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Image Gallery

Camera lens The Image Gallery is provided as a complimentary source of high quality digital photographs available from the Agricultural Research Service Information Staff. Select a category from the left to view images with caption information, or in a proof sheet format without captions.

You can also search the Image Gallery—along with our complete online catalog of more than 2,000 photo images.

Images are available for direct download in three sizes (72dpi) for web use and for FPO use by designers and art directors: thumbnail (1.5"), medium (3.5"), and large (8.89"). Simply copy the desired image in the size needed from your browser.

High-resolution (300dpi) digital images are also available from each caption page for direct download. For more information, please contact the Photo Unit at or by phone at 301-504-1606.

Didn't find what you need? Try searching the USDA Photography Center.

Page Modified: 09/02/2003
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