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The Members Admin CGI script

The Members Admin CGI is membership software designed to password protect and manage a member directory. The members can edit their own member profile. Includes a script to see who is online.

  • Password Protection.
  • Installation Shield.
  • Form fields checking.
  • Auto approve Members.
  • AuthType Basic and Digest.
  • Mail to all Members.
  • Members can update their member profile by themselves.
  • Automatic addition and deletion to .htpasswd or .nsconfig files.
  • Track logins and bad logins.
  • Automatically find members account for lost user name and password.
  • Administration control panel.
  • Full Search for Members by the Administrator.
  • Updating for Members by the Administrator.
  • Include a install script.
  • And More...
New in version 2.0
  • Including from CSS style sheet.
  • Displaying from members are now spread by hyperlink's.
  • The code has dramatically changed in all the scripts.
New in version 1.6
  • Support for AuthType Digest.
New in version 1.4
  • Intergrate your language in the form | find | update script.
  • The use from the username, password, email, name... in all the email.
  • Option for not to send deny | approve email in the administrator script.
  • The newest members are the first displayed in the administrator page.
New in version 1.2
  • No more than xx lines (members) on one page in the administrator script.
  • Script to see which members are online.
  • Members can update their member information by themselves.
  • Add members by the administrator.
The price from the Members Admin CGI is 29.95 USD   Buy Now

System Requirements
unix (linux) webserver.
Perl Version 5 or higher.
Webserver that is compatible with Apache version 1.3 or higher (most are).
Web page that allows custom CGI.
The ability to write custom .htaccess files.
Sendmail program.

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