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  • April 2nd, 2005

The latest first is tagging colors. John brought this to my attention this morning, and my first thought was that now in addition to tagging links with words, users can tag their links with hexadecimal colors. This could be a slick feature for users who think visually and can easily justify a color-coding system for bookmarks. This color meta-data could also lead to interesting visualizations of popular link trends and would leave wide open for analysis of the human psyche and internet content conception.

Unfortunately, the actual color tagging system that has set up does not support any of this, and in fact dilutes the brand. The new feature allows users to tag one or several colors by replacing the traditional URL with color: followed by a comma-delimited list of hexadecimal colors. Users can now classify these colors according to their personal folksonomy.

So now is not only a social bookmarking service, but also a social color scheme service? This new feature seems completely out of context and would be more at home in a design community than a social bookmarking community. Additionally, the color syntax in place of the URL is useless outside of the interface, botching RSS feeds and the importing of bookmarks into a user’s browser. Just check out my recent delicious links in my sidebar, and you’ll see a link to color:FFBFBF,BF6060,FFE6E6,FF8080,FFD9BF,BF8660,FFF0E6,FFB380,FFBFEF,BF60A7,FFE6F9,FF80DF. Firefox politely tells me that “color is not a registered protocol.”

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One Person had this to say...

Liz Lawley Said...

Fascinating. I hadn’t heard about this.

Color tags in Flickr are one of my favorite things to browse…there’s nothing like a screen full of bright yellow or orange photos to brighten a gray day!

  • April 7th, 2005 at 2:57 pm

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