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Women's Village Archives

Announcements, Events, Deadlines

Success Strategies for Businesswomen Conference - Feb 27-Mar 1
Women of Color Tech Conference Held in Atlanta Oct. 20-22
Women of High Spirits Make Their Debut at Chefs Conference

Business, Finance & Economics

An M.B.A. Student Asks: Where Are the Women?
Businesses Owned by Women of Color Growing Faster than the Overall Economy
Edward Jones - "Mentoring Program Helps Young Women Believe The Sky Is The Limit"
Survey Reveals Health Insurance Attitudes among Women Business Owners

Careers, Workplace, Employment

Audrey Penn:  Just Do It
Career Guidance: Women Leading Women
From Wildly Successful Women
Getting Over Underemployment
How Gender Influences the Earnings Gap
Informed Women Transcend Workplace Illusions
Obstacles to Women's Leadership Lessened, Not Gone
Setting Goals
Survey: Working Women Looking for On-Ramp after Time Off
The Career Climate for Women in 2002 and Beyond
Top of Corporate Ladder Still Eludes Women of Color
Truth About Women in Banking Careers
Women Find Nontraditional Ways to Network for Advancement
Women in Academia
Women in IT
Women in Law
Women Satisfied with Current Job in Financial Industry, But Barriers Exist
Young Women Hear Mixed Signals at Harvard and Beyond

Civil, Human and Equal Rights

War on Women
Workers Awaaz: Fighting for South Asian Women

Dialogue, Opinion, and Letters

Commentary: Learning to Live Like Latifah
Commentary: Why I Wear the Hijab
Searching for a Silver Lining in Death Penalty's Gender Bias
Teetering on the Family Friendly Edge: Discrimination Against Mothers in Academia
The Draft is Coming, Maybe -- and I Don't Want to Go
Young Women Hear Mixed Signals at Harvard and Beyond

Education, Academia, Study

An M.B.A. Student Asks: Where Are the Women?
Controversial Remarks by Harvard President Continue to Spark Debate
Freshman Women at Duke University Battle 'Effortless Perfection'
Teetering on the Family Friendly Edge: Discrimination Against Mothers in Academia

Politics & Law

In These Times:  Women and Voting

World Affairs

20 Years After Bhopal, Women Survivors Globalize Fight for Justice
Contentious Debate Marks Final Day of UN Women's Conference


Women's Village News
villages/woman/ AP Headlines Update Page
Women's groups urge Bush to withdraw nominee for refugee post
Study: Gender, race gap still exists in sports admin
Miers indicated she supported ban on most abortions
VT conference teaches women to weld, use chain saws
Ark State U to honor Hattie Caraway Oct 24

"Wall of Angels"
Employers announcing open jobs, other aid available to those displaced by Katrina

New! 140 Carondelet, New Orleans Street Billboard

Internships, coops, summer gigs, and entry-level jobs for new grads

Pharmaceutical Careers Channel

Graduate School Opportunities Channel

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