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NF Benefit
Gillian Anderson - NF Benefit Trip

December 9, 2000
On December 9, actress Gillian Anderson held a fundraiser to benefit NF (Neurofibromatosis) Inc., in Los Angeles at Fox Studios. The fundraiser included personal photo opportunity with Ms. Anderson, a question and answer session, and a tour of the set of the television series The X-Files.

As part of the fundraiser, I was able to raise the $$ to bring 4 persons affected by NF to the fundraiser. Most of the contributors came from the Way to Go Gillian Anderson list.

The following photos are from this event. Other photos and accounts of the event can be found at the Way to Go NF-in-LA page.

Group photo of the benefit attendees.

In the front, Mary (mother of Mindy) and Amber.  Behind them, Mindy, and Amber's sister Aria.

My daughter and I flew with Amber and Aria to LA.  Mary & Mindy live in the California desert, so they were able to drive. Amber, Aria and Mindy have NF.

We were also accompanied by Christianne, a member of the WaytoGo list.
Before the event! Lunch at the Deli.
Aria, my daughter Amanda, and Christianne.
Before the event! In the hotel lobby.
Vicki from England, me, and Christianne.