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RDF Site Summary (RSS) is a very popular XML dialect for content syndication. Especially news and weblogs make heavy use of this format and a variety of clients exist for all operating systems. However, clientwise, there is still a lack of support for mobile devices. shall fill this gap and provide a free service to transform a user-specific selection of RSS feeds for display on mobile devices. produces a set of html pages that can be synchronised to mobile devices for example via Microsoft Internet Explorer's mobile favorites or Avantgo. is no content provider, it only performs transformations of user-specified RSS feeds. makes use of MagpieRSS, a very good XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP available at further uses patuser, a user a PHP class for user management available at
Thanks to the authors of MagpieRSS and patuser for their cool software.

mobilerss was created by Sebastian Werner (sebiw @

Suggestions and feedback

In order to make mobilerss even better, I appreciate your feedback very much. If you have any suggestions to improve, feel free to send an email to me (sebiw @ I will do my best to implement your feature request.

Conditions of use may be used for non-commerical purposes free of charge. Users may not view RSS feeds containing racist, illegal or otherwise morally offensive content. Users doing so will be blocked and the feeds in question barred from further use at
The owner of may suspend or terminate the service at any given time, if necessary. The availability of the service is not guaranteed for.
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