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Current status
Currently LOMA refers to 24 "common" landfill Operational Problems.
These problems can be triggered by 88 Starting Events.
LOMA provides 106 Advices on these landfill operational problems.



Landfill Operation Management Advisor


Landfill operations web based expert system  

is a web based expert system that analyses common landfill operational problems, faults and accidents. Moreover, LOMA provides advices on how to prevent them, and in case of occurrence, on how to lessen the impact of their consequences.

LOMA is addressed to anyone who seeks answers to questions related to landfill management and landfill operations.

The following services regarding to landfill operations are available:


1. Occurrence possibility estimation of common landfill operational problems, faults or accidents (Web based expert system application).

This link activates the landfill operation management advisor web based expert system  

2. Advices and solutions on landfill operations problems.

Follow this link if you are seeking advice on landfill problems  

3. Information on the compination of reasons that can trigger these common landfill operational problems.

Follow this link to view fault tree analysis figures refering to landfill problems  

4. Information on the events that can generate one or several problems to landfill operations.

Follow this link in case you wonder if an event can  trigger operational problems to your landfill  

5. Information on how a specific operational problem can be generated.

Follow this link to see lists of events that can trigger landfill problems  
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