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Firefox 1.5 Beta for Developers

As the first release in the Firefox 1.5 product development cycle targeted at web developers and Extension authors for compatibility testing, Firefox 1.5 Beta 2, based on the Gecko 1.8 engine, improves already best in class standards support, and provides new capabilities to enable the next generation of web applications. (read more...)

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  • AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • DOM - Document Object Model
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • JavaScript
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language
  • SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
  • XUL - XML User Interface Language
  • RDF - Resource Description Framework
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication
  • XSLT - Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
  • XML Web Services - SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.

Application and Component Framework

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