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InstaJungle 0.2

InstaJungle is a VST plugin I wrote a while ago to help me with beat slicing. It was first inspired by Bram's SupaTrigga, but the fact that they both buffer incoming audio and then slice it is the only thing they have in common. InstaJungle will let you slice beats on the fly, and let you play back different slices in the buffer with just the movement of a slider or the twist of a knob. It works best with a midi controller, since you don't want to be adjusting those parameters with a mouse at a gig, do you?

Instajungle has been updated to include some nifty things and fix some other things. Here's a basic list of new/fixed stuff in version 0.2

Before downloading, please read the notes.

InstaJungle 0.2 (Most Recent)October 2005OS
InstaJungle 0.1August 2005OS

If you have any questions/feature requests/bug reports, could you please send them to

If you suddenly feel the need to be charitable and wish to donate to the future development of InstaJungle (or you want to grease my palms to get more features implemented), I can accept transfers though Paypal. Email the above address if you want to know my paypal address- I won't post it here because of spammers.

Best wishes,
Laurence Davies


Have a look at dblue's Glitch for a VST that makes IDM style, well, glitches.

Renoise is an awesome piece of music creation software.

InstaJungle is copyright 2005 to Laurence Davies.

VST is copyright to Steinberg Media Technologies.