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Xbox / Review / Destroy All Humans!
Destroy All Humans!
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Publisher: THQ
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Teen
Graphics: 4.0
Control: 4.5
Click here to view Destroy All Humans! screens!
1 of 12 screens
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Review by: Four-Eyed Dragon
Posted: 06/22/05 [view screens]

Every once in a while there comes a game that truly defines creativity. Destroy All Humans is indeed one such game; it has all the right elements to make it a smart, intuitive, and hilarious experience of which all other adventures should take note.

Alien Conspiracy

No, they're not green--well at least according to Destroy All Humans. That gray alien race that's haunted us with abductions, cow mutilations, and unidentified flying objects have a long history with this world, and in this game you get to take part in those colorful legends. But instead of taking the role as a human, you are the four-foot outer-space being sent to scan, probe, and yes, eventually destroy the vile humans to extinction. Along the way, youll rescue a captured colleague, impersonate a politician, mind meld a town, and obliterate military installations among other amusing challenges. Truly, what makes Destroy All Humans so captivating is the variety in missions.

Mind over Matter

Carrying out the assorted missions is just as appealing. In fact, you'll always have several ways of completing each objective. You can opt to go incognito by temporarily transforming into a human figure or go ray-gun blazing to the goal. But your most powerful weapon is your mind, literally. Your mental powers can read minds, pick up and throw objects, and suck out brains. The best part: you can easily do all of it and still successfully reach your goal. The controls are a cinch to learn even though there seems like a lot to remember when you need to manipulate the humanoids in different ways. Your saucer is also a smooth ride--easier than flying a virtual planethat allows you to concentrate on destroying everything below you.

The world in which you destroy is portrayed with solid detail. Set in a 1950s backdrop, areas come alive with unsuspecting citizens, cautionary military folk, and suspicious men dressed in black all strolling around. And once they set their sights on you, fantastic explosions and blasts from super charged weapons beautifully wreak havoc all over the place.

The frosting to this game, however, is the wonderfully funny dialogue that's spoken and thought from each character. Listening to other people's minds sparks complete laughter, and the discussions between you and your alien superior is just comical. The script and the voice acting are what tie this game together.

Don't Mind the Probing

While there are some noticeable blemishes in the game such as graphical pop-in and broken cut scenes, Destroy All Humans succeeds where many have failed. This is truly a refreshing way to experience an adventure that you wish would never end.

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