Hellenic Numismatic Society

Hellenic Numismatic SocietyThe publications of The Hellenic Numismatic Society form an encyclopaedic body of work covering Greek money, medals, decorations etc. from Antiquity to the present day.

HSN The Hellenic Numismatic Society was founded in 1970 to serve the interests of Greek and foreign numismatists and collectors of Greek coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, decorations etc.

The journal of the Society, Nomismatika Khronika (NomKhron) has been appearing since 1972. It contains articles by Greek and foreign scholars, covering the whole range of the history of coins in the Greek World, as well as related subjects. It is now completely billingual: all articles are printed in their original language (usually Greek or English) with a full translation or detailed summary in Greek or English as required. Past issues are priced at €20 for issues Nos. 5/6 to 21 and €15 issues 1 to 4. Issues Nos. 2, 15 and 17 are now out of print but photocopies are available. An index to the articles can be supplied on request.

The cost of membership to the Society is €30 per year (€15 for students) plus a further €30 as an initial entrance fee. Life Membership is €600. The subscription covers the annual copy of Numismatika Khronika, admission to the lectures and informal meetings arranged every winter in Athens and entitles Members to a 35% reduction on the price of back issues of the journal and the Society’s many other publications. There is no extra charge for packaging but the customer will be asked to pay postage.

Euros are used here as an indicative currency. Payment is accepted in any currency providing the the amount is equivalent to the above.