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Today is a sad day for Jims Shenmue Site fans....lmao :-p!!

Okay, so it's not a sad day at all...cause this site sucks so many horses balls...


The site isn't closing down....I expect it to be up until the internet freezes over...or Freeservers dies or something...so yeh...i'm just basically saying that all these lack of updates are staying that way...

Thanks for sticking with the site, and when it was going through it's starting stages and everything was all new and exciting hehe...but yeh, now this site is over...I never did get round to most of the things I planned and hoped for...but oh well...maybe if Freeservers wasn't so tight on the amount of pages you could have ;-)....lol...

Anyways...i've moved on a bit now...Shenmue still rules...it's still my favourite game and nothing will change that...but in terms of Shenmue site making...well there's already loads of amazing sites, packed full of good shit...

For one of the best though, just try out -


Got everything you'd ever want :-p!

Thanks again everyone, drop us a bell on msn if you'd like to say hi...i'm not there too often...but I should be soon enough...it's jamesbrown13@hotmail.com

For now...if you would still like to keep with my site makings...the site that's updated the most recent is my music site hehe :-p...been lacking just lately, but I love it...such a big jump in web design, and it's what I enjoy doing so...check it out!


Peace ^_^!

~ JIM ~























Apparently the Odds guide is incorrect. I shall leave it there just as an aid to the understanding of how betting works. The duck races does follow a similar kind of style, however the numbers used are of fractional qualities, so it's ~ the fraction - 1.

Example - 9.1, would mean 9.1-1, so for 1 pound you would recieve 9 pound 10p in return.

I think that is the correct way. This comment will be added to the guide to hopefully minimize the confusion I made.

On another note, the music section has finally been updated. I got rid of all the bad links and there are currently two comedy songs working.

Now I have a bit more time I shall be working on version 2 of this site, and also version 2 of my other website, which is still not in a good enough form to be linked to.

Patience is a virue, but do you have enough for me :-)

The site has had an update after many requests on how the Odd's (numbers) for the duck races work. You can find my lengthy guide in the cheats and secrets setion. It's about time I changed the name of that to Guides and Secrets eh? With Shenmue being a non cheating (bar action replay style codes) kinda game.

This new guide will be in the same section though, so no worries.

It was brought to my attention of a name error on the quotes page. I've corrected the silly mistake and the page is now all correct.

If you spot any more errors on any of the pages, please feel free to let me know so I can sort them out. Contact me by email.

There is a major update coming soon, I like to call it 'Jims Shenmue Site V2!'.

After 2 years, you can now all enjoy a more professional effort by me, and you will begin to start seeing actual updates with my unlimited amount of web space! - ha ha ha ha ha! (Attempt at an evil laugh), *cough*.

Poll results are now in!

Check them out -

Europe Shenmue 2 X players, you like the game?
It kicks ass! (56) 45%

Yeh (32) 26%

It's alright (27) 22%

Not really (6) 5%

Nah (3) 2%

Total waste of a disc! (1) 1%

Please now do my new poll and see where that takes us or something eh?

Total Votes: 125

Another new site in the web ring! Man this stuff is cooking now! You should add yours more than ever now - could turn into something cool...

...well it might!

The news on the street is that apparently The Shenmue Top 50 has been updated with a new look. Click on the banner at the very bottom of the page (yeh I know it's long) and you'll be taken straight there. Good thing is, if you've got a Shenmue Site, add it to the list and we can build up a Shenmue community for how much we love the game!

Fangmei's Birthday guide has been updated, it's now gives you a shorter version just giving you the main things to do for the scenes. It follows Prima's Guide so it should - if you've experienced problems - help you out easier.


Yet another new site on the ring!

Not going so bad now! Go check out this new site, pretty good if you don't mind me saying so ;)!

Got a few new ideas for the site (mine) but they won't be around until after my exams, which will be in like late June or something. By that time i'll have a new computer with broadband, it'll just be so good!

I'll then think about converting the site to somewhere a little bit better - make it look a bit more professional! If I go elsewhere I should have near to as much space as I like! That should rule so much!

I'll fill my site up!

I also have another site, however this won't be updated much at all until after my exams aswell - i'll also have a new microphone by then :) You'll see other new site, and find out what I meant by the microphone bit late June! I'll unleash it fully onto everyone.

Stay Jimed!

Just wanted to tell you that there are a couple of new Shenmue sites on my Web-ring.

Add yours if you'd like it to be noticed more!

I also wanna say that Shenmue 2X rules! Go buy now!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, just didn't feel like doing so :)

A few things I want to tell you though -

Shenmue Dojo has had a re-design! Looks mighty fine!
Both the forums and the site, check it out - Shenmue Dojo Check out the forums too!

I won't be here for a while now (I may stop by to post the results of the polls and whatnot) because i'm just currently going into my GCSE exams, and that's just gonna be a bitch :)

After i've done them though, i'll be free for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait...

Next results for this current poll -

Will you be pre-ordering Shenmue 2X?
Hell yeh!!! (94) 52%

I think I will (55) 30%

Hmm, maybe (21) 12%

Probably not (6) 3%

Nah don't think so (2) 1%

Nope (3) 2%

What the hell would I want to pre-order it for!? (1) 1%

I've also added a new poll based on the Europe Version of Shenmue 2X which came out on Friday.

Hope your all enjoying it as much as I am!

Okay, the results of the recent poll are as follows -

How are you liking Shenmue 2X? (I want it!)

It is absolutely amazing! (63) 51%

It's an excellent purchase (35) 28%

It's cool (21) 17%

It's ok I suppose (4) 3%

Disapointing really (1) 1%

It's crap! (0) 0%

Heh thanks everyone!

It makes me want the game even more now!

Check out the new question and give me your opinion's - this one's for UK people mostly or where ever Shenmue 2 is coming out on March 21st.

Shenmue 2 for the Xbox is coming out in Europe 21st March. Get ready, it's nearly with us! Shenmue The Movie DVD confirmed aswell!

I reckonmend you pick up a copy of the demo while your waiting - Official Xbox Magazine

Sorry bout the lack of updates, - heh i'm not gonna lie like most people and say that i've been caught up with work and i'm studying hard for exams and stuff - I just can't be bothered!

Might update with the poll results soon though...

Heh, just thought you'd like to know that today is my birthday!

How mad is that!

The forums have moved, however this won't concern any of you cause I bet you never went to the other one's :D

But anyway, it's a cooler design, lets hope we can do something with them!

Jims Shenmue Forums

For some reason, three of the four songs don't work. I'm trying to sort this problem out, I can't understand since they are all the correct links. But for the moment the first download is the only one working, you must right-click 'save target as' for it to start downloading.

And here we go, look at all the pages on the left, alongside the random picture page we now have the music section! 4 songs available to download! Enjoy!
Not just normal music either, some are comedy files!

Note : You need WinZip for these files, you can pick it up here - WinZip

Not much news recently, however I believe that Shenmue 2X is penciled in for March 23rd In Europe.

I'll also update soon with the new music page.

There's been this new interview done by a new magazine recently with Yu Suzuki. The magazine is called GMR and is co-published by Electronics Boutique and Ziff Davis Media. Here's a small part of the interview that raises some attention -
GMR: With Shenmue II completed, can you tell us about Shenmue III? We know you had to compress multiple chapters into Shenmue II because of cost constraints. Will you have to further condense the series?

Suzuki: The series will continue, but I think we will go with a different approach for Shenmue III. I'd like to make the next chapter into a movie.

GMR: A CG movie, kind of like the one on the free DVD that comes with Shenmue II?

Suzuki: Yes.

GMR: Is it true that Shenmue originally began life as a Virtua Fighter RPG?

Suzuki: That's something of an urban myth. When we were first planning the game, Akira (from Virtua Figher) was scheduled to be the main character, and the working title was Akira's Quest. As development progressed, we felt it would be better to start with a brand-new character.

Is Yu seriously planning on making Shenmue 3 a movie? I hope not, but if it is true lets just hope he pulls it off well. However if you read the movie bit again it says 'the next chapter' and as Shenmue 3 should really make up a few chapters he might just be deciding on the first chapter of Shenmue 3 to be a movie, which would be quite cool IMO. This would mean that maybe the continuation of the Gulin bit will be in a nice movie quality and feel. If anyone's familiar with the game Shadow Of Memories, then I think that this could be the approach that Yu will take. Have the first chapter (or the first few in SOM situation) of the game just telling the story in movie form, then the rest of the game just gameplay.

What do you think? Express your view in the forums.

Fresh new year (Happy New Year BTW), fresh new content!

Also...fresh new link to get here!

It's much shorter than the last and hopefully easier to remember, http://jimsshenmue.cjb.net

Okay, second thing in this new piece of news, we have forums! They're being hosted by a friend of mine, Anthony. You may have visited his site, incase you haven't it's in the links page, or you can just click - Shenmue Centre

You can also visit his forums where you'll find a whole bunch of things to talk about, you'll also find my forums there too - Shenmue Centre Forums

But if you wanna go straight to my forums the link is - Jims Forums

I would be really grateful if we could get a few topics going, i'll make my own aswell, have fun! This link will also be in the F.R.E.E. page, i'll change that so that you'll know for future reference :D

In the upcoming weeks I shall also be adding music for you to download in my new downloads section. That will be up shortly, till then you can find the files at Shenmue Archive - Shenmue Archive

You may want to know that i'm currently working for another site, remember the Shenmue Archive link? For that site. I'll be adding a few media files and similar things like that, please visit! You can find the link in the links page. Don't worry, I shall still work on this site.

Hey another update here and I have got a treat for you! Lol, not really but it is kinda cool! If you want to get your site more noticed visit this site! All's you gotta do is scroll right to the very bottom of this page and you should see a nice little picture which also links to this particular site. Once there you can view other peoples sites out of a list of the top 50. There's not alot at the moment, but it's building up nicely!

Check it out and join!

Alright, we come bouncing back at you with a banner!

It's not that great, the colours messed up when I saved it, but it's better than some stupid text!

New random pic, interesting, but you probably won't like it...

There is another new link in my links page, go check it out!

It's called The Shenmue Archive and it's a really great looking page!

Let me just say that this is Jim's Shenmue Site's 1st Aniversary!

Yes, we have been on the net for exactly a year today and i'd just like everyone to sit back, relax and just think quietly of everything you've seen on this site. How it's changed, how it's progressed, how it all started...shed a tear or two, it's a great feeling isn't it!

Thank you all for everything!

A new random picture has been added today, and look, it's a nice little smiley! :)

Ok, if by any chance that you like visiting Shenmue Centre but you use the link on my site to get there, then you'll be pleased to know that I have updated it with the new link.

Go check it out!

Ok, poll time.

The one you guys just voted for got a 100% Yes I am very excited about Shenmue 2X.

Good stuff.

Check out the new poll, this one's just for Shenmue 2X owners.

Sorry about this crap update but since I have updated it then I thought i'd tell you.

The Medals/Duck race guide has been corrected as there were a few errors.

And that's it, oh how fun this site is!
...............oh how crap this site is!

Please, join my webring!

Sorry this news is late, i've just returned from my holiday.

Shenmue 2 for the Xbox is now out in America, and by the sound of it, it's amazing!

Bundled with the movie it makes me even more gasping for it, hurry up Yu, get the Europe version on the go!

Hope the people in America are enjoying the game, hopefully not long to wait for us English people, we'll just have to play the DC version through again!

See ya in a couple of months :)

Ok, poll results today, here they are as follows -

Are you gonna pre-order Shenmue 2X?

Yes, definatly! (31) 37%

Yes, probably. (22) 26%

Hmm, maybe. (15) 18%

No, but I might if it contains something really good! (12) 14%

No way, whether it has extra stuff or not! (4) 5%

Total Votes: 84

Thanks for everyone who voted, would you be so kind as to vote in the new poll for me please!

I would like to thank FaN_O_XiUYiNG for sending me some really cool Shenmue pictures, you can find them under the new section entitled "Cool Shenmue Pic's", if anyone else has any that they have not seen on my site and look good send me them! Thanks again Fan!

Remember everyone, join my webring!

"Woh, what's this, two updates in two days, Jim's on a roll!" lol!

Yes it's true, another update today, this time i've got rid of that nasty site my mate Joe made me link, and changed it to something better, go see for yourself (Bottom of this main page), there is also another link to the left of it which links to the official Shenmue site, handier than going to that links page isn't it!

I also have plans of stuff I may do (please be aware that this may never happen though) -

I'm thinking of setting up two more freeservers pages and just put Shenmue 2 stuff on one and Shenmue 3 stuff on the other one - then obviously just use this for Shenmue 1 stuff.

That then gives me alot more room to fit in tons more stuff etc, probably no media though (as there still won't be enough room), just pictures.

Sounds exciting, but it may never occur, i'll have to be really hyped up to actually do it when returning home from school.

More news at a later date maybe, my next thing to do will probably be the results of that poll I made a while back.

Hey you might even see them tomorrow!

Look at this...at the bottom of the page!


And i'll update at a later date lol!

Woh, doesn't time fly.

Only feels like yesturday I updated, not 20 days, damn that is long!

Anyway, hope you don't mind these small and lack of updates, the sites still intact right!

Ok, here we go, I have a new for you to check out while you wait for this to be updated (within the next 20 days lol!), it's - http://www.gotshenmue.4t.com

Find the link in the links page!

Until next time...peace!


Yeh! An update! And news!

We got a new link in the links page - http://aurelia.8k.com - and the whole page has been updated, getting rid of the ones currently not in use. Which means that there are two free spaces for anyone who would like their page added, please email me ~ jamesbrown13@hotmail.com

A new random picture has been added in the "Random Picture Page", go check that out.

Last bit of the day, lol, I dunno if I told you guys (you probably know by now anyway) but Shenmue 2 for the Xbox comes with a copy of Shenmue The Movie, so that's cool. Also for those who got worried at the whole no Shenmue 2X in Europe thing, here is an email I sent Sega Europe and as you can tell from their reply, it's good news! -

Hello James,

Thank you for your email.

Sega is going to release Shenmue 2 for the Xbox in Europe. However it has not yet been announced by Sega when it will be released. For any updates regarding release dates please visit our website www.sega-europe.com.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Edward Ford

Sega Customer Support
Internet Helpline: 09066 544 544 (Premium Rate)
All other enquiries: 08456 090 090 (Local Rate)
Hints and Tips: 0906 753 222

-----Original Message-----
From: James Brown [mailto:jamesbrown13@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 2:13 PM
To: customerservice@soe.sega.co.uk
Subject: Is this right?


Is this right what i've heard?

That your not going to release Shenmue 2 for the Xbox in Europe?

That is seriously the wrong thing to do guys, I so want this game as do many others.

You probably won't be bothered by this information but there seriously are alot of people in Europe that want and need this game, I know loads of people that i've met and made friends with through this game that have the same feelings as me.

This news is like a knife in the back, lots are saddened by this.

I was looking forward to this game, the graphics, the special features and the Shenmue The Movie DVD and I don't care one bit that I already own Shenmue 2 on the Dreamcast.

I love Shenmue, and I will support it until the end, but if you go stopping the release/releases of it over here then how can I.

Please, if you haven't made your mind up yet then listen to what the people want, they want this game, and I hope you can see this, cause it's true!

Thank you for listening,

Check out the topic I made in the dojo forums -


Just copy and paste that in your browser.

I shall see you guys later, whenever I feel that more news should be added! Or if anyone sends me an email for their site to be added.

More Shenmue 2X screens added!

Go check them out!

I've updated the Fangmei's Birthday guide as upon reading through it, it sounded crap. There was tons of spelling errors and the sentencing was awful.

Hope it helps you out better now!

Ok, the Shenmue 2X pics are up, you'll find them under the Shenmue 2X pictures link.

Go and take a look at them, they're looking pretty good!


New poll!!!!

Please vote!

Heh, ok, not that good of news, but at least it's an update.

And there's more to come, i'm gonna upload tons of Shenmue 2X pics for ya'll!

I'll update here when i've done them, so until then, later guys!

Yet another new pic, and still on the my desktop page.

It's my favourite band - Lost Prophets!!!

Check it out!

Ok, there is a new pic! but no shenmue pic. It is infact a drawing from a mate of mine on the dojo forums, Hei Long. If you were on the forums recently and on thee junk forum, you would know that Hei Long's pitch fork Larry has been kidnapped by Funky dave. Funky dave drew a picture of him killing Larry in acid. This picture by Hei shows the revenge of larry, go check it out, i've placed it in place of my desktop so go onto the my desktop page.

Oh look I need a new poll, that's old stuff now eh.

I'll do it later when I think of a good question.

Have any of you seen those Shenmue 2X pics yet from IGN. It was shown at E3 yesturday and IGN have the pictures. It might me hard to view them though cause when I went on I saw the first couple and then when I went to view the next picture it said I needed to subscribe to the premium subscription or something, but the pics I had just viewed started to say that too, so I don't know what went on there. And i'm not gonna subscribe cause you have to pay and if you can see all the stuff off another site for free then whats the point. There was also a movie for it aswell but I haven't seen this yet, hopefully someone I know off the dojo forums will share the file with me or something if they saved it. But trust me it looks better than the Dreamcast version and even that was good so this should be something special for us and the newcomers to the game.

Cool huh!!!

I've updated the My Desk Top page with my new desk top theme. If you miised the last one then there isn't much I can do cause the page only supports one picture so i've had to add the new one over the top, so to speak. Go check it out.

Ok the poll then :-

Do you think there will ever be a Shenmue 3?
Yes(19) ~ 43%
No(4) ~ 9%
Maybe(12) ~ 27%
Dunno Really(9) ~ 20%

Looks like it's a yes then!!!

Yey, an update!!!

This new page is something that happened on the Shenmuedojo forums - go there it's great, but I thought i'd make it into a page.

Have a look at the page called My desktop, it's really just a picture of what my desktop looks like, right click and make it your background (you may have to save it first), then it should look weird, cause like a desktop on a desktop with icons all over the place and stuff.

I'll also do a new poll in a bit.

A new link has been added for you to try out, cause it's a lot better than here at the moment. I haven't really got anything good to update the site with cause I ain't got much space left to update with. I'm thinking about maybe tring out Yahoo to make this site better, then I can have proper images and downloads too, cause I got a ton of stuff you could download. So that'll be good. Anyway check out that site, it's called Ren's Hideout and you'll find it under the links section, obvisiously. Go there...now!!!ish, cause you could stay here for a bit eh.

The poll results are in and here they are:-

Do you think Shenmue 3 will come out on the Xbox?

Yes (8) 36% (*&*&*&*&*&*)
No (4) 18%
Maybe (5) 23%
Dunno really (5) 23%

Winner - Yes

Total Votes - 22

So the passport disc should be closed now.
If you got on and did all the stuff you needed to do, well done.
If not, then it's a shame, cause you won't be able to.

Now the next big event will either be the release of Shenmue 2X on the Xbox or E3 which will take place in May, some Shenmue stuff may be featured there - hopefully.

We'll have to wait and see eh.

I have a new poll!!!

Please get your votes in for me.

And i'll catch you later.

3 things I wanna say today.

1. Poll results here, well it wasn't really a poll, more of a comment list or something. This was on your overall favourite character.

You said - Shenhua X1
Ryo X2
Guizang X3
strangly Gao Wen X1
Delin X1
Nozomi X1
Ren X1

2. Passport is ending really soon get on there now!

3. Give me some feedback via either email or guestbook please.

Not much happening in the Shenmue world at the moment, there was a ton up towards the release of Shenmue 2 and now it's gradually slowed down.

But any how, I have something to say.
The passport disc as we all know is ending soon as I mentioned a while back, this is really just a reminder.
There was loads of cool stuff on there so you might just wanna get a spare night and search it.

Theres stuff like explainations of all of Ryo's moves, the areas he has visited and a profile for every character you have met. This is really cool as you can view each character as a moveable 3D model and learn facts about them which you didn't know before - Shenhua is there also and it's cool to actually move her and look at her properly.

Other great stuff on the disc is the data review, showing preety useless information yet being great to read about. Like how long you have played the game for, how much of each item you have bought ect.

There's also a place where you can see how well you did at certain things in the game, by this I mean high scores you got from the arcade machines or maybe the forklift truck racing time you got. These can be put into the list to see how highly ranked it is. This is another cool feature as you can be the better player by simply seeing if your score is the best.

So I just wanna remind you to get as much of these things a you can in before April 2nd - which is the closing date for the online part.

And before you do that, while your here, just vote for your favourite character on the poll, results coming up preety soon.

And i'll catch ya later, on my news section which is where you are now, so come back here shortly.

Bye for now.

I am really sorry for not updating for like two weeks, i've actually been on the Shenmue Dojo Forums. They are really addictive, seeing what people think, asking questions, reading the answers, making your own answers. It's cool.

If you fancy coming on them go to http://www.forumplanet.com/planetxbox/shenmuedojo/
(copy and paste it into your browser).

If you wanna find me, my name is "jamesbrown".
Go now, and check back here in a bit for more news.


Which Shenmue game do you think is better ?

Shenmue 1 (11) 22%
Shenmue 2 (15) 31%(*&*&*&*&*&*)
I can't decide (12) 24%
Don't ask stupid questions,
there both good !!! 22%

Total - 49 Votes.

Winner - Shenmue 2.

Joes site doesn't appear to be happening if you know what I mean. There isn't much on there, just a sample story and two pics of his family. Go at your own risk. I'll tell you if he puts anything else on.

Another link added, well in place of another one, I can't have both and that site wasn't that great, well in other words this one is a lot better -at least it gets updated more often. The link is for shenmue domain so go check it out.

Hey i've added more cheats for Shenmue 2 so check them out.

They are :- Bad Ending, The Hang On Machine and 2 moves !!!

Sorry, I completly forgot about the poll results, so here they are.

Will you get an XBOX to carry on the Shenmue series even if you don't know whether the next games will be on it?

Yes (9) 69% (*&*&*&*&*&*)
No (0) 0%
Maybe (2) 15%
Once I know whether
they will (2) 15%
Other (0) 0%

Total - 13 votes. (unlucky)

Winner - Yes.
The results of the poll will feature here tomorrow, get ready for them. and get voting !!!

Stuff's going round peoples sites that a women named Nio Sun will feature in Shenmue 3. She has been seem since it all started but nothing on her at all. She has also featured as a downloadable Shenmue character from the passport disc in Shenmue 1 - so what will she bring to the game/story, we can only find out, to know.

You know that site in the links page "shenmue-online", well it seems to have actually come on now. If your thinking What? then don't worry cause i'll explain. When visiting the site before, it gave a page where it just said that it is under construction, and now it's up and running, and I would like you to visit it as it is something quite special really.

Hey you'll probably be wanting to know what my birthday surprise was, well if anyone clicked on the About Shenmue page then they'll that i've finally completed it from like ages ago.

Enjoy please.

Did you find my birthday surprise ?
Look harder.

Hey it's my birthday today !!!
15, cool huh.
Just cause it's you i've added a very special thing to the website.
You'll find it on one certain page, which one ?
Look now. I'll tell you what is was in a few days time.

I've noticed that the date has changed for the ending of the online passport area I mentioned the other week (News date - 5th January), it's now April the 2nd.
Even longer for the skill stuff huh.

Vote on the new poll set up yesturday for me please, it's very nice of you if you do.

Here are the long awaited results of that poll at the bottom of this page.

Who is your favourite character in Shenmue 2 - besides Ryo?

Shenhua (4) 17%
Ren (8) 35% (*&*&*&*&*&*)
Lan Di (1) 4%
Joy (3) 13%
Wong (1) 4%
Xuiying (2) 9%
Fangmei (2) 9%
Zhu Yuanda (1) 4%
Dou Niu (1) 4%
Delin (0) 0%
Other (0) 0%

Total - 23 votes.

Winner - Ren.

Hey you know I did put up the Fangmei's Birthday guide Monday night - how bout that hey.
Try it out if you haven't already, you'll just want to get every last bit in Shenmue 2 so don't miss out.

I have updated the cheats page with Shenmue 2 related cheats, I have put up the guide to get the 3 medals/fight in the arcade/duck race.
So check it out if you don't know about it.
I'm currently in the process of putting Fangmei's Birthday guide up for ya to so you can probably expect to see it sometime tonight, if you look.

Hey I know it's been a while again - well slightly, this is what i've said to "Cool man" in the guestbook (yeh i'm replying to comments in the guestbook if I want to so use it),

The reason I can't put you guys more pages up is because i've ran out, you see, you can't really just say i wanna new page you get a certain amount.


I'll tell you more when it happens - okay.


Hey, long time no see.
I'm back again and hopefully you'll like the cheat page that's happening now. Don't blame me if you don't like the cheats page - you could have chosen, I gave you the opportunity and you screwed it up. But yeah, anyway check it out, and tell me how good my site is.

The latest news is here and it's a good one.
You know how I said I was in the process of making a better site, well it's got better - i'm the staff of another new Shenmue site. Yeh, so it's like a group thing so there's resources from everyone. There's some bloke making games for it, me and this other bloke getting the info on the pages - i've made two so far. When I get the actual address for it i'll post it on here and you can go on that.
I will still update this and put stuff on that spare page !!!
I don't really know if I should continue what I started on that "Better site" I was on about, cause i've done some stuff on that before this staff thing came along. If I can handle it, i will.

Come on you guys, I need to know about this spare page I have. What should go on !!! Think about it please.

Hiya people. The new news for today is to tell you that i'm currently in the process of making a better site than this, hopefully containing movie clips which I could not do on this site, also there is a ton of space so there will be absolutly everything in my site. If you wanna know what i'm using to make it with, it's COol Page. Cool huh.
Don't get worried though cause I will still do this site aswell - aren't I good.

Dammit you guys. Please if you visit my site enter in the poll, write in my guestbook, and tell me please what my spare page sould feature, if you don't in two days, remember what I said, it would be cheats, and you better like them. There's gotta be someone coming on my site - just help me out.

Hey I just wanna say for you guys to click that dreamstation link. It's the box thing which says, click here, top web sites.

The results are here and 11 of you voted. Thats not good. Here they are anyway. Check out the new poll aswell. You have a week. Next Tuesday night will be the results of that poll thing - okay.

Who is your favourite character in the first Shenmue, besides Ryo ?

Nozomi (2) 18%
Tom (2) 18%
Fuku-san (1) 9%
Ine-san (0) 0%
Guizang (4) 34% *&*&*&*&*&*
Lan Di (1) 9%
Chai (0) 0%
Master Chen (1) 0%
Iwao (0) 0%
Mark (0) 0%
Other (0) 0%

Total - 11 votes.

Winner - Guizang.

Get your votes in people, I think there's only ten there. It's not good enough. Anyway, tommorrow when I come on the results will be final, and will be posted on here, and then I will get a new poll for you guys.
Hurry up now !!! - please.

The Guest Book is now located on the F.R.E.E. page and it works so get your comment on there now !!!
Also, the poll featured on this page will end tommorrow and the results will feature in this news section. So get voting for your favourite Shenmue 1 character, if yours isn't there, you can tell me by writing the name of him/her in the comments part or the Guest Book. Thanks for voting - if you did.

The really only newest news and you've probably heard it from Shenmue.com or something.
The passport discs' internet site is no more from the end of March, so if you really really like that then it's going all wrong for you. Get over it !!!
It can't stay there for ever.

What I have is one free page.
It goes under the name of "Whats new page".
I want you to tell me in my guestbook what should feature on the page cause I don't know what people like you are actually looking for when you visit a page. So if you could do that, that'll be great. If I don't get any feed back within a week, i'll put cheats on it, but tell me please.

Warning : This piece of news
is dangerously long,
You may damage your
brain reading it all.
But then again it
won't affect you
if your anything
like me - brainless.

With this being the page
where all the news is now, I
don't need my upadates page
anymore. So when I say here,
that page will feature more
shenmue stuff. I'm thinkin
about cheats and stuff,
cause most of the Shenmue
sites seem to have that.
They also seem to have a lot
more space and pages to put
more stuff on, which makes
my site look embarrassing
when compared. It's this
freeservers stuff, it's
good, but not that good,
unless you pay, and that
is something i'm not gonna
do - so sorry.

In other news, my mate Joe
has also made a site (well
started) with the help of me
of course. But no don't go
there lookin for more Shenmue
info, cause your not gonna find
it, only if you wanna get linked
back to here. Infact it's gonna
be a funny site. So if you like
a good laugh go there later on.
Stay here for now.
Where is it linked you ask, where do you
think, oh it wouldn't be on the Shenmue
links cause it isn't a Shenmue link. It is
on this page, hidden somewhere - can
you find it. No. Oh a what shame that is,
cause it was right in front of your eyes,
right at the very bottom, then to the right.
Yes you've got it now. Well done.
But only go there later remember. You
just gotta stay here for a bit.

So remember, only go there once you've
finished here, right.

Grabbed a few bits of info
for the site. Cool huh.

Updated links and
decided to make "Ryo's
House" the news page.
Might I also add that
my screenshots are gonna
change to Shenmue 2 shots.
Get the most out of the
regular shots while you
can. Right click and
save them even.

Added my site on that
page the advert links
to. See if you can find
it and click on it
for me. It will get
the site up to a higher

Getting information
for my about the game

Got rid of the
guest book page.
Don't worry though
i'll make a new one.

Put up a poll.
It's on "Ryo's house".

Starting to make
progress. Like the
screenshots pages.

Fine tuned stuff
up still some left to do

Even more added.

Continued, tons added.

Site started.


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