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 About Ace 

Ace is a lightweight and powerful system for building World of Warcraft addons. It is a new approach to addon development, a rethinking from the ground up. Ace provides developers with the tools needed by most addons, freeing them from repeating common tasks and allowing them to jump right into the creative part of building their addons. New and experienced addon coders alike can benefit from Ace's features.

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 Upcoming Changes Planned for Ace 1.2 

The 1.7 patch for World of Warcraft is introducing some interesting new features that Ace will be able to take advantage of. The biggest changes will involve making more addon information available to addons. Ace will be able to use this to give players more information on not only Ace addons but now all installed addons.

For more information on what new features will be available to addon developers, stop by the Developers' Corner.

To see what new features you will have access to in game through the built-in Ace command, visit the General forum.

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