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Manga are full of pretty girls who eat whale sharks like sardines without ever gaining a kilo or even needing to give their stomachs room to stretch. Here are some of the very rare exceptions. Many of these scans are pretty low quality - now that I know what I'm doing I'll make better ones one of these days. There are more scans coming soon, too.


Mizuta Kyoryu - A maker of the cutest X-rated four-panel (yonkoma) comics you'll ever see, Mizuta combines adorable characters with sexy gags ranging from the hilarious to the banal.

Water-Retaining Ninja 1 - From one of his more story-oriented works, a ninja girl who for some reason frequently ends up bloated with water. In this case her assistant is trying to flush out some poison.

Water-Retaining Ninja 2 - Not sure what's going on here (damn, that's a big head!)

Water-Retaining Ninja 3 - The most impressive of the lot - our heroine guzzles herself to immensity to make weight for a sumou match.

Adult Candy - One-shot sex gag yonkoma. Some guy seeks out fat girls so he can rape them in their deep bellybuttons. Ha ha, I'm laughing already!

Rest World - How to become a champion swimmer, step 1: Learn how to drink 3 liters of water in one gulp. Wow, look at that determined expression!

Chikako - Another story series. Chikako is a sixteen-year-old who's married, and causes all kinds of mischief to her cradle-robbing husband because of her immaturity. In this one she's surprised at her weight, and instantly assumes she's pregnant. (Her husband proves otherwise by pinching her belly flab).

Chikako's Shrine Visit - If you stopped at every food stall while on a shrine visit, you could get pretty full. She does.


Yasunaga Koichirou- My favorite mangaka - a position possibly threatened by Oda Eiichicou lately in a titanic "battle of the ichirous". But he's still way up there - anyone who once made an action series (really) in which Tonya Harding was one of the main villains is way up there in my book.

Takeshi Panel 1 - Panel 2 - From Boeigun, Yasunaga's first manga. Takeshi gets captured by baddies, and Our Hero has to run to her rescue after she calls him up, in terrible pain, begging for help. As it turns out, she's not being tortured (as he assumed), she's just having stomach pains after gorging herself on all of their food. There's some other good Yasunaga moments, though I think this is the only one with actual expansion.


Aro Hiroshi- Everyone's favorite alligator and author of "Futaba-kun Change", available in English in oversized, overpriced volumes.

Mei - From a lesser known series, "Hunter Cats", about a group of women with various powers. Computer genius May was kidnapped and ate the kidnappers out of house and home (their hideout was eventually located by triangulation based on which stores were selling out of food), and was sorry when she was rescued because she'd lost her meal ticket. Of course, she never gains an ounce.

The Sweet Pair- Now we're talking. Anzu and Karin, sisters, wrestlers, morons. They crave sweets, but gain weight when they indulge. Can't they even have a little? Well, in the previous scan, you saw them give in and gulp down Shima's bento... and just look what happens to those poor girls. Oh, you're not sorry at all, meanie.


Hijiri Ringo - This shoujo artist seems to stick scenes of girls overeating and bulging into nearly everything she's done, which makes me wonder about her own proclivities. Her most famous works is Time Limit! Nina, about a girl who has psychic powers, but only after stuffing herself:

Nina On The Bridge - To reduce weight on a rickety, collapsing bridge, Nina tosses their food away - then swallows it all on the way down. As her hiking companions point out, the total weight is still the same...

Nina Eats A Backpack - Actually, she was going for the food, but was a little hasty.

Nina Can't Eat Any More - At least that's what she says, but she manages another apple.

Nina Ate A Gyoza - ... the size of a Volkswagon Beetle. Here she is lying in her room moaning about her stomach hurting.


Endo Koiichi - Best known for his majestic gag manga, Tsuide Ni Tonchinkan, and its spin-offs:

Princess Biarora 1 - From a Dragon Quest parody - the insanely spoiled kidnapped princess demands more food and nicer clothes...

Princess Biarora 2 - ... and eats so much while in captivity that she gains about two hundred pounds.

Fukuko - From "The God of Death", a series of short stories about the passage from life to death. Fukuko learns from the God of Death that she has one week to live. It's a very touching story. Anyway, Fukuko's pretty tubby, so that's why she's up here.


The Collet Collection - All from a single issue of "Collet", a ladies' comic. This one was entitled "Let's Diet", and (though predictably anti-FA) had quite a selection of chubby charmers:

Collet Mama 1 - This kid can't believe the woman with his dad in the photograph is the same as his somewhat-heavier mom.

Collet Mama 2 - Mom surveys her problem areas.

Winter Tummy - Not much of one, but we'll take what we can get.

Hourglass - This is supposed to be a bad figure? Jeepers tap-dancing Amaterasu, this is pretty fucked up right here. Seriously, you normal people, look at this and tell me diet madness hasn't gone too far.

Sakabe 1 - OL Sakabe has porked out a bit since she started with this company, and her skirt won't fasten.

Sakabe 2 - Sakabe decides on one last hurrah before she starts her diet, and gorges herself on a tableload of junk food.

Leotard- Woman in a leotard looking like she's gaman shiteiru. (Because bread has mimi...)

Post-Partum Porkout - After her baby was born, she went wild with all the food she couldn't have for health reasons before.


Other authors:

Mou Debu Nante Iwasenai - From "I Won't Be Called Fat Anymore", about a girl who works off a lot of weight. She's damn sexy for most of the book, though, a real rarity for manga chubby girls.

The Diet Goddess - Shoko, from Takahashi's classic short story.

Lina Inverse - One of the only instances (maybe THE only instance) where she actually gets a bulge in her stomach after eating her way through an aircraft carrier's weight in food.

Naga? - Continuing in the the "Slayers" category, here's some woman who went around claiming to be Naga. The real Naga wasn't happy.

Aun's Big Sister - From "Photon" ... Aun always said when she grew up that she'd have a nice bust just like the big sister she hasn't seen in years. When they met up with her, they found that in the meantime she'd been packing on the pounds onto the rest of her too. Unfortunately she also seems to have turned into a scowling obatarian type for the most part, but ah, in this picture we get a smile!

Les Bijou 1-2 - Don't ask me the story, but this is from a Korean comic. Lady Lazuli avails herself of a large feast provided by Bishonen Prince Guy. I gotta hand it to the Koreans, they don't shy away from the big swollen tummies, at least not in this case, which I'm going to assume is representative of every Korean work ever made. (Close-up) Thanks to Mistress Fire-Hazard for finding these!

Recycle - Dragon Quest VII funnies. Fishermen find all sorts of ways to reuse things they find in the sea...

Impa - From a book of "Oracle" yonkomas. Man, was that a fat incarnation of Impa.

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