Virtual Megaminx

Megaminx is a variant of the Rubik's Cube, in the shape of a dodecahedron. A Megaminx has 12 center pieces, 30 edge pieces and 20 corner pieces. Each face/layer can be rotated by a multiple of 72 degree. The aim of the puzzle is to turn the Megaminx to a position where each face has a solid color. The mechanism inside a Megaminx is so complicated that it is never widely available on the market. The Virtual Megaminx is a 3D simulation of the Megaminx written in Java. Faces/layers can be twisted by clicking the centers or by dragging edges or corners. The whole Megaminx can be rotated by dragging the centers. Megaminx is harder to solve than the Rubik's cube, but it is more fun to play. The built-in solver will show you how to solve the Megaminx step by step.

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Play Instructions:

To twist a face/layer COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, click the center with the LEFT mouse button. To twist a face/layer CLOCKWISE, click the center with the RIGHT mouse button. Alternatively, you can twist a face/layer by dragging a corner or an edge to its neighbouring piece (the drag and drop has to be performed on the same face). To rotate the whole Megaminx, drag the centers or drag the mouse on the background. The Megaminx can be rotated at any time even it is in playback. The playback buttons ('F/Back', 'Back', 'Next', 'F/Next') will be activated only after the 'Solve' button is clicked. They will be disabled once a manual twist is applied. While in playback mode, the target cubie is outlined with white lines.

To view the applet, your browser must support JRE1.4 (Java Runtime Environment). You can Download J2SE JRE from SUN. Follow this link to View a screen shot

Solving the Megaminx

The algorithm used in this applet is a simplified version of Kurt Endl's algorithm. It only uses three sequences and their mirror images. The Megaminx is solved according to the following order:

  1. Fix south pole edges
  2. Fix four south pole corners, leaving the fifth as a key hole
  3. Fix four southern equatorial edges using the key hole
  4. Fix the last south pole corner
  5. Fix the last southern equatorial edge
  6. Fix southern equatorial corners
  7. Fix middle equatorial edges
  8. Fix northern equatorial corners and edges in pairs, leaving the fifth pair unfixed
  9. Fix north pole edges and the last northern equatorial edge
  10. Place north pole corners and the last northern equatorial corner
  11. Orient north pole corners and the last northern equatorial corner
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Author: Jiuzhao Hua

About the author: Jiuzhao Hua is a programmer based in Sydney. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and MSc in Computer Science. He is also a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer. He enjoys programming in Java and SAS.


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