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Brian Hendler
A male prostitute waits for a client on Dec. 18 in Tel Aviv´s Electricity Garden area, where many gay Palestinians work the streets.
For homosexual Palestinians,
Israel is their best shot at safety
By Dan Baron
December 31, 2003

TEL AVIV, Dec. 24 (JTA) � Belying its name, Electricity Park is shrouded in darkness, an ideal spot for curb-crawlers keen to avoid attention as they prowl for male prostitutes at night.

The anonymity these streets offer serves as a refuge for the young men who ply their trade in this dismal corner of Tel Aviv. Many of them have far more to fear than the police or the occasional abusive client.

Tricked out in drag or the tight, modish attire of Western urban youth, dozens of gay Palestinian runaways eke out a dangerous living on Israel�s streets.

For these gay men, life in the seedy parts of central Israel is far better than the virtual death sentences they fled in the West Bank and...


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