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AIO Classics #1: Welcome to Odyssey
Suggested Donation:  US $ 25.00
Product Type:  6 cassettes
Item Code:  AL732
Other Available Format(s):  CD
Published by:  Focus on the Family / Tommy Nelson
Audience:  Ages 8 and up
Where It All Began!

In this introductory set of Adventures in Odyssey radio dramas, you'll meet Whit and learn how Connie and Eugene became Whit's End's most colorful employees. But most important, Welcome to Odyssey introduces you to the faith and love that draw people of all ages to Whit and his special brand of learning.

Includes the following episodes: Connie Comes to Town, Promises, Promises, Recollections, Stormy Weather, Kids' Radio, The Shepherd and the Giant, Thank You God, Karen, Connie I & II, and The Imagination Station I & II.

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Adventures in Odyssey is a registered trademark of Focus on the Family. All rights reserved.

My Time With God, Volume 2 / 150 More Ideas for Your Own Quiet Time
Show your kids that quiet times with God can be both inspiring and fun with 150 days' worth of great ideas.
(Suggested Donation: US $9.00) Click for details on this resource
AIO New Series #4 - Race to Freedom
Dylan and Carter stumble upon an Imagination Station adventure that takes them back to pre-Civil War days where Carter finds himself a slave in Kentucky!
(Suggested Donation: US $13.00) Click for details on this resource
AIO #39: Friends, Family & Countrymen
(6 cassettes)
Mr. Whitaker jokingly offers a toy company executive the job of manager for Whit's End Connellsville. The joke may be on Whit as Ed Washington takes the offer seriously.
(Suggested Donation: US $25.00) Click for details on this resource
AIO Life Lessons Set #1-4
(4 CDs)
So many thrills, chills and laughs, your kids won't realize how much they're learning!
(Suggested Donation: US $20.00) Click for details on this resource

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