October 2002

  • ?ACIN AQUILUE, Ramon.
    (1887?/1888? - 1936) Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, teacher, writer & avant-garde artist murdered by the fascists.
    name added Oct 2002; page created October 2003; sources, ChristieBooks & CIRA

  • ACKELSBERG, Martha.
    American anarchist scholar.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • Acracia
    Title of a number of periodicals of libertarian content.
    (Christie Books); added Nov 2003

  • ?Acratas.
    Founded 1967, Spanish ultra-left militant anarchists.
    Page created June 2002

  • ADAM, Paul.
    French artist, symbolist, anarchist.
    Daily Bleed, Nov 11, 1863 & Feb 26, 1894

  • ADÃO, Luísa do Carmo Franco Elias.
    (1914-1999) Portuguese nurse, militant anarchist, life-long anarchist & companion of Tomas De Aquino.
    [Ephéméride anarchiste]; added Feb 2005

  • ADRIEN, Georges. French Journalist & writer, anarchist.
    (1862 — id., 1921).
    added March 2002

    (1921-). American anarchist, member of Why?'/Resistance editorial board, companion of David Wieck, old bowler.
    (Institute for Anarchist Studies)
    Added 7/1/2001

  • AICARDI José (dit El 68)
  • A.I.T.
  • ALBA (Antonio d')
  • ALBERT Charle
  • ALBIN (Albin Cantone, dit)

  • ALDRED, Guy
    (??-1963) Scottish anarchist communist, head of APCF. Founded 'The Bakunin Press' publishing house & edited five Glasgow based anarchist periodicals, "The Herald of Revolt", "The Spur", "The Commune", "The Council", & "The Word".
    updated July 2002

  • ALLEN, E. J. B.
    (??-??) British anarchist syndicalist, edited the “Industrial Unionist”, founder of the Industrialist League. Disappeared from the movement in 1912.
    added July 2002

  • ALMEREYDA Miguel

  • AMERICANO, Bruno.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, John Pinkman, Clara Solomon, Abe Bluestein, et al. Ran guns to Spain during the Revolution & was imprisoned by the Communists there.
    Added Dec 2004

  • AMILA Jean (Jean Meckert)

  • Anarchist Black Cross
    Mutual aid & solidarity network for victims of state repression.
    Added 7/10/2001

  • ANDRADE, David.
    (1859-1928), An original member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The Andrade brothers ran Australia's first anarchist bookshop & news agency & published books & pamphlets.
    (Radical Tradition)
    Added Aug 2001

  • ANDRADE, William.
    (??-??), An original member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club. Also founder of the Sydney Anarchist Club.
    (Radical Tradition)
    Added May 2002

    (1865-1903), Prolific Australian communist anarchist agitator, gifted theoretician, poet, inventor, historian & linguist, influential with the labor movement.
    (Radical Tradition)
    Added 8/12/2001

  • ?ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl.
    (1812-1886) American individualist anarchist, abolitionist.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • ANGIOLILLO, Michele.

  • ?ANGRAND, Charles.
    (1854-1926). French Impressionist, Pointillist, anarchist illustrator.

  • Angry Brigade.
    British 1970s "underground" group, charged with bombings; police suspected Ian Purdie, Jake Prescott, & Stuart Christie (among others) were members
    Chronology in the Stan Iverson Archives
    added July 2002

  • ?ANTICH Puig, Salvador.
    Member of the MIL (Mouvement Ibérique de Libération).

  • ANTLIFF, Antliff.
    Canadian anarchist & art historian.
    added June 2005

  • ?ANTIGNAC, Antoine.
    (1864-1930). French anarchist activist, wrote for "La révolte" & "Libertaire".

  • ANTONILI, Gabriella Segata.
    (?-?) 19-year-old American anarchist convicted for transporting dynamite. She & fellow prisoner Emma Goldman became good friends.
    cited Daily Bleed; added Nov 2002

  • Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation (APCF)
    (ca.1921-1945), United the Glasgow Anarchist Group & Glasgow Communist Group; published the monthly journals "Commune" (Guy Aldred, ed.) & "Solidarity."

  • Arbeter Fraint Group.
    Published "Arbeter Fraint". See also Federation of Yiddish-Speaking Anarchist Groups in Great Britain & Paris.
    added March 2002

  • ARSHINOV, Peter. (Piotr Archinov)
  • ARMAND, E. (pseud. of Ernest-Lucien Juin).
    (1872-1962). French anarchist individualist.
    See the Daily Bleed February reference page; also Research on Anarchism (links added Oct 2002, March 2005)

  • ARMONY, F. Hochauser.
    (??-198?) Prolific writer for Solidaridad Obrera, CNT & other anarchist journals. Lived in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy & elsewhere before settling in Israel.
    Added Dec 2004

  • ARNAUD, Georges-Jean.
    French anarchist novelist, writes police procedurals.
    (l'anarcho revue)

  • ?ARNOULD, Arthur. (1833-1895) French anarchist, Communard, friend of Bakunin.
    Page added Nov 2002

  • ? ARRU, Andre (aka Jean René Sauliere).
    French anarchist & pacifist.

  • ASCASO ABADIA, Francisco
    Spanish member of Nosotros, an FAI action group, close friend of Durruti.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • ASCASO Alejandro

  • ASCASO Joaquin

  • ATABEKIAN, Alexandre. Alexander Atabekian
    Armenia's best known anarchist.
    (Page link; see also,

  • Attentat au theâtre Diana

  • Auberges de Jeunesse
  • AURENCHE Alain

  • AUSTIN, Kate.
    (1864-1902) Universalist, freethinker, feminist, writer.
    (Research on Anarchism)
    added September 2002

  • AVRAY Charles d'

  • AVRICH, Paul.
    American historian of anarchism.

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  • BA JIN. (Pa Chin; Li Feigan, aka Pa Kin)
    (1904- ) Chinese novelist, anarchist.
    (Anarchy Archives)
    See also the Daily Bleed, Nov 25, 1904

  • BABEUF Gracchus
  • BACHMANN, Marion. (see also under Marie Capderoque).
    (1873-??). French militant feminist, syndicalist, anarchist.
    Daily Bleed, June 18, 1873

    (1864-1943) Prussian-born publicist for "Mother Earth", as well as many other papers into the 30s in the US.
    (Movement for Anarchy); added March 2003

  • BAGUET Jean (dit Jean Bayet)

  • BAISSAT Bernard (??-??) French filmmaker, did a series of portrayals/interviews with anarchists in the 1980s/90s.
    Updated Aug 2002

  • ?BAKUNIN, Michael
    (1814-1876). Russian conspirator, anarchist, nemesis of Marx, assassin of God.
    Daily Bleed Saint, May 30th; page added November 2003

    alt sp: Mihail Aleksandroviç Bakunin; Aleksandrovic, Aleksandrovich, Mihkail

  • BALABANOFF Angélica
  • BALKANSKY Georges

  • ? BALL, Hugo.
    Dadaist, Daily Bleed Saint.

  • BALLANTINE, Stella.
    (??-??) American activist, worked with Emma Goldman.
    added Sept 2002

  • BALLARD, George. See George Barrett.

  • BALLOU, Adin.
    (1803-1890), American Christian anarchist-pacifist.
    Daily Bleed Saint; see August 5, 1890
    added Nov 2001

  • Bande du Matese
  • BARA Louis
  • BARBE Alphonse
  • BARBE Paul
  • BARBEDETTE, Lucien

  • BARBIERI, Francisco.

  • BARCLAY, Harold.
    Canadian professor, wrote People Without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchism.

  • BARDINA Sophie

  • BARKER, George.
    (??-??) British anarchist.
    Added Nov 2001

  • BARON Aron
  • BARON Fania

  • BARRETT, George (aka George Ballard).
    (??-??) British anarchist.
    Added July 2002

  • BARROT, Jean.
  • BARTOSEK Norbert
  • BARRUE Jean

  • BASTIEN, Georges.
    (??-??) Prominent French anarchist in the 1930s.
    See Research on Anarchism
    added April 2005

  • BASTELICA André Augustin
  • A Batalha
  • BAUCHET Emile
  • BAUER, Henry

  • CLICK BAYER, Osvaldo.
    Argentinian anarchist, writer, historian.

  • BECK, Julian.
    American playwright/actor, Living Theater.

  • BEK-GRAN, Robert.
    (??-??) Council communist more than an anarchist, maintained some relations with the NY Vanguard group in the 30s.
    Added Dec 2004

  • BENOIT, Charles.

  • BERKMAN, Alexander.
    (1870-1936). American anarchist.
    Anarchy Archives
    Daily Bleed Saint, June28

  • BERNARD Paul

  • ? BERNERI, Camillo.
    Italian anarchist, murdered by Communists in the Spanish Revolution..

  • BERNERI Giliana
  • BERNERI Giovanna (Caleffi)

  • ?BERNERI, Marie Louise.
    (1918-1949) Daughter of Giovanna & Camillo Berneri. Author, editor of "Freedom".

  • BERNIZET Lucien

  • BERRY, Dave.
    Anarchist scholar.

  • BERTHIER Pierre Valentin

  • BERTHOLD Simon
    Headed Magoniste forces, with Jose Maria Leyva, which seized Mexicali, Mexico.
    Daily Bleed, Jan 29, 1911

    (??-1936). Member of the International Group of the Durruti Column, killed in Aragon.
    Daily Bleed, Oct 17, 1936

  • BERTON Germaine

  • BERTONI Luigi
    (1872-1947) Militant, founder/editor of the anarchist bilingual periodical "Il Risveglio/Le Réveil Geneva".
    (International Institute of Social History); added Oct 2002

  • ? BERTRAND, Antoine.
    French anarchist (1877-1964).

  • ? BERTRAND, Julia.

  • ?BESNARD, Pierre.
    French anarchosyndicalist (1886-1947).

  • BEY, Hakim.
    American anarchist, advocate of Temporary Autonomous Zones.

  • BEYLIE Henri
  • BIANCO René
  • BIAU Patrick
  • BIDAULT Emile

  • BIEHL, Janet.
    (1953- ) American anarchist with Institute for Social Ecology.

  • BIGEL Eugène

    BIKERTON, Alexander.
    (1847-1928), Australian libertarian socialist, founder Federative Home at Wainoni.
    (Radical Tradition)
    Added 8/12/2001

  • BILLINGS Warren
  • BINAZZI Pasquale

  • Bisbee Deportation of 1917.
    Daily Bleed, July 12, 1917

  • BISO Jean

  • ?BIZEAU, Eugène.
    (1883-1989). French vine-grower, pacifist, poet & songster.
    page created Oct 2002; updated & added July 2003

  • Black Flag. British magazine.

  • Black Mask.
    Militant NY anarchists, dadaist inspired culture orientated actions. Included Ben Morea, Ron Hahne. Published a magazine of the same name. Later became Up Against the Wall Motherfucker.
    (Movement for Anarchy)
    added May 2002

  • BLACKWELL, Russell.
    (1904-1969) American cartographer, anarchist, cofounder of the Libertarian League in NY.
    See the Daily Bleed, March 24, 1904
    Link added April 2005

  • ?BLAKE, William.
    (1757-1827) Daily Bleed Saint; Poet, radical, mystic, printer, engraver, subversive. Entertained angels in the garden. Friend of William Godwin.

  • BLANCO, Carballo.
    Added Aug 11, 2001

  • BLANQUI Auguste

  • ? BLUESTEIN, Abe.
    American anarchist, active in the Libertarian Book Club.
  • BODY, Marcel.
    ( 1894 -1984) French communist, typographer, active in syndicalist movement in his later years.
    (International Institute of Social History)
    added Oct 2003

  • BOETIE Etienne de la

  • BONANNO, Alfredo.
    (??-) Italian anarchist militant.
    added July 2002
  • BONNEFF Léon
  • BONNOT Jules
  • Bonnot Gang

    (1872-1961). Italian anarchist militant, participant in founding USI & UAI.
    Page created Dec 22, 2001

  • BONOMINI Ernesto
  • BONTEMPS Charles Auguste

  • Clik BOOKCHIN, Murray.
    (1921- ) American anarchist, ecologist, activist, theorist.
    Page created September 2005

  • BORDAT, Toussaint.
    (1854-??). French anarchist, labor militant, defendant in the "Trial of the 66".
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)
    Daily Bleed, July 11, 1854

  • ? BORGHI, Armando.
    Italian anarcho-syndicalist.

  • BORGIUS, Walter.
    (??-??) Author of Die Ideenwelt des Anarchismus (1904)
    added Dec 2004

  • BORRAS, Jose Ester.
    (1913-1980) Spanish anarchist, active in the French resistance & in the Mauthausen concentration camp, co-founder of the Spanish Federation of Former Political prisoners & camp inmates (FEDIP).
    (International Institute of Social History)
    Added 9/16/2001
    alt; José Ester Borràs

  • BOSIGER André
    Daily Bleed, July 22, 1913

  • BOSIGER Ruth

  • Boston Anarchist Club
    Added May 2002

  • BOTEV, Christo. (1848-1876). Bulgarian anarchist.
    Daily Bleed, June 2, 1876

  • BOUDOUX, Francis. (Jules Sellenet)
    (1881-1941), French militant, antimilitarist, anarcho-syndicalist.
    (Ephéméride anarchiste)
    Daily Bleed, July 18, 1881

  • BOUILLARD Gustave

  • CLICKBOURNE, Randolph.
    American critic, anarchist.

  • BOUSSINOT Charles
  • Bourse du Travail

  • BRADFORD, George.
    Journalistic pseudonym for author
    David Watson.
    added March 2004

  • ? BRADY, Edward.
    Austrian-American anarchist, romantically involved with Emma Goldman.

  • BRASSENS Georges
    (1921-1981) French anarchist poet, singer/songwriter.

  • ? BRESCI, Gaetano.
    (1869-1901). Italian-American anarchist, assassinated King Umberto.
    Added June 2001; updated July 2003

  • BRIENS François

  • BROUCHER, Gustave.
    (1850-1931) French prioest, socialist, anarchist, militant freethinker, witer, editor.
    (International Institute of Social History)
    link added Nov 2002

  • BROCHER-ROUCHY, Victorine.
    (1838-1922) Communard, anarchist militant
    (International Institute of Social History)
    link added Nov 2002


  • BROUSSE, Paul. (1844-1912). Jura Federation member, became a socialist.
    see the Daily Bleed, Jan 23, 1844
    link added Oct 2003

  • BROWN, George.
    (??-??) Anarchist orator .
    Added August 2002

  • BROWN, William Thurston.
    American anarchist sympathiser & Modern Educator.

  • BRUNO Giordano

  • BRUPBACHER, Paulette & Fritz.
    (1874-1945), Unorthodox Swiss socialist & libertarian, physician, writer, antimilitarist, kicked out of communist party for anarchist leanings.
    (International Institute of Social History; added Jan 2002)

  • BRUZZI Pietro

  • BUBER, Martin.
    Philosopher, considered by some a religious anarchist. Wrote Paths in Utopia (1949), with chapters on Proudhon, Kropotkin & Landauer.
    Added Feb 2003

  • Budapest 1956

  • BUMPAS, Jim.
    (1943-1997) Attorney, computer enthusiast, sports coach, social critic & author. Publisher of the Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF) newsletter. IWW member. Avid simulated war games enthusiast & designer. See for example "Tatchanka - Ukraine, 1919-21".
    (Obituary); added Dec 2004

  • BUONARROTI, Filippo

  • BURROWS, Herbert.
    added June 2002

  • BUTAUD Georges

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  • C.G.T
  • C.G.T-S.R

  • CIRA (see below, Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme).

  • C.N.T. [Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo]
    Anarchosyndicalist trade union in Spain in 1911, still active.
    added September 2002

  • COM [Casa del Obrero Mundial].
    (1912-16) Anarchosyndicalist labor union. Founded Sept. 1912; soon dominated labor in Mexico City; opposed Huerta in 1914, & Villa & Zapata in 1914-1915. After much labor turbulence, it was crushed by Carranza in the summer of 1916.
    added Sept 2004

  • CABET Etienne

  • CAFARD, Max.
    American anarchist author, in Fifth Estate & Exquisite Corpse.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • Click hereCAFIERO, Carlo.
    (1846-1892) Italian anarchist, champion of Bakunin in the second half of the 1800's.
    page added Nov 2002

  • CAFIERO Ku Tuzoca

  • CAGE, John.
    American composer, anarchist, taught at Cornish School in Seattle.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • CAIN, Séamas.
    (??-) American poet, perfomance writer, anarchist.
    [Home page]; added March 2005

  • CALLEMIN (Raymond la science)
  • CAMPANELLA Tommaso

  • ?CAMPION, Léo.
    French anarchist, free thinker & freemason.

  • CAMUS Albert

  • "La Canadienne Strike"
    Spanish strike in Barcelona in 1919, becoming a General Strike.
    Daily Bleed, Feb 8, 1919

    (1896-1973). Spanish/Mexican anarchist, member CNT & Republican government (in exile).
    (ChristieBooks); page added June 2003

  • CANNONE Alphonse Sauveur
  • CANON Jean-Pierre
  • CANTWELL Thomas Edouard

  • CAPDEROQUE, Marie (Marion Bachmann)
    (1873-??) French syndicalist, feminist, anarchist. Founded "Comité d'études des femmes socialistes révolutionnaires".
    added June 2002


    (1894 -?) Militant a la CNT.
    See Daily Bleed, April 16, 1937; added Sept 2004

  • CAPETILLO, Luisa.
    (1879-1922) Puerto Rican feminist, anarchist, labor organizer, & novelist.


  • CARACERSA DIAZ, Salvador.
    (? -?) Militant a la CNT.
    See Daily Bleed, Nov 30, 1920; added Sept 2004


    (1883-958). Spanish/Mexican anarchist militant & author.
    (ChristieBooks); page added June 2003

  • CARBONE, Carmine.
    Italian-American anarchist, member of the Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, sentenced 6-12 years in prison for planting bombs in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus with Frank Arbano.

  • CARDIAS (Rossi Giovanni)
  • CARLES Emilie

  • CARMAGNOLA, Francesco.
    (1900-1986), Pivotal anarchist/anti-fascist in the Italian community in Australia, led the 1934 Canecutters' strike.
    (Radical Tradition) Added 8/12/2001

  • Carnet B
  • CAROUY Edouard


  • CARPENTER, Edward.
    (1844--1929).Early British gay rights activist, utopian & libertarian socialist, poet, songwriter.
    Daily Bleed, June 28, 1929

  • click here CARPENTIER, François-Charles.
    French anarchist, combatant in the Spanish Revolution.
    page created 1999

  • CARRINGTON, Glenn.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Albert Mullady, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Sidney Solomon, et al.
    Added Dec 2004

  • ? CARRINGTON, Leonora.
    Surrealist painter (Daily Bleed Saint, 1999)

  • CARRUTH, Hayden.
    (1921- ) American poet & anarchist.

    added June 2005

  • CARTER, Alan.
    British professor, anarchist scholar, environmentalist.
    Home page

  • CARTERER, Ralph.
    (??-??) Australian anarchist, ran communist-anarchist press in Sydney ca. 1912.
    added April 2003

  • Casas Viejas (massacre de)

  • ? CASANOVA, Antonio.
    (1898-1966). Argentinian anarchist militant.
    (Mirrored page, in Spanish). added Nov. 1999

  • CASERIO, Sante Jeronimo. (1873-1894) Italian anarchist, assassinated French President Carnot to avenge the execution of Auguste Valliant; executed 1894.
    See Daily Bleed, Aug 2, 1894
    added Aug 2002

  • CASTEU François

  • CAUSSIMON Jean-Roger.
    See Daily Bleed, July 24


  • CECCHI, Pilade.
    (??-??) Italian anarchist, editor of 'La questione sociale', for which he was sent to prison in 1884.
    added Feb 2003

  • Cecilia Colony (Brasil)
    See Giovanni Rossi page
    updated Feb 2004

  • Cempuis (école libertaire de)
  • Central Téléphonique (Barcelone 1937)


  • CENTRONE, Michele.
    Italian anarchist, killed in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.
    added May 2004

  • Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme (CIRA). Major anarchist archive, in Switzerland, with smaller associated archives in other countries.
    CIRA home page; added March 2003

  • CERRETTI, Arturo. (??-?? ca late 1800s) Italian anarchist, brother of Cleso.

  • CERRETTI, Cleso. (??-?? ca late 1800s) Italian anarchist.
    added Jan 2003

  • CERRITO Gino

    (1840-1874). Spanish law teacher, member of the Alliance, go-between for the Alliance & the F.R.E.
    (ChristieBooks); page added July 2003

  • CHAE-HO Shin
  • CHAMPION Jeanne
  • CHARDON Pierre (Pierre Charron)

  • CHARRIER, Mécislas.
    (1895-1922) French individualist & illégaliste. Raised until the age of five by the anarchist Mécislas Golberg. Executed in 1922.
    See the Daily Bleed, Aug 2, 1922added Aug 2002

  • Charlatan Stew.
    American anti-authoritarian publishers (Sylvie Kashdan & Robbie Barnes).

  • Charte d'Amiens
  • CHATEL Charles
  • CHAZOFF Jules

  • ?CHEITANOV, Georgi.
    (1896-1925) Bulgarian writer, speaker, theorist, activist. Captured & executed.
    Page created December 2002; updated May 2003

  • CHENARD Paul (Paulo)

  • CHENARD, Raoul.
    (1896-1960) Militant French anarchist-syndicalist.
    Daily Bleed, Nov 29, 1896
    added link Nov 2004

  • ?CHERNYI, Lev.
    (18??-1921) Russian anarchist poet executed by the Communists.
    Page created September 2002

  • CHESSA Aurelio
  • CHEVALIER DE LA BARRE (Jean-François Lefebvre)
  • CHEVET Susy
  • CHIAPUSO Manuel

  • ? CHOMSKY, Noam.
    (1928-) American linguist, anarcho-syndicalist, professor.
    (Anarchy Archives)

  • ?CHRISTIE, Stuart.
    (1946- ) Scottish anarchist militant & publisher.
    Added July 2001

  • ? CHRISTO & Jeanne-Claude.
    Artists cited in Daily Bleed.


  • Chumbawamba.
    Anarchist band: "Give The Anarchist A Cigarette" ('Albert, Bobby, for God's sake burn it down'), from "Anarchy", album, England 1994
    added Nov, 2001; updated Jan 2002

  • Click HereCIANCABILLA, Giuseppe.
    (1872-1904), Italian-American anarchist, editor of La Questione Sociale & La Protesta Umana
    page added September 2004

  • CILIGA Ante (Anton)
  • Cinéma du Peuple

  • CIPRIANI Amilcare
    (1844-1918) Italian anarchist, writer, Paris Communard.
    Cited Daily Bleed, May 2, 1918

    (?-?), Cuban anarchist, sympathizer of Proudhon's federalism, active in the Ten Years War (1868-1878) against Spain.
    Added Aug 2001

  • Cittadella Colony
    added Nov 2002

  • CLARAMUNT Teresa

  • CLARK, John P.
    American professor, anarchist scholar.
    (Research on Anarchism); added Jan 2002

  • CLASTRES, Pierre.
    (1934-1977) French anarchist anthropologist, author of Society Against the State.
    added April 2005

  • CLAUDOT André

  • CLAUX, Kleber. (aka Ramon [Ray] Insa Lleo)
    (1893-1971), French-Australian anarchist, naturalist.
    (Radical Tradition)

  • CLEMENT Jean-Baptiste

  • CLEMENT, Salvador.
    (1916-2000), Spanish anarcho-syndicalist.
    Daily Bleed, 8/4/2000

  • CLEMINSON, Richard.
    Scholar of articles on anarchism & sexuality.

  • CLER Henri

  • CLEYRE, Voltairine de.
    (1866-1912). American teacher, anarchist feminist.
    Anarchy Archives

  • CLOOTZ Anacharsis

  • ?COCHON, Georges.
    (1879-1959) French tapestry maker, anarchist & popular secretary of the "Federation of Tenants".
    page created April 1999; added March 2003


  • COHEN, Joseph J.

  • ? COHN-BENDIT, Daniel.
    French anarchist, best-known for his days during the Paris '68 uprising.
    (Anarchy Archives); Added June 2001

  • COLOMER André
  • Colonne Vendome
  • Colonie d'Aiglemont
  • Colonie de Bascon
  • Colonie Cittadella

    (1901-1994). Spanish anarchist, feminist, teacher, co-founder Mujeres Libres.
    Daily Bleed, August 14, 1901; Updated Aug 2001

  • COMES Francesc

  • ?COMFORT, Alex.
    (1920-2000) British physician, anarchist, poet, novelist, anti-nuke activist, sexologist [The Joy of Sex], etc....
    Page created Feb 2002

  • Commune de Paris (See below, Paris Commune).
  • Congress of the Local Federations of the MLE-CNT in exile.
    First Congress was held in Paris (May 1945). About 450 anarchist local federations in France & North Africa attended, represented by 400 delegates: membership was 25,000.
    Details, Daily Bleed Reference page May 1, 1945; added Oct 2003

  • CONNOLLY, Gilbert.
    (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Albert Mullady, John Pinkman, Sidney Solomon, et al.
    Added Dec 2004

  • CONSIGLIO Umberto

  • CONSTANDSE, Anton.
    (??-??) Leading Dutch anarchist & freethinker.
    added Feb 2003

  • CONSTANT Marie (Le Père Lapurge) voir, MARIE Constant)
  • CONTENT Julien
  • CONVERTI Nicolo

  • ?COOK, Cassius V.
    (1879-1950). American anarchist, writer, publisher, businessman.
    Page created June 2003

  • CORDÓN AVELLÁN, Salvador
    (Cabra 1886-Seville 1936) Andalusian revolutionary; married Isabel H. Pereira in Argentina; propagandist, speaker, publisher & author.
    (Christie Books); added Nov 2003

  • CORNELISSEN Christian

  • ?CORTIELLA, Felipe..
    (1871-1937) Dramatist, anarchist militant & CNT fighter.
    (ChristieBooks) page added October 2003

  • COSTA Andrea

  • ?COSTANTINI, Flavio.

    (??- ) Italian anarchist illustrator.

  • COTTIN Louis-Emile

  • COURBET, Gustave.
    (1809-1877) French Realist artist, militant anarchist.
    (Movement for Anarchy)
    Link added June 2002

  • COUTE Gaston
  • COVELLI Emilio

  • CRAY, John.
    (??-??) Editor of the first anarchist daily paper (FORA paper in Argentenia) .
    added September 2002

  • CREAGH, Ronald.

    (1968-2023). French anarchist, professor, author, moderator of Research on Anarchism List.
    (Research on Anarchism)

  • CREAGHE John
  • CRESPIN Claude
  • CROISET Hynan
  • Cronstadt (ou Kronstadt)
  • CROSS Henri-Edmond (Delacroix dit)

  • Click hereCROSS, Henri-Edmond (Delacroix).
    (1856-1910) French illustrator, painter.
    page created May 2002; added August 2003

  • CROWLEY, Louise & George.
    Founders, Seattle Anarchist Group.

  • CUBERO, Jaime.
    (??-1998) Brazilian anarchist, author, teacher.
    Daily Bleed, May 21
    added May 2002

  • CYVOCT Antoine

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Anarchist encyclopedia




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Anarchist Encyclopedia

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  • EBERHARDT, Isabell.
    (1877-1904), Russian-born anarcha-feminist. Wrote The Oblivion Seekers
    Added Dec 2002

  • ?EDELSTADT, David. (Edelstat; Dovid Edelshtadt)
    Added 10/17/2001; updated Dec 2002

  • EDO Luis A
  • EEKHOUD Georges
  • EHRLICH, Carol.

  • EHRLICH, Howard.
    American teacher, sociologist, author, director of The Prejudice Institute/Center for the Applied Study of Ethnoviolence, editor of "Social Anarchism".
    (Home page); added June 2002

  • ?EINSTEIN, Carl. alt; Karl Einstein
    (1885-1940). German Poet, writer, art historian, anarchist combatant in Spanish Revolution. Nephew of famed physicist, Albert. A suicide to avoid Nazi persecution.
    Added July 2001

  • ELIA Roberto

  • ELIAS, Juan Puig.
    (1898-1972), Spanish-Brazilian teacher, anarcho-syndicalist, C.N.T. activist.
    Daily Bleed, Sept 5

  • ?ELLINGTON, Dick.
    (1930-1991) American anarchist, typesetter, IWW member.
    Added Nov 23, 2001

  • ELLUL, Jacques. (1912-??) French Christian anarchist.
    Daily Bleed, Jan 6, 1912
    Added July 2001

  • ELOSU Fernand

  • E.L.Z.N

  • ENCKELL Marianne
    (updated link to Research on Anarchism, Feb 2002)

  • ENGEL Georges

  • EQUI, Mary
    (1872-1952) American doctor, lesbian anarchist & labor organizer.
    Daily Bleed, July 13

  • ?ERNESTAN, Ernest. (Ernest Tanrez)
    (1898-1954), Militant, writer, theorist & significant figure of Belgian anarchism.
    Added July 2001

  • ? EROSHENKO, Vasily.
    (1890-1952), Blind Russian anarchist, advocate & teacher of Braille Esperanto. Lived in Japan, China, Russia.
    Added Oct 2001

  • Escuela Moderna

  • ESGLEAS Germinal

  • Esperanto movement.
    International language movement involving many anarchists in early 20th century. Among better-known adherents are Pa Chin, Paco-Libereco Group, etc.
    (Research on Anarchism); linked July 2002

    (1913-1980) Spanish anarchist & Resistance fighter.
    (International Institute of Social History); See also Daily Bleed Reference page, April 13, 1980
    added Aug 2002

  • ESTEVE, Pedro.
    (??-??), Spanish anarchosyndicalist, a pioneer of the 20th century anarchist movement in the US, publisher of La Questione Sociale, companion of Maria Roda.
    Added 8/19/2001

    (??-1993) Spanish anarchist militant, member of Mujeres Libres.
    added Aug 2002

  • ETCHEBEHERE, Hippolyte.
    (??-1936) Argentinian anarchist, companion of Mika Etchebehere, killed in the Spanish Revolution.
    added July 2002

  • Click hereETCHEBEHERE, Mika (née Michèle Feldman).
    (1902-1992) Argentinian anarchist, fought in the Spanish Revolution.
    Page added July 2002

  • ETIEVANT Claude François

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    Anarchist Encyclopedia

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    • F.A.
    • FABERT Berthe

    • FABBRI, Luce.
      (1908-2000) Anarchist thinker & activist. Daughter of famed Italian anarchist Luigi Fabbri. Died in Uruguay.
      updated July 2002

    • FABBRI Luigi
      (1877-1935Professor, Italian anarchist theorist, father Luce Fabbri.
      See the Daily Bleed, June 24, 1935
      link added June 2003

    • FACERIAS, Josep Lluís [José Luis], aka Face, Petro or Petronio
      (1920-1957) Spanish anarchist, urban guerilla.
      Centre Ascaso-Durruti
      link added Aug 2002

    • F.A.C.A.
    • F.A.C.B.

    • FAGGIOLA, Alcesto. (??-??) Italian anarchist, participant in Italian Congress in Bologna, March 1873.
      added Jan 2003

    • F.A.I.

      FAILLA, Alfonso.
      Italian anarchist.
      (1906-1986)added April 2003

    • FANELLI, Giuseppe.
      (1829-1877). Bakuninist, planted the seeds of anarchism in Spain.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • FANON Maurice
    • FARRAS Alexandre (ou Aviño)

    • FANTAZZINI, Horst.
      (??-2001) Italian anarchist, bank robber dubbed "The Gentleman Bandit".
      Daily Bleed, Dec 26, 2001

    • FARINELLI, Luciano.
      (??-??) Italian anarchist, antimilitarist.
      added Oct 2002

    • ?FAUCIER, Nicolas.
      French anarchist, pacifist.

    • F.A.U.D.
      Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands. German Anarchosyndicalist union. Similar organizations include FORA, USI, SAC, CNT, etc.

    • FAUGERAT James

    • FAURE, Sébastien.
      (1858-1942) Leading member of the French anarchist movement & one of the most effective propagandists. Produced the 4-volume Encyclopédie Anarchiste.
      (Movement for Anarchy)
      Daily Bleed, Jan 6, 1858

    • FAUVET Pierre

    • ?FAVORITE Anarchist / Libertarian Novels
      Compiled from the anarchy-list in 1998.

    • ?FAWKES, Guy.
      Only man to enter British Parliament with honest intentions.
      Added Nov 5, 2001

    • FAYOLLE Maurice

    • FEDELI, Ugo.
      (1898-1964), Militant Italian anarchist.
      (International Institute of Social History); See also the Daily Bleed, 3/10/1964

    • Federacion de Grupos Anarquistas de Cuba (FGAC) / Federation of Cuban Anarchist Groups.
      (1924-?) Very active in helping bring down Machado's tyranny in 1933.
      Added 8/17/2001

    • Federación Española de Deportados e Internados Políticos (FEDIP).
      Post-WWII relief group for Spanish political prisoners, political prisoners in German concentration camps & refugees from Spain; & for Spanish Republicans imprisoned in Russia. Headed by José Ester Borrás.
      (International Institute of Social History)
      Added 9/16/2001

    • Fédération Jurassienne

    • Federacion Libertaria Argentina (F.L.A.) / Casa de los Libertarios (Brazil) (In Spanish)

    • Federation of Yiddish-Speaking Anarchist Groups in Great Britain & Paris.
      (1902-??) Restarted the Arbeter Fraint (Rudolf Rocker, editor), opening a club, issuing pamphlets & books, & linking groups in London & the provinces into a Jewish Anarchist Federation.
      added March 2002

    • FEDERN, Etta.
      (1883-1951); Close friend of Milly Witkop-Rocker, educator & poet who helped form "Mujeres Libres" in 1936, & wrote Mujeres de las revoluciones
      Added March 2002.

    • FELDMAN, Leah.
      (1899-1993) Active in Yiddish-speaking anarchist movement. Smuggled arms into Spain in the 1960s; called "la yaya Makhnowista" (Makhnovist Granny) by the Catalans.
      added December 2002

    • CLICK!FELICANI, Aldino.
      (1891-1967) Italian-American anarchist, typographer, editor, printer, publisher.
      page created April 2001; added Aug 2002

    • FENEON Felix
    • FERANDEL Séverin

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    Anarchist Encyclopedia

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      ?GALLEANI, Luigi.
      (1861-1931). Italian-American anarchist, proponent of propaganda by the deed, founder/editor of Cronaca Sovversiva.
      page created Jan 2003; updated August 2004

    • GALLO Charles

    • ?GAMBON, Ferdinand.
      (1820-1887). French lawyer, anarchist, pacifist.
      Page created 3/1999

    • GANDHI, Mohandas.
      (1869-1948). Indian pacifist, influential among other pacifists.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • GARCIA, Miguel. Spanish anarchist militant, worked with refugees, Anarchist Black Cross.
      added March 2002

    • GARCIA, Vincente.
      (?-?), Cuban anarchist, sympathizer of Proudhon's federalism, active in Ten Years War (1868-1878) against Spain.
      Added 8/17/2001

    • GARNERY, Auguste.
      (1865-1935). French jeweler, anarchist & syndicalist militant.
      (Ephéméride anarchiste)
      Daily Bleed, July 3, 1865
      Added 7/3/2001

    • GARNIER Octave
    • GATTI Armand

    • GATTI, Gerald.
      Part of an Uruguayan group, with Eugen Relgis, Abraham Guillen, et al, safeguarding anarchist files sent from Europe during WWII.
      added March 2002

    • GAUTIER Emile
    • GEBE (Georges Blondeau)

    • General Strike
      Revolutionary syndicalist & anarcho-syndicalist notion, of workers achieving immediate demands, reform &, ultimately, the weapon for overthrowing government & capital via their labor organizations (See the IWW, AIT, CNT, etc).
      Geographical/Chronological presentation & links, see the Figgins General Strike page.
      added Dec 2002

    • GENIN, Louis.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, John Pinkman, Clara Solomon, Eddie Wong, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • GENET Louis

    • GEORGAKIS, Dan.
      (?? - ) Anarchist, involved in Black Mask, coeditor The Encyclopedia of the American Left, "Cineaste" editor, labor teacher, journalist for Greek American press, poet & small press publisher.
      Added May 2002

    • Germinal.
      Newspaper published & edited by Rudolf Rocker. Gave it up to edit "Arbeter Fraint"; another group began republishing in it 1905 & named him editor.
      added March 2002

    • GEYTER Pierre de

    • GIACOMELLI, Nella. Italian anarchist.
      added Feb 2002

    • GIBEAUX Yves

    • ?GIBSON, Tony.
      British anarchist, author & BBC producer.
      Added 7/15/2001

    • GIL Enrique
    • GIOVANNI Severino di

    • GIOVANNITTI, Arturo. American anarchist, poet.

    • ?GIRARD, André
      (aka Max Buhr) (1860-1942). French anarchist & trade unionist.

    • GIRAULT, Emile.

    • Glasgow Anarchist-Communist Federation
      1937 split from the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation (APCF).

    • Glasgow Anarchist Group, Scotland. Adherents of Max Stirner). In the 1950s included Robert Lynn Frank Leach, Jimmy Raside & Eddie Shaw.
      added August 2002

    • GODIN Jean-Baptiste André
    • GODIN Noël

    • ?GODWIN, William.
      (1756-1836) (Daily Bleed Saint) British anarchist, philosopher.

    • GOHIER, Urbain.
      (1862-1951).French anarchist, journalist, sank into anti-semitism & patriotism.
      (Ephéméride anarchiste)
      Daily Bleed, June 29, 1951

    • GOLBERG or GOLDBERG, Mécislas.
      (??-1908). French anarchist, father of illégaliste Mécislas Charrier executed in 1922.
      added Aug 2002

    • ?GOLDMAN, Emma.
      (1869-1940) American anarchist feminist. Writer & activist editor of Mother Earth, exile, she knew innumerable jailings, revolutions, love affairs. (Links)
      Daily Bleed Saint, June 27

    • GOMBAS Enrique

    • clik hereGOMEZ, Helios.
      (1905-1956) Spanish leftwing artist, militant, active in the Revolution, contributed to El Frente.
      page created Nov 2003

    • GOMEZ Primitivo

  • ?GOMEZ-ARCOS, Agustin.
    (1939-1998). Spanish anarchist/gay dramatist/novelist.

    Click HereGOMEZ CASAS, Juan.
    (1921-2001) Spanish anarchist, Secretary General of the CNT-AIT, prolific author.
    page created May 2004

  • ?GOMEZ PELAEZ, Fernando.
    (1915-1995), Anarchist journalist & editor, including Solidaridad Obrera in Paris 1946-1954.
    Added 7/15/2001 ALT; Fernando Gómez Peláez

    (Reus 1841-Barcelona 1915) Spain; Bakunist Alliance; writer for libertarian reviews; author & literary editor.
    (Christie Books) added Nov 2003

  • ?GONZALEZ PRADA, Manuel.
    (1844-1918), Peruvian poet, anarchist.
    Added 7/22/2001

  • GOODFRIEND, Audrey.
    (??-??) NY anarchist went out to settle in California in the early 40s, as did Dave Koven, & Melvin Greig.
    Added Dec 2004

  • GOODMAN, Judith.
    (??-??) Involved in a London-based anarchist group.
    Added Dec 2002

  • ?GOODMAN, Paul.
    (1911-1972). American poet, novelist, social critic, anarchist, influenced the 1960s "New Left".
    Page created March 2002

  • GORDIN, Abba.
    (1887-1964) Jewish anarchist active in the Russian Revolution. Settled in the US, published The Clarion (1930s); moved to Israel, publishing the bi-monthly anarchist Problemen in Hebrew & Yiddish (1958-1964). Wrote a critique, Communism Unmasked (1940).
    added Feb 2003; updated Dec 2004

  • GORI Pietro

  • GOURDIN Georges

  • GOZZOLI, Virgilio.
    (1886-1964) Italian-American, publisher, anti-fascist, translator of works by Rudolf Rocker.
    (International Institute of Social History); added August 2002

  • GRAHAM, Marcus.
    (1893-197?) Anarchist, editor of the monthly Man! (1933-1940).

  • GRANADOS Francisco

  • ?GRAVE, Jean.
    (1854-1939) Important activist/publisher in the French movement.

  • GREIG, Melvin.
    (??-??) NY anarchist went out to settle in California in the early 40s, as did Dave Koven, & Audrey Goodfriend.
    Added Dec 2004

  • GROGAN, Emmett.
    20th Century American Digger, anarchist rabblerouser.

  • GROSS Jacques

  • GROSS, Otto.
    (??-??) anarchist Freudian.
    added Dec 5, 2001

  • GROSSER, Philip.
    (??-??) American anarchist, imprisoned in Alcatraz during WWI.
    added March 2003

  • GROSSMANN, Rudolf. (see Pierre Ramus).

  • GUDELL, Martin.
    (1906-??), Lithuanian anarchist, CNT activist in Spanish Revolution, emigrated to Chicago.
    (International Institute of Social History)
    Added 9/16/2001

  • ?GUERDJIKOV, Mikhael.
    (1877-1947) Bulgarian anarchist.

  • Click HereGUERIN, Daniel.
    (1904-1988). French Trotskyite, gay activist, moved ever leftward with age, developing a blend of anarchism & marxism.

  • ?GUERRA, Armand.
    (1886-1939). Spanish filmmaker & anarchist. Fought fascism with a camera.
    Updated Jan 2003

  • GUERRERO, Praxedis Gilberto.
    (1882-1910), Mexican anarchist, Magonista killed in battle.
    See also the Daily Bleed, Aug 28, 1882
    Added August 2001; updated August 2002

  • GUIGUI-THERAL, Albert.
    Added 7/28/2001
    See also the Daily Bleed reference page.
    Added March 2003

  • GUILLEN, Abraham.
    Part of an Uruguayan group, with Eugen Relgis, Gerald Gatti, et al, safeguarding anarchist files sent from Europe during WWII.
    updated March 2002

  • GUILLAUME, James
    (1891-1914) Swiss anarchist, leading member of the Jura Federation.
    (Movement for Anarchy)
    Added Nov 2002

  • GUILLAUME-SCHAK, Gertrude. (??-??) German anarchist. Only reference I have to her is that Engels responded (1885) to a letter she sent him regarding the equality of women.
    Added September 2002

  • GUILLON Claude
  • GUSTAVO Soledad
  • GUYAU Jean-Marie

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    Anarchist Encyclopedia


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    • HA KI RAK See KI-RAK, Ha.

    • HALLE Maurice

    • HAMBURG, Simcha.
      (??-19??) Co-editor of the Israeili anarchist journal Problemen in the 1970s. Comrade of F. Hochauser Armony.
      Added Dec 2004

    • ?HAMON, Augustin.
      (1862-1945), French sociologist & anarchist who eventually became a socialist.
      Page created Jan 20, 2002

    • clickHAPGOOD, Hutchins.
      (1869 - 1944) American anarchist, journalist
      Page created May 2002

    • HARMAN, Moses.
      (1830-1910) American publisher/editor of Kansas anarchist paper, "Lucifer, the Light-Bearer" (1886-1907), which became the American Journal of Eugenics (1907-1910). Arrested often.
      Added 10/14/2001

    • HARPER, Clifford.
      (1949- ) Anarchist Illustrator, publisher.
      (Home Page) added August 2003

    • HASEK Jaroslav.

    • HAVEL Hippolyte

    • Haymarket Massacre. Haymarket Affair. Haymarket Martyrs.
      (Anarchy Now)

    • Haymarket Martyrs' Monument.
      Erected by the Pioneer Aid & Support Association, begun by anarchist Lucy Parsons.
    • HAYWOOD, William (Big Bill).
      (1869-1928). American IWW honcho, syndicalist who fled government repression, died in Moscow.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • ?HEAVENS, Ian.
      (1957-2000); Scottish anarchist, co-founder of the punk/samba band Bloco Vomit. Spunk co-founder.
      Added 6/20/2001

    • HEM DAY, see DAY, Hem.

    • CLIKHENNACY, Ammon
      (1873-1970) American anarchist & pacifist, founder of the Joe Hill House.

  • ?HENRY, Émile.
    (1872-1894) French anarchist, advocate of "propaganda by deed", executed for an indiscriminant bombing of the Cafe Terminus.

  • HENRY Fortuné
  • HERMANN Paul

    HERZEN, Alexander. (1812-1870) Father of Russian socialism, greatly influenced by anarchists, many of whom were friends.
    (Movement for Anarchy); added Jan 2003

  • HESS, Karl.
    (1923-1994) American journalist, author, Libertarian Party honcho.
    (Libertarian Party Archives); added Nov 2003

  • HEWITSON, John.
    British anarchist, involved with Freedom Press.
    added Dec 2002

  • HEYWOOD, Angela Tilton.
    American individualist anarchist, free-love advocate, publisher.

  • HEYWOOD, Ezra.
    American individualist anarchist, free-love advocate, publisher.

  • HILL, Joe (Joel Hagglund)

  • HIRSHAUGE, Eliesor.
    (??-??) Polish anarchist, wrote The Anarchist Movement in Poland.
    Added Dec 2004

  • HIRSHAUGE, Dina.
    (??-198?) Married to Eliesor, maintained an anarchist center & library in Tel Aviv, Israel until her death.
    Added Dec 2004

  • HOEDEL Emil

  • HOFFMAN, Abbie. (1936-1998) American anarchist superstar, Yippie! (Steal This Calendar!)
    added Nov 25, 2001

  • HOLITSCHER, Arthur.
    added Dec 5, 2001

  • ?Home Colony
    American utopian colony, 1896 to about 1921, in Washington State.
    Stan Iverson Memorial Library
    Added 6/10/2001; updated Nov 2002

  • Homestead Strike (Carnegie Steel Strike).
    Daily Bleed, July 1-12, 1892
    added 7/12/2001

  • HOOTON, Harry.
    (1908-1961), Australian anarchist, poet, Wobbly, pacificist.
    (Radical Tradition)
    Added 8/13/2001

  • HOTZ, Charles. (aka Edouard Rothen)

  • ?HUELSENBECK, Richard.
    Daily Bleed Saint April 23. Dada drummer of Berlin & Zurich.

  • ?HUMBERT, Eugène.
    (1870-1944) French anarchist, & néo-Malthusian. Companion of Jeanne Humbert.

  • HUMBERT, Jeanne.
    (1890-1986) French pacifist, militant devoted to fighting for sexual freedom & birth control. Companion of Eugene Humbert.
    (Research on Anarchism); added Aug 2002

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    Anarchist Biographies

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    • I.W.A. [International Workers Association] / A.I.T. See Daily Bleed, Dec 22, 1922.
      added Aug 2003
    • I.W.W.
      Industrial Workers of the World; Wobblies; I Won't Work; I Wobble Wobble...
      Anarcho-syndicalist union founded in the US in 1905.
      (IWW main page)

    • IBELS H.G
    • IBSEN Henrik
    • IKONOMOV Vassil

    • ?ILLERA TEJADA, Joaquin.
      (1913-??) Spanish militant, CNT member, Tolstoyan advocate of a pacifist libertarianism.
      from KSL, page created March 2004

    • ?INGLIS, Agnes.
      (1872-1952) Anarchist librarian, Labadie Collection.
      (Spunk Library)

    • Insurrection des Canuts (1834)

    • International Anarchist Group of Detroit
      (ca. 1896)
      added Oct 2002

    • International Bookshop (Paris).

    • ?International Revolutionary Congress
      (London, 1881)

    • ?ISCA, Valerio.
      (??-1996) Italian-American anarchist, co-founder Libertarian Book Club

    • Internationale
    • ISHIKAWA Sanshiro

    • ISHILL, Joseph.
      (1888-1966). Anarchist lauded by radicals & fine press enthusiasts, who consider him one of the finest American printers & typographers of the 20th century. The University of Michigan has an in-depth internet site on him & his Oriole Press.
      (University of Michigan)
      added May 2002

    • ISTRATI Panaït

    • ? IVERSON, Stan
      Seattle anarchist; Stan Iverson Memorial Library

    • IXIGREC (COLLINO Robert dit)

    // --

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    Anarchist Archives

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    • JACOB Alexandre Marius

    • JACOBY, Henry.
      (1903-1986), German anarchist pacifist, involved with Ernst Friedrich in the Anti-Kriegsmuseum. (pseudonym Sebastian Franck.)
      (International Institute of Social History)
      added Feb 2002

    • ? JAEGER, Hans Henrik.
      (1854-1910) Norwegian novelist & anarchist, strong influence on Edvard Munch.
      added Nov 14, 2001
      alt; Hans Jæger

    • JACQUEMIN (Louis Eugène JAKMIN, dit )

      ?JAHN, Octave.

      (1869-1917); French anarchist, a founder of the League of the Anti-Patriots.
      Added 6/9/2001

    • JAMES, Bob.
      (1940- ), Australian historian, anarchist.
      (Radical Tradition)
      Added 8/13/2001

    • JANVION Emile
    • Japan Anarchist Club (Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu)
      Anarchist communist group set up simultaneously as the Japanese Anarchist Federation in 1951, publishing the journal Anarchist Movement (Museifushugi Undô) until March 1980.
      added June 2002

    • Japanese Anarchist Federation.
      Active early 20th century, then again June 1951 until 1968. Largely sympathetic to syndicalism.
      added June 2002

    • JENSEN, Albert.
      (??-??) Swedish Anarchist-syndicalist, editor of the daily paper "Arbetaren", partner of Elise Ottesen-Jensen.
      added Jan 2003 l

    • ?JHÉÖN, Alphonse.
      Armenian anarchist.alt.; Alphonse JHEON

    • JOHN, Augustus.
      (1878-1961), Welsh-born painter & graphic artist, anarchist.
      Added 6/27/2001

    • Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionaries (1923-1926)
      added March 2003

    • JOLIVET, François Henri.
      French working poet, anarchist & pacifist songster.
      See Daily Bleed, Aug 1, 1875
      updated Aug 2002
    • JOSEPHS, Philip.
      (18?-192?), New Zealand anarchist propagandist, founder of the short-lived Freedom Group.
      (Radical Tradition); added 8/13/2001

    • ?JOSPIN, Robert.
      (1899-1990). French socialist, pacifist, one-time libertarian, father of French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.

    • JOSSOT Gustave-Henri

    • ?JOUY, Jules.
      (1855-1897), Songster, poet, anarchist, pioneer of the social song.
      Page added 5/20/2001

    • JOVER Grégorio

    • ?JOYEUX, Maurice.

    • JULLIEN Henri

    • JWA-JIN, Kim.
      Korean anarchist general, against Japanese invaders (sometimes called the Korean Makhno).
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • Jura Federation
      (Movement for Anarchy); added Nov 2002

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    Anarchy Archives


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  • KAFKA, Franz.
    (1883-1924). Czech lawyer & novelist whose anarchist influences & ideas find an aesthetic, rather than political, embodiment.
    (Research on Anarchism); see also the Kafka page at Anarchy Now!
    7/7/2001; updated 12/2003

    "The Revolution evaporates, & leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy. The chains of tormented mankind are made out of red tape."

    — Franz Kafka

  • KAMENER, Léa.
    Activist in the "Jewish Anarchistic Group" in France, companion of Nikolas Tchorbadieff.


  • Kaos GL
    Turkish group of gays & lesbians in Turkey. Runs the Caos Cultural Centre in Ankara & issues the Kaos GL magazine
    (Stan Iverson Memorial Archives)
    added June 2002

  • KEELL, Thomas H.
    (??-??) British anarchist, editor of Freedom newspaper, from 1912-1932.
    added July 2002

  • KELLER Charles

  • KELLY, Harry.
    added June 2002

  • KENT, Rockwell.
    American artist, illustrator, socialist/anarchist sympathizer.

  • KERAVIS René

  • KIFFEL, Jeannette.
    (??-??) Polish anarchist & acquaintance of Emma Goldman, participant in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.
    added Oct 2003

  • ?KILIFARSKI, Varban.
    (1879-1923), Bulgarian anarchist & libertarian teacher.
    Page created Jan 20, 2002

  • KI-RAK, Ha.
    Korean anarchist, within nationalist & reformist tendency.
    • KNABB, Ken.
      American antiauthoritarian, translator, author. Maintains site for Situationist texts & Kenneth Rexroth materials.
      (home pages)

    • KNIESTEDT, Friedrich. (1873-1947) Brazilian anarchist, editor.

    • ?KNOCKAERT, Jean-Baptiste.

    • ?KOEHNLINE, James.
      American antiauthoritarian illustrator, jubilator; SaintMeister for the Daily Bleed Calendar. (pronounced Ken-line)
      (Home Page)

      • ? James Koehnline anti-WTO page

    • Click Here KOMBOA ERVIN, Lorenzo.
      (1947 - ) Anarchist, Afro-American militant, author.
      (Movement for Anarchy)added May 2002

    • Korean Anarchist Federation
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • KOTUKU Shusui Denjiro

    • KOVEN, David.
      (1918- ). American anarchist, pacifist, co-founder of "Why?", active in Rexroth's anarchist group, companion of Audrey Goodfriend.
      (International Institute of Social History)
      Added 7/1/2001


    • KRAVCHINSKY, Sergius Mikhailovich. See under Stepniak

    • ?KREUGER, Karl Max.
      (1946-1999). Dutch activist, writer, founding member of the Vrije Bond (Free Union).
      cited, Nov. 2001; Page created & added July 2003

    • Kronstadt Rebellion (Cronstadt)

    • Clik for Kropotkine pageKROPOTKIN, Peter.
      (1842-1921), Russian anarchist, advocate of anarchist-communism. [Pseudonym, Lévachof.]

    • KRPAN, Milos.
      Croatian teacher, worked with Swiss anarchists, agitated among socialists, & tried to establish an international anarchist colony on his estate in Dubovik.

    • KUPFERBERG, Tuli.
      (??-??) American songster, poet, anarchist, cofounder of the Fugs (Ed Sanders, Peter Stampfel, et al).
      added Nov 2001

    • KUPKA, Frantisek [aka Frank or François].
      (1871-1957) Anarchist artist, satarist & illustrator
      (Research on Anarchism)
      added July 2002

    • KYU LI EUL

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    Anarchy Man!


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  • ?LABADIE, Joseph A.
    (1850-1933) American labor activist, writer, poet, printer, anarchist.
    Page created Oct 2001; added October 2002

  • ?LABADIE, Laurance.
    (1898-1975) American anarchist writer & theorist, edited numerous publications including "Discussions". Son of Joseph Labadie.
    added April 2003; updated June 2004

  • LABORIT Henri

  • Click hereLACERDA de MOURA, Maria.
    Portuguese-Brazilian anarchist, feminist, educator.

    Page created May 2001; updated April 2004LACHEVRE Raymond

  • LaCROIX, Adon.
    Belgian poet & anarchist, married to
    Man Ray.
    added June 2005

  • LAFFORGUE René-Louis

  • LAISANT, Albert.
    (1873-1928) Son of Charles Ange Laisant, turned his father & his sons Maurice & Charles into anarchists.
    See Daily Bleed, Nov 23, 1928

    Added Nov. 2001

  • LAISANT, Charles.
    (1911-1952) French militant anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist & pacifist. Son of Albert, brother of Maurice, grandson of Charles Ange Laisant.
    [Ephéméride anarchiste]; added Jan 2005

  • LAISANT, Charles Ange.
    (1841-1920) Diplomat turned anarchist. Wrote educational texts for children, in mathematics, physics, & radicalism. Friend of Nov 1, 1841

  • LAISANT, Maurice.
    Anarchist militant, writer, poet; son of Albert, grandson of Charles Ange, brother of Charles.

  • LAMBERET Renée

    French anarchist periodical, 1905-14.

  • ?LANDAUER, Gustav.
    (1870-1919). German anarchist theorist, Munich Soviet leader.

  • LANE, Joseph.
    (1851-1920) Anarchist, one of the little-known founders of the libertarian socialist movement in Britain.
    (John Gray Website)
    added July 2002

  • LANGLOIS Denis

  • ?LAPEYRE, Aristide.
    (1899-1974) French hairdresser, anarchist, pacifist militant & néo-Malthusian.
    Page created March 2002

  • LAPEYRE, Laurent.
    (??-??) French anarchist, brother of Aristide & Paul.
    added March 2002

  • LAPEYRE Paul

  • ?LARCHER, Simone.
    (1903-1969) French anarchist, publisher of "L'anarchie" with Louis Louvet.

  • LARIVIERE Pierre
  • LAUDE André
  • LAURENT Louis Eugène
  • LAW Jacob

    Antiauthoritarian band in Detroit, loosely associated with the Fifth Estate.
    (Home Page)

  • ?LAZAREVITCH, Nicholas.

    (1895-1975) Belgian anarcho-syndicalist, companion of Ida Mett.
    page created June 1999

  • LAZARE Bernard

  • ?LECOIN, Louis.
    (1888-1971). French pacifist, anarchist.
    Added 6/23/2001

  • ?LE FEVRE, Henry.
    French anarchist, vegetarian, pacifist
    ALT; Henry Le Fèvre

  • LEFRANCAIS Gustave

  • Left Bank Books Collective.
    Anarchist book collective, founded 1973.
    Daily Bleed, added 7/30/2001

  • LEGA Paolo
  • LEGAY Henri

  • LEGGATT, Ted.
    added June 2002

  • Le GUIN, Ursula K.
    American fantasy & scifi writer, wrote the anarchist utopian classic, The Dispossessed.

  • LEHNING Arthur
  • Le Libertaire
  • LEMEL Nathalie

  • Click HereLe MEILLOUR, Pierre.

    • Click Here LENTENGRE, Pierre. (Lentente)
      Page created Nov 1999

    • LEPETIT Jules (Louis Bertho dit)

    • LEUENROTH, Edgard.
      (1881-1968) Brazilian militant anarchist, journalist.
      (Arquivo Edgard Leuenroth); link updated Sept 2004 LEVACHOF. Pseudonym for Peter Kropotkin.

    • Click here for Leval pageLEVAL, Gaston.
      (1895-1978). French anarchist syndicalist, combatant & historian of the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

      (??-??) Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB (Internacilingua Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka/The Anarchist Scientific Library in International Language) in 1923 with J. Zilberfarb.
      added July 2002

    • LEVINE, Philip..
      (??-) Major American poet, anarchist.
      added July 2002

    • LEVITT, Alfred.
      (1894-2004) American modern artist, anarchist, racontour.
      [Research on Anarchism]; added March 2005

    • LIABEUF Jean-Jacques
    • LIARD-COURTOIS Auguste (Courtois, dit)
    • LIBERTAD Albert Joseph, dit

    • LIEBERMAN, Aaron.
      (??-??) An important anarchist in the Whitehall scene & close associate of Rudolf Rocker.
      Added Oct. 2001

    • Click HereLIMERICK SOVIET OF 1919
      General Strike; Labor takes over a city. Ireland.

    • LINGG, Louis
    • LISSAGARAY Prosper Olivier

    • LIU Shi-Fu (born Liu Shaobin).
      (1884-1915), has been called "Soul of Chinese Anarchism". Influenced a whole generation, including Mao Zedong.
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • LIU Shipei. [Liu Shih-p'ei]
      (1884-1919), a founder of the Society for the Study of Socialism. Influential member of the anarchist movement among Chinese in Japan in the early 20th century. Published & wrote for Tianbao (Tien-pao; Natural Law Journal).
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • Living Theatre: see also Judith Malina, Julian Beck.
      Important American avant garde experimental performance collective.
      Home page
      added July 2002

    • LIVROZET Serge
    • LLACER
    • LOCHU René
    • Lois scélérates
    • LONDRES Albert

    • LOPEZ , Gustavo.
      (??-??) Cuban anarchist. Quoted in the Daily Bleed
      added Jan 2003

    • ?LORENZO, Anselmo.
      (1842-1914), Printer, commonly identified as the "Grandfather of Spanish Anarquism".
      Page added July 2003

    • LORION Jean-Baptiste (dit GIRIER-LORION)

    • ? LORULOT, André.;
      (aka André Georges Roulot). (1885-1963). French free-thinker, individualist, lecturer & propagandist.
      updated March 2003

    • LOUVET Louis

    • LOUZON, Robert.
      (1882-1976). French engineer, revolutionary syndicalist, anarchist, memeber of SIA, interned during WWI.
      (Ephéméride anarchiste)

    • ?LUCE, Maximilien Jules.
      (1858-1941), French artist, a founder of Neo-impressionism, anarchist.
      Page created March 2002

    • LUCETTI, Gino

    • ? LUCHENI, Luigi.
      (1873-1910). Italian adherent of "propaganda by the deed," killed the impératrice Elisabeth of Austria.

    • LUCCHESI oreste

    • ?LUDDITES.
      (Even Luddites Have Websites)
      Stan Iverson Archives

    • ?LUDDITES.
      (The Luddites Are Back).
      Stan Iverson Archives

      Smash Time!
      Stan Iverson Archives

    • LUDEN, Josef.
      Polish anarchist refugee, settled in Israel, edited "Problemen" (1973-1989), a magazine of a Kropotkinist bent in Yiddish (also in Hebrew when Abba Gordin edited it).
      added Feb 2003; updated Dec 2004

    • Lunigiana (mouvement insurrectionnel du)

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    Anarchist Communism

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    • ? McARA, John.
      (??-??), Little-known Scots anarchist.
      Page created 7/23/2001

    • McDOUGALL, Willie.
      (??-??) Activist in the Glasgow Anarchist Group in Scotland.
      added July 2002

    • ?MACKAY, John Henry
      (1864-1933). Swiss-German-Scots anarchist, gay writer.
      Daily Bleed Saint, Feb 6

    • MAC LOW, Jackson. (1926-) American poet, anarchist pacifist involved (1944-54) with Why? & edited(?) Resistance.
      Added 11/8/2001
      See the Daily Bleed, September 12, 1922 & 1962

    • MAC SAY Stephen
    • MAC-NAB Maurice

    • MacSIMOIN, Alan.
      Irish anarchist, author, organizer of the Dublin Squatters Association.

    • MAGON, Ricardo Flores.
      (1874-1922). Mexican revolutionary anarchist, died in US prison.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • MAGON, Enrique
      Mexican anarchist, borther of Ricardo. (See the link above).

    • LE MAGUET Claude (Jean Salives)

    • MAGUID, Jacobo.
      (1907-1997), Argentinian anarchist.

    • MAILFAIT Paulin
    • MAHE Anna
    • MAHE Armandine
    • MAITREJEAN Rirette (Anna Estorges)
    • MAITRON Jean

    • ?MAKHNO, Nestor.
      (1889-1934) Ukrainian anarchist, headed famed insurrectionary army during the Russian Revolution.

    • ?MALATESTA, Errico.
      (1853-1932) Italian anarchist-communist militant.

    • MALATO Charles
    • MALICET François

    • MALINA, Judith.
      (1926- ) American anarchist, pacifist, poet, performance artist, founder of the Living Theater with Julian Beck.
      (Living Theatre Page)
      updated July 2002

    • MANDUKOV, Petar.
      (1879-1966), Macedonian anarchist, author of "Azbuka anarhistickog ucenja" (Skopje, 1898)
    • MANE Theresa (Soledad Gustavo)
    • Manifestations antimondialisation (Seattle WTO protests)
    • Manifeste des Enragés

    • Click Manifeste des sieze (Manifesto of the 16; Sixteen)
      Declaration by 15 anarchists during WWI favoring the Allied belligerents
      Page added 7/29/2001

    • MANNIN, Ethel.
      (1900-1984) Novelist, author, pacifist & anarchist, SIA representative. See Daily Bleed, Nov 7, 1938

    • MAPLE, E.B.
      Journalistic pseudonym for Peter Werbe.
      Corrected March 2004

    • MARCOS Sub-commandante

    • MARECHAL, Sylvain.
      (1750- ), French revolutionary & poet, could be labeled anarchist avant la lettre, although Marxists also claim him. Created a Revolutionary Calendar.
      (International Institute of Social History)
      Added 9/16/2001
      alt, Sylvain Maréchal,

    • MARES, Michal.
      (??-??) Czech anarchist, introduced Franz Kafka to anarchist movement.
      Anarchy Archives
      added Dec 5, 2001

    • MARESTAN Jean
    • MARIANI Giuseppe
    • MARICOURT Thierry

    • MARIE, Constant.
      (1838-1910) "Le Père Lapurge," French Communard & anarchist songster.
      added 7/23/2001; link added Aug 2002
      See Daily Bleed, August 5, 1910

    • MARINI Giovanni
    • MARMANDE René De

    • ?Martha.
      One Dead Pigeon, last Passenger. Anarchist? Who is to say no?

    • MARTIAL Pierre

    • ?MARTIN, Gabriel-Constant.
      (1839-1906). French anarchist, Paris Communard.
      updated July 2002

    • MARTIN Pablo
    • MARTIN Pierre
    • MARTIN Pierrre dit le Bossu

    • MARTINEZ, Antonio.
      (??-1917) Brazilian shoemaker & anarchist, killed by cops at a labor demonstration, setting off 3-day General Strike.
      Daily Bleed, July 9, 1917

    • MARTINEZ, Saturnine.
      (??-??) Cuban anarchist, founded the Proudhonist La Aurora in 1865 as "free associations" of an incipient proletariat organised.
      Added 8/14/2001

    • Click HereMARTÍNEZ PRIETO, Horacio.
      (1902-??) Spanish anarchist, CNT member, became a parliamentary collaborationist.
      page added September 2004

      (1884-1937), Brazilian doctor, poet, anarchist. Martins
      Added 7/31/2001; Daily Bleed, updated 6/2002

    • MARUT, Ret. See B. Traven.

    • MARZOCCHI Umberto

    • MASETTI Augusto
    • MASINI Pier Carlo
    • MASSE Ludovic
    • MATHA Louis
    • MATTEI Ettore
    • MAURICIUS (Vandamme Maurice dit)

    • ?MAURIN, Emile (Murmain).
      (1862-1913). French anarchist & photographer.

    • ?MAXIMOV, Grigori Petrovitch.
      (alt;, G. P. Maximoff, Gregory Maximov). (1893-1950). Russian-born anarcho-syndicalist.

      updated March 2004

    • MAYOUX François

    • MAYOUX Jehan French teacher, pacifist, antimilitarist, anarchist.
      Daily Bleed, July 14, 1975

    • ?MAYOUX, Marie.
      (nee Gouranchat; aka Joséphine Bourgon ) (1878-1969). French teacher, pacifist & libertarian trade unionist.

    • MECKERT Jean

    • MEILLOUR (LE ) Pierre
    • MEISTER Albert

    • Melbourne Anarchist Club
      Founded in 1886 by Fred Upham & the Andrade brothers; first formal anarchist organisation in Australia.
      (Radical Tradition)
      Added Aug 2001

    • MELLA Ricardo

    • MELTZER, Albert.
      (1920-1996). British anarchist, anti-fascist, involved in Cairo mutiny, founder of the Anarchist Black Cross & the Kate Sharpley Library.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • MENICONI Fioravanti

    • ?MERA, Cipriano Sanz.
      (1897-1975) Spanish anarchist, combatant in Spanish Revolution.
      Page created March 2001; updated March 2002

    • MERCIER-VEGA Louis

    • ?MERIC, Victor.
      (1876-1933). French journalist, libertarian author & pacifist.

    • MERLINO Francisco Saverio
      (1856-1930). Lawyer, theorist, propagandist of Italian anarchism, then a socialist. Continued to defend the anarchists as needed -- this was often.
      Daily Bleed, June 30, 1930

    • MESCHI Alberto
    • MESLIER Jean (Curé)

    • MESSAC, Régis. (1893-1943?) French militant, teacher, novelist, pacifist, resistance member, died in a concentration camp.
      See the Daily Bleed, Aug 2, 1893
      added Aug 2002

    • MESTRE, Ricardo.

      (1906-1997) Spanish-Mexican anarcho-syndicalist. A founder of FIJL & Unión Distribuidora de Ediciones.
      La Biblioteca Social Reconstruir; link added Oct 2003

    • METAYER Paul
    • METGE Paul
    • METT Ida
    • MEUNIER Régis
    • MEUNIER Théodule

    • ?MEURANT, Hoche Arthur.
      (1883-1950). French anarcho-syndicalist.


    • MICHEL, Louise.
      (1830-1905). French anarchist, teacher, communard, "The Red Virgin".
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • M.I.L
    • MILLER Peter

    • MILSTEIN, Elsie.
      (??-??) Involved with the NY Vanguard Group in the '30s(?) &/or Fraye Arbeter Shtime(?); personally involved with Lou Slater & Mark Schmidt.
      Added Dec 2004

    • MINCK Paule

    • ?Min-Pao
      Chinese language journal issued in Paris, influenced by anarchist ideas of the period.

    • MIRBEAU, Octave.
      (1848-1917). French writer, journalist & activist, friends with Jean Grave & Camille Pissarro & Impressionists.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • ?The Modern School
      (Ferrer school in the US).

    • Mohegan Colony Association
      American anarchist colony, involved 300 families in NY & had a Modern School.
      (Daily Bleed; added Feb 2002)

    • MOINEAU Jules
    • MOLINARI Luigi
    • MONANNI Giuseppe

    • ?MONATTE, Pierre.
      French anarcho-syndicalist, publisher.
      page added 6/27/2001

    • MONCALEANO, Juan Francisco
    • MONCASI Juan Oliva
    • MONCLIN Roger

    • Monde Libertaire

    • MONFRAY, Marius.
      (1866-1894). French militant anarcho-syndicalist.
      (Ephéméride anarchiste)
      Daily Bleed, July 4, 1866

    • MONIER (voir SIMENTOF)
    • MONOD
    • MONTEGUDET Adrienne

    • MONTEHUS, Gaston
      French revolutionary songster, socialist & antimilitarist.
      Daily Bleed, July 9, 1872


    • MONTSENY, Federica.
      (1905-1994).Spanish anarchist, FAI member, joined the Republican government as Minister of health during the Revolution.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • MONTSENY Joan (Federico Urales)

    • MOONEY, Tom.

    • MOORCOCK, Michael.
      British scifi author, anarchist, writings include critical "Starship Stormtroopers".

    • MORAN Juan Antonio
    • MORAND Jeanne
    • MORE, Thomas.

    • MORENA, Miguel Villalobos.
      (??-??) Spanish anarchist, teacher, staff member of Ferrer's Modern School, represented the "syndicalists" on the Central Committee for a Strike during 1909 General Strike.
      See Daily Bleed, July 24, 1909
      added July 2004

    • MORIN Emilienne
    • MORRAL Mateo
    • MORRIS William.
      (1834-1896)English author, poet & craftsman, libertarian socialist, worked with anarchists.

      MOSSO, Pietro.
      Pietro Mosso (pseudonym Carlo Petri), a communist anarchist, member of the editorial board of L’Ordine Nuovo: Rassegna Settimanale di Cultura Socialista (The New Order: A Review of Socialist Culture) founded ny Gramsci, Tasca, Umberto Terracini, and Togliatti.

    • ?MOST, Johann.
      (1846-1906). Bavarian-born American anarchist, bookbinder, propagandist, publisher of "Freiheit".

    • MOTA, Pedro Augusto.
      (189?-1926) Brazilian anarchist militant.
      (Arquivo de História Social "Edgar Rodrigues"); link updated Jan 2005

    • MOULOUDJI Marcel
    • MOUNA Aguigui (André Dupont)

    • ?MOUNIER, André
      (1878-19?). French anarchist, known as "The Agronomist".
      alt; Andre Mounier

    • MOURA, Maria Lacerda.
      (1887-1945). Brazilian anarchist, writer.
    • Mouvement du 22 mars
    • MOWBRAY Charles Wilfred

    • ?MOYSE, Arthur.
      (1914-2003) British anarchist, artist, author & bus conductor.
      Added Jan 2004

    • MOZZONI Anna Maria

    • ?MÜHSAM, Erich.
      German anarchist poet, member of the Bavarian Workers' Councils with Landauer, B. Traven, et al. Murdered in a Nazi concentration camp.
      Added 7/7/2001
      alt; Eric Muehsam; Erich Muhsam

    • Mujeres Libres

    • MULLADY, Albert.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with John Pinkman, Clara Solomon, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • MULLER, Heiner.
      (1929-1995) German dramatist, director, poet.
      Daily Bleed, Dec 30, 1995; added Nov 2003

      (aka Edouard Douves Dekkers). (1820-1887). Great Dutch anarchist writer/novelist, best known for his autobiographical novel Max Havelaar.

    • MYSTAG ( Robert FRANCOIS)

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    • Neo-Malthusianism
      French movement of radical feminists & anarchists in the struggle for sexual freedom & birth control rights.
      (Research on Anarchism; added Aug 2002

    • Click HereNETTLAU, Max.
      (1865-1944) Austrian anarchist, activist, collector & scholar, author of The History of Anarchism (7 volumes).
      added December 2002

    • NEVE, Johann.
      (??-??) German anarchist, best comrade of Johann Most. Died in a German penitentiary.

    • The New Century (Xinshiji) Magazine.
      Chinese anarchist periodical, published in Paris in 1907. Most members active in the consolidation of the Republic & several held Guomindang positions in the 20s.
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • NIEL Mathilde
    • NOBILING Karl Eduard
    • NOCK, Albert Jay. American anarchist, author of "Our Enemy the State"
    • NOE Ito
    • NOIR Victor

    • NOMAD, Max.
      (1881-1973) Polish anarchist until 1906; born Max Nacht, changed his name, became a pro-Bolshevik socialist writer in the US. Brother of Siegfried Nacht.
      (International Institute of Social History); added July 2003

    • NOVATORE, Renzo.
      (1890-1922) Italian individualist anarchist, killed by police.
      See the Daily Bleed, Nov 1922; added Nov 2003

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    • OCCHIPINTI Maria

    • O'DOWD, Bernard
      (1866-1953 ) Australian poet, parliamentary draughtsman, anarchist. Companion of Marie Pitt.
      (Radical Tradition) added Nov 2002

    • OITICICA, Hélio.
      Brazilian painter, performance artist, anarchist.
      (alt., Helio Oiticica)

    • OITICICA, José.
      (1882-1957). Lawyer, teacher, publisher, important figure in the Brazilian anarchist & labor movement, grandfather of Hélio Oiticica.

      (alt., Jose Oiticica)

    • OLAY, Maximiliano.
      (??-??) In the 30s produced an information bulletin in NY on Spain for the CNT.
      Added Dec 2004

    • OLIVER, Juan Garcia.
      (1901-1980). Friend of Durruti, secretary of the Catalan Defense Council, joined the Spanish Republican government as Minister of Justice.
      (Anarchist Archives)

    • OLMSTEAD, Richard.
      (??- ) Seattle anarchist, illustrator, party boy.
      Home page, added January 2005

    • ORSINI

    • ORTIZ RAMIREZ, Antonio.
      (1907-1996) Spanish anarchist, member of "Los solidarios", fought with CNT, called a "General Without God Nor Master ".
      Daily Bleed, April 2, 1996

    • ORWELL, George.
      Democratic Socialist, sympathetic to the anarchists, particularly during the Spanish Revolution of 1936.

    • ?OSTERGAARD, Geoffrey.
      (1926-1990) British professor, anarchist pacifist, dubbed the "Gentle Anarchist."
      page created March 2004

    • OSWALD John

    • OTTESEN-JENSEN, Elise. (1886 - 1973) Scandanavian anarchist-syndicalist, pacifist, sex educator & lecturer.
      added Jan 2003

    • OUTERELO Ramon
    • OWEN Robert

    • Click hereOWEN, William Charles.
      (1854-1929) Anglo-American militant & anarchist individualist propagandist..
      Page created July 2002

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    • PA CHIN, see Ba Jin above.

    • Paco-Libereco Group
      Anarchist Esperanto language adherents & publishers.
      See Esperanto movement.
      added July 2002

    • PALANTE, Georges
      Added 7/24/2001

    • ?PALLARES TOMAS, Joaquin.
      (1923-1943) Spanish anti-Francoist guerilla, captured & executed along with other members of his group.
      page created March 2004

    • PALLAS Pauli
    • PANAYOT (frères)

    • PANCLASTA, Biófilo.
      (1879-1942) South American anarchist.

    • PANNEKOEK, Anton.
      Dutch Ultra Left Council Communist.
      ( Open Directory Project: Libertarian Socialism); see also Daily Bleed, Jan 2, 1873

    • PAON Roger
    • PARACHKEF Stoyanov
    • PARDINAS Manuel

    • The Paris Commune
      France, 1871. Arguably the most important worker's uprising of the 19th century.
      (Anarchy Archives); added April 2003

    • PARKER, S[idney]. E.
      British anarchist-egoist, published of Minus One.

    • PARSONS, Albert E.
      (1848-1887). American anarchist, husband of Lucy Parsons. One of the five Haymarket Martyrs, murdered by the state of Illinois.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • PARSONS, Lucy.
      (1853[?]-1942). "Dark Lucy," anarchist, married to Albert Parsons, writer, publisher & the second woman to join the IWW.
      (Anarchy Archives); see also

    • PARSON, Robert. (pseud., see Marcus GRAHAM)

    • PASSANANTE, Giovanni.
      (?-1914), Italian anarchist, attempted to assassinate King Umberto I.
      (Kate Sharpley Library)
      Added 8/22/2001

    • ?PASOTTI, Giuseppe.
      (1888-1951). Italian anarcho-syndicalist, member of the Italian League of Human Rights.
      Page created April 1999

    • ? PATCHEN, Kenneth.
      American poet, novelist, anarchist, companion to Miriam.
      Kenneth Patchen Home Page; see also Daily Bleed, June 28, 1934

    • ? PATCHEN, Miriam.
      Militant pacifist, anarchist, companion to Kenneth.
      Kenneth Patchen Home Page

    • PATOU Hélène
    • PAUWELS Jean
    • PAZ Abel (Diego Camacho)
    • PEACOTT, Joe. American anarchist, author, member B.A.D. (Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade).
    • PECQUEUR Constantin

    • PEIRATS José
      (1908-1989) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, FAI member, writer, fought in Spanish Revolution.
      (International Institute of Social History); link added March 2002

    • ?PEIRERA, Antonio.
      (aka Tomas Ranieri). (1908-1969). Italian anarchist, fought in Spain during the Revolution & in the underground.

    • PEIRO BELIS, Juan.
      (1887-1942) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, Minister of Industry in the Republican government, executed by the fascists.
      See the Daily Bleed, July 24

    • PELLETIER Claude
    • PELLETIER Madeleine
    • PELLICER, Rafael Farga

      (1912-1942). Spanish anarchist syndicalist. Fought with the "Iron Column". Executed by the fascists.
      page created June 1999; updated April 2003

    • ClickPELLOUTIER, Fernand.
      Father of French anarcho-syndicalism.
      Page created Oct 2001; updated March 2003

    • Pendus de Chicago

    • ?PENGAM, Victor.
      (1883-1920), French anarchist, labor militant, & antimilitarist.
      page created Jan 21, 2002

    • Père Peinard
    • PEREZ José
    • PERIER Albert (dit Germinal)

    • ?PERLMAN, Fredy
      (1934-85). Czech-born American printer, scholar, theorist, publisher, & anti-authoritarian activist.
      page updated April 2004; July 2004

    • PERRIN Pierre (Pierre ODEON dit)

    • ?PERRISSAGUET, Adrien.
      (1898-1972) French anarchist syndicalist militant, publisher.
      page updated January 2005

    • PERRONE, Vincenzo.
      Italian anarchist from Salerno, killed in the Spanish Revolution of 1936.
      added 8/22/2001

    • PERSICI, Celso.
      (?? - 1988), Italian anarchosyndicalist, involved in Bazano uprising, member of USI.
      Daily Bleed, Sept. 15, 1988

    • PESOTTA, Rose.
      (1896-1965). American anarchist, labor organizer in ILGWU.
      (Anarchy Archives)
      See also Movement for Anarchy

      updated October 2002

    • PESTANA, Angel.
      Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, CNT National Secretary. Wanted a politically 'neutral' union movement. Later ran for election. See Daily Bleed reference page, Dec 10, 1937

    • PEUKERT, Josef.
      Head of the Autonomie group (1892) in the US.
      added Aug 2002

    • PEYRAUT Yves
    • Phalanstère

    • PHILLIPS, U. Utah.
      American anarchist, songster, IWW/syndicalist. Glories in loafing & tellin' tall tales.
      (Home Page)

    • PI i MARGALL

    • ?PIERROT, Marc
      (1871-1950). French doctor of medicine, anarchist propagandist.

    • PIGNAT Clovis-Abel
    • PINDY Jean-Louis

    • PINELLI, Giuseppe
      Italian anarchist murdered by the police in 1969. See the Daily Bleed, Dec 12, 1969 & Dec 15, 1969

    • PINI Vittorio

    • PINKMAN, John.
      (??-??) Former member of the Irish Republican Army, joined NY Vanguard Group in the 30s with Gilbert Connolly, Sidney Solomon, Bruno Americano, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • PISACANE Carlo

    • PITT, Marie E.J.
      (1869-1948) Australian poet, socialist, feminist, ecologist & anarchist. Companion of Bernard O'Dowd.
      (Radical Tradition) added Nov 2002

    • ? PISSARRO, Camille
      (1830-1903). Famous French impressionist painter, anarchist.

    • PLANCHE Fernand
    • Plume noire (Librairie anarchiste de la)

    • POCH Y GASCON, Amparo.
      (1902-1968). Spanish anarchist & feminist.

    • POPOV Georges Simeonov
    • POTTIER Eugène

    • POU-RIERA, Bernardo.
      (??-??) Active in teh Spanish Revolution of 1936, companion of Renee Lamberet.
      added October 2002

    • POUGET Emile

    • ?POULAILLE, Henry.
      (1896-1980). French anarchist, writer, publisher.

    • POUY Jean-Bernard
    • Premier mai (origine du)

    • PRESCOTT, Jake. British anarchist imprisoned for activities with the Angry Brigade.
      added September 2002

    • PREVERT Jacques

    • PREVOTEL André

    • Click for full pagePREVOTEL Andrée
      (1912-??) Birth name Joséphine Coueille. Militant, charged in the "Sterilizers of Bordeaux", member CGT-SR & other groups.
      page created April 19, 2001; added Nov 2003

    • PRINCIP, Gavrilo.
      Serbian anarchist, assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, triggering WWI.
      Daily Bleed June 28, 1914

    • Procès des 30
    • Procès des 66 (Lyon)
    • PROIX Robert

    • ?PROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph.
      (1809-1865) French anarchist philosopher.

      (1902-1968) French agronomist, libertarian, editor (Le Libertaire, Le Monde Libertaire), writer & publicist.
      (International Institute of Social History)
      added Aug 2002

      See Dora Ris

    • PSAR, see Revolutionary Anarchist Socialist Party below.

    • PUENTE Isaac
    • PUIG, See ANTICH Puig, Salvador

      (May 11, 1894 ). US Railroad Strike, suppressed by federal government.

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    Anarchy Man

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    Anarchist History

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    • RABELAIS François
    • RADOWITZKY Simon
    • Radio Libertaire

    • RAFANELLI, Leda.
      (1880-1971) Italian militant, mystic, writer, important publisher.
      See the Daily Bleed reference page for July 4th
      Link added July 2003

    • RAGON Michel

    • ?RAMUS, Pierre. (born Rudolf Grossman.)
      (1882-1942), Austrian writer, pacifist & propagandist.
      Added 7/31/2001; updated July 2002, April 2004

    • RAOUCH Petr

    • RAVACHOL, François
      French anarchist bandit, practised "propaganda of the deed." Subject of popular myth & song.
      Daily Bleed, July 11, 1892

    • RAY, Man.
      American Surrealist, chess player/designer, anarchist, filmmaker, photographer. Married the Belgian poet/anarchist Adon LaCroix.
      added September 2002

    • RAYNAUD Jean-Marc

    • ?READ, Herbert.
      (1893-1968) British anarchist, art critic, author. Got beknighted, to be addressed as "Sir".
      Page created Jan 2003

    • CLIKRECCHIONI, Emidio.
      (1864-1934), Italian anarchist, writer, publisher, militant antifascist, father of Vernon Richards.
      Added July 2001

    • RECLUS Elie
      (1827-1904). Brother of Elisée; ethnographer & journalist; participated in the Commune of Paris in 1871.

    • ?RECLUS, Elisée.
      (1830-1905). Anarchist communist, noted for his use of geography as a scientific basis for anarchy. After Kropotkin, one of the most important international anarchist writers.
      Daily Bleed Saint, March 15
      page added July 2002

    • RECLUS Jacques
    • RECLUS Paul

    • Red Army Fraction (RAF).
      German armed underground group.

    • Refractaire (le)
    • REGIS Jules (dit Siger)
    • REISER Jean-Marc
    • REITMAN Ben

    • REITZEL, Robert.
      (??-??) German anarchist Robert Reitzel, editor of the Der arme Teufel.
      Added Dec 2002

    • RELGIS, Eugenio.
      (1895-1947), Rumanían-born Uruguayan anarchist, pacifist, writer.
      Added 7/31/2001

    • Relief Fund of the International Working Men's Association for Anarchists (1926-32).
      added March 2003

    • REMIRO Agustin
    • RENAUD Jean
    • RESPAUT André
    • RETTE Adolphe
    • Révolte des Canuts
    • Révolution spartakiste

    • Revolutionary Pacifist Group. Founded by anarchist Ernst Friedrich; members included Kurt Tucholsky, Walter Mehring, & Ernst Toller.
      added May 2002

    • Revolutionary Anarchist Socialist Party (PSAR)
      Italian party, founded at The Congress of Capolago, Switzerland, January 4-6, 1891.
      (1891-??) Cipriani, Malatesta, Saverio Merlino, Gori were chief backers & propagandists.
      See Daily Bleed reference page Jan 4, 1891; added July 2003; updated with correction Jan 2005

    • ? REXROTH, Kenneth.
      American anarchist, poet, critic, translator, activist. Founder of San Francisco Anarchist Circle.
      Page created May 2001; updated October 2002

    • Ricamarie (événement de la)

    • ?RICHARDS, Vernon.
      (1915-), Italian-British anarchist, editor, author, companion of Marie-Louise Berneri.
      Added July 2001

    • RICHEPIN Jean
    • RICTUS Jehan
    • RIMBAULT Louis

    • Rimini Conference, Italy 1872, (A.I.T.)
      Daily Bleed, 8/4/1872
    • Rio Gallegos

    • RIS, Dora.
      (1907-1988) Swiss anarchist(?), partner of André Prudhommeaux, with him published L'Espagne Antifasciste, La Nouvelle Espagne Antifasciste & L'Espagne Nouvelle.

    • RIVERA Librado

    • Road to Freedom
      American publication, with support Group of same name, included Rose Pesotta, Walter Starrett (pen name for Van Valkenburgh), Sadie Robinson (secretary of the group), Lisa Brilliant & others.
      added May 2003

    • ?ROBIN, Armand.
      (1912-1961). French translator, writer/poet, anarchist.

    • Clik hereROBIN Paul
      (1837-1912). Wrongfully forgotten French anarchist educator.

    • ROCKER, Fermin.
      (1907-??) Artist, book illustrator, whose work is greatly influenced by his parents, Milly & Rudolf Rocker.
      See Daily Bleed, December 22, 1907
      added December 2002

    • ROCKER, Milly Witkop.
      (1877-1955) Anarcho-syndicalist, labor organizer, companion of Rudolf Rocker.
      Daily Bleed, March 1, 1877

    • ?ROCKER, Rudolf. alt; Rudolph
      (1873 - 1958) Anarcho-syndicalist, labor organizer, author, companion of Milly Witkop.
      Page created March 2001

    • RODA, Maria.
      (??-??) Italian anarchist, active in workers’ struggles in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, England & US. Powerful speaker, led efforts to organize Italian textile workers. Companion of Pedro Esteve.
      Daily Bleed, August 19, 1894

    • RODRIGUES, Edgar.
      (1921-). Portuguese-Brazilian anarcho-syndicalist, author, social historian.
      (Centro de Estudos Cultura e Cidadania)

    • ROGER Emile
    • ROGER Noël (dit Babar)

    • ROIG DE SAN MARTIN, Enrique.
      (1843-1889), Major Cuban anarchist, theoretician, labor organizer, founder of El Productor, helped create the Bakuninist Workers' Alliance.
      Added 8/17/2001

    • ROINART Paul Napoléon

    • ROLLER, Arnold.
      Pen name for Siegfried Nacht.
      added July 2003

    • ROMERO, Jose Rodriguez.
      (??-??) Spanish anarchosyndicalist, official in "Solidaridad Obrera"
      See Daily Bleed, July 24, 1909
      added July 2004

    • ROMPAPAS, John.
      (??-??) New York publisher (Rabelais Press), funded the anarchist "Revolutionary Almanac" & "Social War" edited by Hippolyte Havel..
      Daily Bleed, April 4, 1915

    • ROOUM, Donald.
      (??-??) British anarchist, illustrator, cartoonist.
      added March 2002

    • ROSCIGNA Miguel Arcangel

    • ROSSONI, Edmondo.
      (1884-1965) Italian anarchist & revolutionary syndicalist, but in the 1920s became a fascist & Minister of Agriculture in the 30s.
      added August 2005

    • web page, clik hereROSSI, Giovanni.
      (1856-1943) Italian anarchist, involved with Brazilian Cecelia colony.
      added Jan 2003

    • ROUCHY, Victorine. See under Victorine Broucher-Rouchy.

    • ROUGEOT Claude
    • ROUILLAN Jean-Marc
    • RONSIN Francis
    • ROUMILHAC Jean
    • ROUSSEL Nelly

    • ROUSSENQ, Paul.
      (1885-1949) French, best known as the "anarchist convict", spent most his life in prison for throwing a crouton at a prosecutor during a vagrancy trial. Daily Bleed, 8/3/1949
      added Aug 2002

    • ROUX Jacques
    • RUDE Fernand
    • RUDIGER Helmut

    • ? RUIZ, Vicente (or Vincent)
      (1913-1998) Spanish-Australian anarchist.
      Page created Nov. 1999; updated March 2002

    • RUSSELL, Bertrand.
      British philosopher,pacificst, member Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament & anti-Vietnam War activist.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • RYNER Georgette
    • RYNER Han

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    • S.I.A.
      Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste - française
      Solidarité internationale antifasciste - espagnole

    • ?SABATE, Francisco.
      (1915-1960). Spanish guerilla extraordinaire -- known as El Quico.
      updated Nov. 2001

    • SACCO, Nicola.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • SAKAE Osugi.
      Japanese anarchist
    • SAKAI Toshihito

    • SAKUTARO, Iwasa. Sakutarô
      (??-??) Japanese anarchist communist involved in Japanese Anarchist Federation.
      added June 2002

    • SALE, Kirkpatrick.
      (??-) American author, anarchist & neo-Luddite.
      added Nov 2001

    • SALIVES Jean (Claude le Maguet)
    • SALSEDO Andrea
    • SALUCCI Argante

    • San Francisco Libertarian Circle.
      (??-1949?) Formed in the 1940s, by Kenneth Rexroth, precursor to the Beat Movement. Included Robert Duncan, Muriel Rukeyser, William Everson, Jack Spicer, Thomas Parkinson, David Koven, Sally & Michael Grieg, Audrey Goodfriend, James Harmon, Richard Brown, Philip Lamantia & many other writers, artists & pacifists.
      Updated 11/10/2001; reference link added 11/02

      (1895-1970), Spanish poet, painter, militant anarchist-feminist, co-founder of Mujeres Libres.
      Added 8/14/2001

    • SANSHIRO, Ishikawa. Sanshirô
      (??-??) Japanese anarchist syndicalist involved in Japanese Anarchist Federation.
      added June 2002

    • SANFTLEBEN, Alfred.
      (1871-1952) German-American anarchist, typesetter & translator.
      [Ephéméride anarchiste]; added Feb 2005

    • SANSOM, Philip.
      (??-1999) British anarchist, involved with Freedom Press.
      added October 2002

    • SANTANA, Emidio.
      (1906-1988). Portuguese anarcho-syndicalist, attempted to kill Salazar (1937); founded "A Batalha".
      Daily Bleed, July 4, 1906

    • SANTANGELO Erasmo
    • SANZ Ricardo

    • SARROU ROYES, Liberto.
      (1920-2001) Spanish anarchist, member JJLL, Durruti Column, & antifascist resistance movement in Barcelona.
      (International Institute of Social History); added Nov 2003

    • SARTIN Max
    • SCARFO Paulino et Alejandro
    • SCARLATTI Giuseppe
    • SCHAPIRO Alexandre

    • SCHIAVINA, Raffaele.
      (??-??) Italian anarchist, founder of "Cronaca Sovversiva," with Galleani.
      added Jan 2003

    • SCHIRRU Michele

    • SCHMIDT, Mark.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Eddie Wong, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • SCHWAB, Michael.
      (??-1898) Haymarket anarchist. Did 6 years in prison.
      added March 2002

    • Clik hereSCHWARTZBARD, Samuel.
      (1886-1938), Jewish anarchist & poet, killed Simon Petlioura (head of Ukrainian pograms). Helped found International League Against Antisemitism.
      Page added March 2002

    • SCHWITZGUÉBEL, Adhémar. alt; Adhemar Schwitzguebel
      (1844-1895) Engraver, active in the Swiss Jura Federation.

    • SCIULLO Camillo DI

    • SEGAUD Louis

    • SEGUÍ RUBINAT, Salvador.
      (1887-1923) Anarcosindicalista, militant de la CNT.
      Sources: [Diccionari de Sindicats, Sindicalistes]; [L'Ephéméride Anarchiste]; updated Jan 2005
    • SEIICHI Miura

    • Semaine rouge d'Ancône
    • Semaine sanglante Paris
    • Semaine sanglante Buenos Aires
    • Semaine tragique

    • SENEZ, Andre.
      (??-1998) French shoemaker, anarchist, publisher.
      See the Daily Bleed, Feb 28, 1998
      added Feb 2003
    • SERANTINI Franco

    • ClickSEVERINE (Caroline Remy).
      (1855-1929). French libertarian, feminist militant journalist of the League of Human Rights.
      alt; Séverine

    • Dr. SEUSS
      American author of libertarian children's books of great appeal to adults; wrote Yertle the Turtle

    • SEYMOUR, Henry.
      (??-??) British editor of The Anarchist; in 1886 Kropotkin & friends broke away to start Freedom newspaper.
      added July 2002

    • ?SHAHN, Ben.
      American artist. (Daily Bleed Saint)

    • SHAPIRO, Karl.
      (1913-2000), American poet, professor & Pulitzer Prize-winner in 1945, anarchist.
      added Nov 10, 2001

    • SHAW, Eddie.
      Scots anarchist & orator in Glasgow.
      Added 7/15/2001

    • SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe.
      English romantic atheist, libertarian poet, married Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin,
      Daily Bleed Saint, August 4.

    • SHI Cuntong.
      Chinese anarchist involved in the May Fourth movement in Zhejiang.
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • SHÛZÔ, Hatta Hatta Shuzo
      (??-1934) Japanese anarchist involved in Japanese Anarchist Federation.
      added June 2002

    • SIGALA Claude
    • SIGNAC Paul
    • SIMENON Georges
      (1903-1989), French mystery writer, anarchist.

    • clickSIMON, Louis.
      (1900-1980) French pacifist, author & individualist anarchist.
      Page created July 2002

    • SIMENTOF (Monier, dit)
    • SIMON (dit Biscuit)
    • SISQUELLA Teri

    • Situationist International (S.I.)
      ( (also see Bureau of Public Secrets)

    • SKIRDA Alexandre

    • SLATER, Lou.
      (??-??) Member of the NY Vanguard group in the 30s & a source of its breakup.
      Added Dec 2004

    • Click HereSMYTHE, Tony.
      (1938-2004) British anarchist-pacifist militant.
      page added June 2004

    • SNYDER, Gary.
      (1930- ) American Beat anarchist poet.
      added October 2002

    • Society to Help Anarchist Prisoners.
      Russian organization during the revolution to aid those imprisoned by the Bolsheviks. Mollie Steimer was a participant.

    • ?SOLE SUGRANYES, Oriol.
      (19?-1976) Spanish anarchist, member of the MIL.alt; Oriol Solé Sugranyes

    • Solidarity (London)

    • SOLOMON, Clara.
      (1913-200), American anarchist, pianist, cofounder Atlantic Anarchist Circle, daughter of Samuel Freedman.
      Daily Bleed, 0730.htm
      Added July 2001

    • SOLOMON, Sidney.
      (1911-2004) Companion of Clara, drummer in an all-anarchist band. Member of Vanguard Group, Libertarian Book Club, friend of Carlo Tresca, Roman Weinrebe.
      Added July 2001

    • SOLOTAROFF Hillel

    • SOREL, Georges.
      French intellectual father & champion of anarcho-syndicalism. Progress, like virtue, belongs only to those who act.
      Added Jan 2003

    • SOTO Y GAMA, Antonio Diaz.
      Mexican revolutionary, influenced by Kropotkin, joined with Zapata's movement.

    • SOUCHY, Augustin.
      (1892-1984), German anarchosyndicalist.
      (Movement for Anarchy)
      Daily Bleed reference page, , Aug 28, 1892
      Added 8/28/2001; updated March 2003

    • SOUDY André
    • SOULLIER Eugène
    • SOUSA, Germinal
    • SOUVENANCE Jean (Serge Grégoire)

    • SPIES August
      Haymarket martyr.


    • clickSPIVAK, Joseph.
      (1882-1971). Russian-American anarchist, active with the Libertarian Book Club in NY.

    • SPOONER, Lysander.
      (1908-1887). American individualist anarchist.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • STARRETT, Walter. Pen name ("W.S.") for Warren S. Van Valkenburgh
      added May 2002

    • STEIMER, Mollie.
      (1897-1980) Russian-born American-Mexican anarchist militant, partner of Senya Fleshin.
      (Spartacus School)
      link added March 2003

    • STENLEIN Alexandre

    • clickSTEPNIAK, Sergei.
      (1852-1895). Russian anarchist militant & author.
      Page created May 2003

    • Stérilisés de Bordeaux (affaire des)

    • Click HereSTIRNER, Max.
      (1806-1856) German anarchist "Egoist". Enemy of the State.
      page created June 2004

    • STOÏNOFF, Nicolas
    • STRINDBERG August

    • Super Heroes for Anarchy & Free Throught (S.H.A.F.T.)
      (Home page); link added March 2003

    • Sydney Anarchist Club (Australia). Started (?) by William Andrade, ca. 1886. Or effort resulted only in founding the ASL (Australian Socialist League)?

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    • TAILHADE, Laurent.
      (1854-1919), French anarchist poet & social critic.
      (Ephéméride anarchiste)
      Daily Bleed, 4/16/1854

    • TALVILAHTIT, Mika.Talvilahtit.
      (1974-2001) Finnish militant, helped found Walthamstow Anarchist Group in England.
      (Walthamstow Anarchist Group); added April 2003

    • TCHERKESSOFF, Warlaam.
      (1846-1925) Prince, journalist, "Ambassador of Georgian patriots".
      (Research on Anarchism)
      added August 2002alt: Cerkezov, Cerkesov, Cherkesov, Cherkezov; Varlaam, Warlam

      added June 2002

    • ?TCHORBADIEFF, Nikolas.
      Bulgarian typographer, militant & anarchist propagandist.
      Added 7/7/2001

    • TELLEZ SOLA, Antonio.
      (1921-2005) Spanish anarchist guerilla, militant, author.
      (Kate Sharpley Library)
      added July 2005

    • Temps Nouveaux

    • TETENBAUM, Richard "Tet".
      (??-1997) Activist, cofounder of Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore in San Francisco.
      added June 2004

    • clickTHALMANN-ENSNER, Clara.
      (1908 [or 10?]-1987), Swiss revolutionary, a Communist, then anarchist. Founder, La Séréna Commune in Nice.
      Page added March 2002

    • THALMANN, Pavel [Paul].
      (1901-1980), pseudonym Franz Heller. Swiss Communist, then anarchist, influenced by Fritz Brupbacher. Married to Clara. Fought with the Durruti Column.
      (International Institute of Social History); added March 2002

    • THOMAS Bernard
    • THOMAS Georges

    • ?THOMAS, Jules.
      (1839-1892). French Icarien, Communard, Blanquist, anarchist.

    • THOMASSIN Nicolas
    • THOREAU, Henry David.

    • clickTHURIOT, Jean-Baptiste.
      (or Thuriault). (1853-?? ). French worker, anarchist militant & propagandist.

    • TOCHATTI, James.
      British anarchist, follower of poet William Morris, active in British Secular Union, publisher of the journal Liberty.
      Added Sept 2001

      TODA, Misato.
      (??-??) Japanese anarchist, friend of Luce Fabbri.
      added Dec 2004

    • TOKAR, Moishe.
      (??-??) Russian Jewish anarchist, member of Judith Goodman's group in London before returning to Russia, attempting to assassinate military commander of the Vilna Fortress.
      added Dec 2002

    • TOLAIN Henri
    • TOLLER Ernst

    • TOLSTOY, Leo.
      (1828, -1910). Famed Russian novelist, religious pacifist, anarchist.
      (Anarchy Archives)
      See also Movement for Anarchy;

    • TOMAS De AQUINO, Acácio.
      (1899-1998) Portuguese militant anarcho-trade unionist, life-long anarchist & companion of Luísa do Carmo Franco Elias Adão.
      [Ephéméride anarchiste]; added Feb 2005

    • Click for full pageTOMÀS OLIVER, Francisco..
      (1850-1903) Bricklayer, militant & author of the first history of Spanish anarchism.
      (ChristieBooks) page added March 2004

    • TOPOR Roland
    • TORTELIER, Joseph

    • TORRES MAESO, Domingo
      (Valencia 1895-1980) Spain; CNT militant, favored its governmental collaboration.
      More details see (ChristieBooks) added Nov 2003

    • clickTRAVEN, B.
      (aka Ret Marut) Novelist, anarchist, Daily Bleed Saint.

    • clickTRESCA, Carlo
      (1879-1943). Italian-American anarchist activist murdered by the fascists, he had, "All the right enemies".

    • "Trial of the 30"

    • TRICHEUX, Alphonse
      (1880-1957) French militant anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist & pacifist.
      [Ephéméride anarchiste]; added Jan 2005

    • TRINQUIER Hervé

    • clickTRONCHET Lucien.
      (1902-1981) Swiss anarcho-syndicalist militant.
      Page created October 2002

    • TUCCI

    • TUCKER, Benjamin R.
      (1854-1939). American philosophical individualist anarchist & publisher.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • TURNER, John.
      added June 2002

    • TURRONI, Pio.(1900-1982), Italian anarchist, antifascist militant, fought in the Spanish Revolution, publisher of “Volontà”.
      In English & Italian, see Daily Bleed
      added May 2003

    • Tutmonda Ligo de Esperantisja Seustatano (TLES / Worldwide League of Esperantist Anarchists)
      See Esperanto movement.
      added July 2002

    • TWYNAN, Ella. (??-??) British anarchist.
      Added Nov 2001

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    Why Are Anarchists Against the State?

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    V V V


    • Web page, clik hereVAILLANT, Auguste.
      (1861-1894). Anarchist, caught the attention of French legislators & was guillotined.
      page updatedupdated August 2005

    • VALET René
    • VALITUTTI Pasquale

    • clik hereVALLES, Jules.
      (1832-1885). French anarchist.
      page updatedupdated June 2005
      alt; Jules Vallès

    • VAN DONGEN (Kees)
    • VAN PRAET Laurent et Jules François

    • VAN RONK, Dave.
      (1936-) American songster, IWW member & anarchist. Best known for helping launch Bob Dylan's career. With Dick Ellington wrote & published The Bosses Songbook.
      See the Daily Bleed, June 30, 1936


    • VAN VALKENBURGH, Warren S.
      (1884-1938) American anarchist editor ("Road to Freedom" & "Spanish Revolution"). Pen name Walter Starrett.
      added May 2002
      See Daily Bleed, May 21

    • VANEIGEM, Raoul.
      International Situationist, author of The Revolution of Everyday Life.

    • VANZETTI, Bartolomeo.
      (Anarchy Archives)

      • ?VANZETTI, Bartolomeo, a poem
        Stan Iverson Memorial Archives

    • VARENGO, Massimo.
      (??-) Member Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI), secretary of the International Federation of Anarchists.
      added June 2003

    • VARLIN Eugène

    • VASCO, Neno.
      (1878-1920) Portuguese/Brazilian anarchist
      Edgar Rodrigues page; also see Daily Bleed reference page, May 9, 1878
      updated Nov 2003

    • VASSEV Manol
    • Vera de Bidassoa (évènements de)
    • VERGINE Samuel (Louis Dorlet, dit)
    • VERNET Madeleine

    • VIAN, Boris.
      Vehement anti-militarist/pacifist, writer & jazz musician, French author of J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (I'll Spit On Your Graves).
      Boris Vian pages; see also the Daily Bleed, 3/10/1920 & 6/23/2002
      7/25/2001; updated 6/2002

    • VICENT, Lluís
      (1837-1912) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant la Federació Obrera Sabadellenca.
      More details: (Biografies de Sindicalistes); added Nov 2003

    • VICENT TOLZ, Antoni
      (1837-1912) Spain; Jesuïta. Fundador dels Cercles Obrers Catòlics; Centre Obrer Catòlic. És autor de "Socialismo y anarquismo" (1893).
      More details: (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL, Acrat.
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Assistí a la Conferència de la CRTC de Blanes (juliol de 1922), representant el Sindicat d'Arts Gràfiques de Barcelona.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL, Francisco.
      (??-??) Spain;Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant els obrers constructors d'edificis de Saragossa.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL Georges

    • VIDAL, Joan
      (??-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT; President de Les Tres Classes de Vapor.
      More details: (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL, Josep.
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Fundador de "Vida Sindical" (Barcelona, 1926).
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL, Miquel.
      (??-??) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es va decidir la constitució de la CNT (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representant la societat obrera d'adobadors La Unión Popular, de Barcelona.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL CUCURELLA, Narcís.
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Membre del Sindicat Únic del ram de la fusta de Barcelona (1918). Per la seva activitat sindical fou empresonat en el vaixell "Giralda" i deportat al castell de la Mola de Maó (30 de novembre de 1920).
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT del Sindicat Únic del ram de la fusta de Barcelona (1918). Per la seva activitat sindical fou empresonat en el vaixell "Giralda" i deportat al castell de la Mola de Maó. Assistí a la Conferència de Saragossa de 1922.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIDAL ENRIC, Pere.
      (??-??) Spain; L'any 1933 fou vocal del comitè de l'Agrupació Sindicalista Llibertària de Gavà, adherida a la Federació Sindicalista Llibertària d'Àngel Pestaña.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

      (Tortosa 1890 - Barcelona 1982) Spain; membre del Comitè Revolucionari de la CNT, CNT del Teatre de la Comèdia, Director de "Solidaridad Obrera" de València.
      More details, Biografies de Sindicalistes. added Nov 2003

    • VIERO, Ambrogio..
      (1899-1970), Italian author of poems & short stories; published under pseudonyms V. Ero, V.A. Negus, Wanda & P. Squano. Wrote anarchist, antifascist & satirical articles for socialist, anarchist & illegally distributed periodicals.
      (International Institute of Social History); added 9/16/2001

    • VIGNES Jules.

    • Click HereVIGO, Jean.
      (1905-1934) French filmmaker & anarchist, son of anarchist Eugene Vigo.
      page added June 2004

    • VILA, Francesc.
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. President del Sindicat Únic de la Indústria Vidriera de Badalona. Fou ferit pels del "Lliure" en un atemptat.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILA CAPDEVILA, Ramón. (aka "Caraquemada," "Jabalí" (le Sanglier), "Commandant Raymond")
      Spanish anarcho-syndicalist, anarchist guerilla.
      Added 7/28/2001

    • VILANOVA, Joan.
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Assistí al congrés de Sants (1918) representant el Sindicat de l'Art Fabril d'Igualada.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILANOVA, Martí.
      (??-??) Spain; Assistí al congrés convocat per Solidaritat Obrera, en el qual es constituí la CRTC (Barcelona, octubre de 1910), representants els joiers de Barcelona.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILARDAGA, Dídac.
      (??-??) Spain; barcelonina de la FRE de l'AIT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILLA Pancho
    • VILLAFRANCA Soledad

    • VILLANUEVA, Jaume
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Mort pels del "Lliure" a Barcelona.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILLANUEVA, Joan
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Mort pels del "Lliure" a Barcelona.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VILLARREAL Antonio I.
    • VILLAVERDE Andrès

    • VILLAVERDE, Justinià
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT i de la FAI (1928). Regidor de l'ajuntament de Lleida (octubre de 1936). Comissari polític del regiment i de la guarnició de Lleida.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • Viñas, Bartomeu
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT, del sindicat metal.lúrgic de Barcelona. S'adherí als trentistes per la qual cosa fou expulsat de la CNT el desembre de 1933.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • Viñas, Ramon
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT. Un dels signants del Manifest Trentista el 1931
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • Viñas, Tomàs
      (??-??) Spain; Militant de la CNT, Federació Obrera de Ripoll.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • Viñas Pagès, Joaquim
      (??-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIVES, Emili
      (??-??) Spain; Federació Sindicalista Llibertària.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VISDOMINI, Segimon
      (Barcelona, 1871-??) Spain; FRE de l'AIT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VIVES, Joan Baptista
      (??-??) Militant de la CNT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

    • VLADIMIROVITCH, German Boris

    • VOLINE.
      (Vsévolod Mikhailovich Eichenbaum) (1882-1945). Russian anarchist, Makhnovist, historian, colloborated with Sebastian Faure.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • VOLINE Léo
      (1917-??) French anarchist, fought in the Spanish Revolution. Third child of the Russian anarchist poet/historian Voline.

    • VONNEGUT, Kurt.
      (1922-) US writer/satirist. Calls himself an anarchist. Uses black humor against decadence of the ruling class. Best known for 'Slaughterhouse Five' based on experiences as a POW in Dresden.
      added March 2002

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    • WAFNER, Kurt.
      (1918- ) Bücherfreund und Anarchist.
      See the Daily Bleed, Nov 1918; added Nov 2003

    • WARD, Colin.
      British author/anarchist, involved with Freedom Press.
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • WARD, Dana.
      Wobbly organizer, basketball fanatic, hosts the Anarchy Archives, executive director International Society of Political Psychology.
      Added Nov 2002

    • WARREN, Josiah.
      (1798-1874). Utopian, economist, philosopher, founder of American individual anarchism & the Equity & Time Stores.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • WARWICK, Robert Lee.
      (??-??) American anarchist, edited "Social War", published by John Rompas & co-edited by Hippolyte Havel.
      Daily Bleed April reference page
      added April 2002

    • WATSON, David.
      (??-) American anarchist, teacher, author, journalist, active with the Fifth Estate in Detroit. (pseud., George Bradford.)
      added September 2002

      (1936- ) Born Hugh Romney. Hog Farmer. Perennial anarchist candidate for American President.

    • WEIL Simone

    • WEINBERGER, Harry.
      (??-??). American lawyer & anarchist (?). Represented Emma Goldman in many of her free speech fights. A part of both the anarchist & experimental theater milieus).
      Added Dec 2002

    • WEINREBE, Roman.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 1930s with Sidney Solomon, Eddie Wong, Glenn Carrington, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • WERBE, Peter.
      (1940-) American radio DJ & talk show host (phone-in talk show, Nightcall, Sundays, 11pm-2am, also broadcasts on the internet) & journalist, active with the Fifth Estate (under the pseud., E.B. Maple) in Detroit.
      added April 2004

    • WHITE, J.R.
      Ex-Ulster Loyalist, anarchist.

    • WHITE, Jack.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Mark Schmidt, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • Whiteway Colony
      (??-1938?) Anarchist colony in Gloucestershire (England?). Included Thomas H. Keell(?). (Emma Goldman examined his papers there in 1938 on behalf of IISH).

    • WHITMAN, Walt.
      American poet.

    • WIECK, David Thoreau.
      (??-1997). American anarchist theorist, educator, & pacifist activist.
      Daily Bleed, July 1, 1997

    • WILDE, Oscar.
    • WILCKENS Kurt Gustav

    • WILLETTE, Adolphe.
    • WILLETTE, Luc.

    • WILSON, Charlotte M. Wilson.
      (??-??) First editor (1886-1895) of the British paper Freedom.
      added July 2002

    • WINN, Ross.
      (?? - 1912) American, Texas-born anarchist, publisher (Winn's Firebrand, subsequently called The Advance, & later the Red Phalanx.)
      Cited Daily Bleed, August 8
      added June 2002

    • WINSTANLEY Gerrard

    • ?WINTSCH, Jean.
      Swiss physician, anarchist; writer, coeditor of Le Réveil/Il Risveglio Geneva.
      updated 9/16/2001

    • WITKOP Milly. See Milly Witkop ROCKER

    • WOLMAN, Gil J.
      (1929-) French lettrist & situationist theorist.
      Daily Bleed, Oct. 7

    • WONG, Eddie.
      (??-??) Member of Vanguard Group in the 30s with Glenn Carrington, Gilbert Connolly, John Pinkman, Bruno Americano, et al.
      Added Dec 2004

    • WOODCOCK, George.
      (1912-1995). Canadian anarchist, literary critic, professor, historian.
      (Anarchy Archives)

    • WOODWORTH, Fred.
      American anarchist, editor of The Match!


    • WROBLESKY, Walery (Wrobleski).
      (1836-1908). Polish anarchist & Communard; a column in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 adopts his name.
      added May 2004

    • WU Zhihui.
      (1864-1953), advocated before the 1911 Revolution in China a Kropotkinian form of anarchism combined with his Confucianism. Influential reformist.
      (Research on Anarchism)

    • WULF, Paul.
      (1921-1999).German antifascist / Nazi-hunter influenced by Erich Mühsam.
      Daily Bleed, July 3, 1999
      Added 7/3/2001

    • WULLENS Marcel et Maurice

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    There's No Government Like No Government

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    • XENA TORRENTS, Josep.
      (1908-Caracas, 1988) Militant de la CNT i de la FAI.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

      (??-??) Solidaritat Obrera, CRTC.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes) added Nov 2003

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    • YAMAGA Taiji

    • YANOFSKY, Saul. (alt; Shaul Yanofsky [Saul Janovsky] Sh.Yanovski)
      (1864-1939) Founded & edited (1890-1923) the important American Yiddish "Freie Arbeiter Stimme". Notable for publishing di Yunge, Yiddish poets of the 1910s & 1920s.
      Added Oct. 2001

    • Yelensky, Boris..
      (1889-1974), Russian-American anarchist propagandist; founder of many committees & funds via the Free Society Group which he began in Chicago (ca.1923-1957).
      (International Institute of Social History)
      Added Sept 2001

    • YMBERT, Joan
      (??-??) Solidaritat Obrera, CNT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes;) added Nov 2003

    • YOSHIHARU Hashimoto
    • YVETOT Georges

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    Do Not Question Authority


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    • ZACCARIA, Cesare..
      (??-??), Italian anarchist, friend of Camillo Berneri. Became the companion of Berneri's widow Giovanna with whom he edited Volontà from 1946 until 1957.
      (International Institute of Social History); Sept 2001

    • ZAMBONI Anteo

    • ZAPATA, Emiliano.
      (1879-1919) Mexican anarchist, lead an army under the slogan 'tierra y libertad'. Assassinated by the government (like his ally Pancho Villa), his ghost rides on in Mexico.

    • ZAPATA CORDOBA, Antonio
      (1908-2000) Militant de la CNT.
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes); added Nov 2003


    • ZERZAN, John.
      (??-) American anarchist, militant, neo-primitivist.
      Added Nov 2001

      (??-??) Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB (Internacilingua Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka/The Anarchist Scientific Library in International Language) in 1923 with A. Levandowsky.
      added July 2002

    • ZILSEL, Paul.
      American anarchist, cofounder Left Bank Books Collective (Seattle).

    • ZINN, Howard. Historian, civil rights activist.

    • ZISLY, Henri.
      (1872-1945), anarchist, writer, advocate of libertarian naturalism; wrote for numerous anarchist periodicals; edited L'Humanité nouvelle, L'Etat naturel & La Vie naturelle.
      (International Institute of Social History); linked Sept 2001

    • ZUFERRI, Joaquin
      (??-??) CNT, Federació Obrera de Saragossa
      (Biografies de Sindicalistes); added Nov 2003

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