Monday, July 25, 2005

The 30% solution

Racial Tension Index (can I register this as a trademark?) went up a notch when the keris panca warisan was sworn on, and Barisan Nasional leaders started to trade warps in the open, and a warning shot was fired by the Umno president, who said even Israel is watching us.

NEP_Hisham_Keris.jpg NEP_Pemuda_050721.jpg

By championing the revival of the New Economic Policy (NEP), and within 48 hours mutating it to New National Agenda (NNA), is Pemuda Umno running out of ideas and political capital?

Here are excerpts of fine opinion pieces:

NST Editorial (Jul 22): The 30pc solution

Indeed, at this pass of history, this is a worthier measure of success than indigenous adventures in entrepreneurialism. Bumiputera progress towards that 30 per cent economic share, 15 years after it was supposed to have been achieved, had fallen about 10 percentage points short and been plagued by mis-steps, uneven distribution and unanticipated setbacks from leakages and abuse to the Asian financial crisis; from venality within to manipulation without. The failure to achieve the equity target symptomises failings of competence and competitiveness, but not of policy.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s call for the "revival" of the NEP, endorsed by Umno Youth, therefore seemed somewhat of an exercise in semantics. The policy was never really repealed. Its nominal replacement by the National Development Plan in 1990 acknowledged that this country in its modern form was predicated on the provisions of the NEP and would remain so. These principles, devised in the aftermath of the May 13 riots, had come to be the keel of the national social contract. Never again would Malaysia revert to a time when the dispossessions of poverty and economic stratification by race would be tolerated as "the way things are". If that required unrelenting policy intervention, so be it.

But this was no longer in doubt, which is why Hishammuddin’s "Seven Thrusts" speech did not break radically new ground. Rural, infrastructural and resource-based development, strategic sectoral participation and human-capital growth are all stated policies of the present national administration, with the widespread support and approval of the rakyat. The "Malay Agenda" is undermined, however, by perceptions of preference unfairly given and opportunities squandered on the undeserving. Therefore, "reviving the NEP" should not overturn the present ideal of meritocratic competition but draw from it. The objective, restated 35 years on, is to reach that level of human development where 30 per cent of the national economy is not what the Malays and their fellow Bumiputeras are decreed, but what they deserve.

If that sounds like Oxfordian language to you, try this kopitiam version from Dr Lim Keng Yaik, who entered politics when the NEP was first implemented and had lived through it in the 32 years past. Via Bernama:

"Since 1970 (when the NEP was introduced), 35 years have gone by, we must analyse why the bumiputera percentage has not been achieved. How we achieved 18 per cent (of the target) in the first 15 years and, after 35 years, we have gone backward?"

Dr Lim expressed concern that the issue could develop into a racial confrontation if the Malays continuously failed to address their weaknesses in the economy.

Via theSun:

Gerakan president Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik on Sunday called for Malaysians to build the nation's wealth together, regardless of the 30% equity share for the Malays in the nation's economy.

He said the party has no problem with the equity allocation, adding that it was more important to concentrate on wealth generation for all races.

"A country should create enough wealth to be distributed (to the people), otherwise it is useless to fight for a rotten cake," he said in his speech at the 2005 Selangor Gerakan delegates conference's press conference.

Keng Yaik's statement ised as the frontpage lead for Berita Harian topday. Read on.

On Umno Youth's call for the revival of the New Economic Policy (NEP) within the national development policy to protect Malay interests, Lim said it is not the right time to argue about this as the country is facing difficulties in maintaining growth.

The NEP was launched in 1971, with the overriding goal of national unity.

It set a restructuring target of 30:40:30, where by 1990, the holdings of the bumiputras of corporate stock ownership should reach 30%, other Malaysians 40% and the foreigners 30%, in the context of an expanding economy.

This policy was continued after 1990, as the National Development Policy.

Lim said since the NEP's introduction, the Malays had yet to achieve the equity target. As such, he said, the government should find out why and look into the weaknesses.

"The Malay community must learn to retain and build up what (equity share) had been given to them; they must not keep asking for more," he said.

On Gerakan's stand, Lim said the party does not wish to participate in any "confrontation" especially on topics that can generate a "racial reaction".

He said Gerakan's "Malaysian approach" is a non-racial one to ensure all issues regardless whether they are bumiputra or non-bumiputra are attended as national or Malaysian issues.

Lim said the policy suggested by Umno Youth should be renamed the National Entrepreneurship Policy to train not only Malays but all Malaysian entrepreneurs to build up their wealth.

He said the entrepreneurs should also be trained to maintain their wealth, and be able to compete internationally and not just with other races.

Elaborating on the "leakages" of the policy, Lim said problems like the abuse of licences and contracts given to bumiputras must be curbed.

"That's how the AP (approved permit) problem was created; those who got the APs are actually getting 'gaji buta'.

"They don't have to work, yet can easily get rich. This is not a business but a privilege. It went on and on until it was disclosed during the Umno general assembly.

"Malays are not satisfied, Chinese are not satisfied and even Indians are not satisfied. It must be given to the right people, so Malaysian entrepreneurs must be taught and built up on how to do business," he told a press conference after the opening.

Lim said these "billionaires" cannot even become millionaires when a financial crisis hits them.

Meanwhile, the viagra effect on MCA's stand had waned and the party announced that it accepts Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's statement that Umno's proposal to reintroduce the NEP is an effort to "finish unfinished business".

Utusan Malaysia, on the other hand, has come out with a new spin to bring the curtain down on the farce. Awang Selamat says: "Orang Melayu sudah teruk dihentam. Cukuplah."

But I can't help sensing that the "good cop - bad cop" tactic has been used to the fullest during the Umno general assembly to put the Umno audience at peace with the leadership, and at ease with the leakages (read: sellout of given equity by the favoured sons and sustained APs to the select few) plaguing the policy and system in the country.

Media behaviour

The Star, ever playing safe on sticky issues like these, has chosen to 'mistaken' the trees - here and here - for the forest. Except this one by Wong Sulong:

All Malaysians must accept this fact and be comfortable with it: No government can afford to abandon the Malays and their welfare. There has always been some form of affirmative action for the Malays even in the days of the British. The NEP greatly accelerated the process.

This policy of affirmative action will continue whatever the nametag. The question is how to make it more equitable and less divisive, not only among Malaysians but more importantly among the Malays.

Malaysians must stop chasing and biting their own tails through endless argument about who gets what share of the national economic pie. Ensure the pie gets bigger, and faster, first. What is there to share if it shrinks? And it will shrink if we are not globally competitive.

Awang Selamat, a critic of Keng Yaik, seems to agree with the Barisan nasional stalwart, and wants to put an end to the Ali-Baba syndrome. He says the non-Malays must assist and play their role well in this effort:

Ini boleh dilakukan dengan tidak lagi menjadi baba kepada ali. Jika Melayu hendak jual apa juga peluang perniagaan yang mereka peroleh daripada kerajaan, jangan ambil.

Jangan ambil? It's your turn to discern the good cop from the bad, and whether there are saints among our peers.

Posted by jeffooi at July 25, 2005 07:26 AM | TrackBack

I would like to know when is this "unfinished business" is going to end. Seems like the Malays are used to this "unfinished business", and i dont think they have the intention of ending it actually.

Posted by: devilmaster at July 25, 2005 08:31 AM

Why the need of a weapon to be a symbol to an organization speaks of weakness & fear within that organization. The human mind seeks to show a logo of strength to represent it but a logo is just a logo, the true ability of a person, race or organization is in its ability to perform & become a success. This I am afraid is not the case

Posted by: ramlihitam at July 25, 2005 08:35 AM

As a non-Malay observing the UMNO general assembly on TV and reading it in papers, it made me feel as if we are treated as second class citizens. Non-Malays will never be seen or treated equal in this country. Worse still, calls for revival of the NEP would only further marginalise the non-Malays in the this country.

Ppl like HIshamuddin and KJ were rallying for more rights for the bumiputera community not realising that this practice is discriminatory in nature. These are the very people who hit out on chinese schools claiming that it will cause disunity. Also, these are the very people who hit out on South Africa's apartheid rule which they see as racial discrimination.

But don;t these people realise that their very actions are to be blamed for causing more disunity as well as propagating racial discriminatory policies?

I have nothing against affirmative actions to help out poor Malays in the Kampung. But UMNO never realise that its NEP actually benefit those UMNOputras the most. From my observation, the gap between the poor and rich Malays is extremely large. Just as there are many rich Malay datuks and Tan Sris, the majority of Malays still live in Kampung and struggling to have ends meet. The rich Malays are getting richer with all those share allocations, AP, govt. contracts and etc. But that wealth failed to trickle down to the ordinary Malay folk who lives in the Kampung.

Ppl in UMNO laments the fact that many Malays have been deprived of higher education lately. However, they never realise that the non-Malays who have been discriminated all this while, have to cough out their life savings to support their children education in colleges and overseas.

While I was in UK pursuing my Masters, many of the Malay students who were under scholarships were not poor after all and worse still, performed below average in the class. On top of it, many of them actually bought Mercedes Benz to be brought back to Malaysia. Sounds too familiar?

As long as political parties in Malaysia are racially based, extremist positions are the way to go. The silent majority in favour of moderation will be trampled upon. I have never liked those chauvinistic Chinese bodies like Dao Zhong etc. However, i guess I have to lend my support to them for fear of UMNO youth trampling on us.

At moments like these, it does make me wonder how could I be proud to be called a Malaysian.


Posted by: thomas at July 25, 2005 09:04 AM

From Star Sun

quote: Najib -

On meritocracy, he said statistics showed that the number of bumiputra students accepted into competitive courses at universities remained strong..

Bumiputras made up 59.7% of students who secured places to study medicine at public universities, 60.5% in dentistry, 65.6% in electronic engineering and 51.8% in economics.

However, enrolment in pharmacy and accountancy courses was lower than other races, he said.

The Government, he said, would ensure that their participation in these critical fields remains at a level acceptable to Malays.

Towards this end, he said the Goverment planned to double the intake of students in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) from 100,000 to 200,000 by 2015.

“One of the institutes that has really served the Malays is UiTM. And UiTM not only stands for Universiti Teknologi Mara but also Universiti ini Tolong Melayu or Universiti ini Tempat Melayu,” he said.

On the role of Mara, he said the Government had in principle agreed to increase its allocation by another RM257.6mil.

Najib said the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) had released loans amounting to RM8.5bil to 645,468 students, of whom 75.9% were bumiputras.

As of May 31 this year, only RM129mil was recovered from the RM424mil overdue.

Najib said to get recipients to repay their loans, the Higher Education Ministry had sent out congratulatory letters to new graduates, with a reminder to pay up.


Posted by: Neil at July 25, 2005 09:07 AM

Aiks.. how come the keris looks straight and longer now, all these while a keris is never straight and short, I used to wonder how they used to fight with that keris those days?

Maybe after 30 years they realised its time to change.

We all use gun now la, how want to achieve 2020 vision like this..

Posted by: Brucewayne at July 25, 2005 09:35 AM

To fallback on the reintroduction or revival of the NEP (in whatever form and name) to propel the race forward with another “ great leap” would be a dismal failure for the Malays again. They must first establish a solid foundation; learn to walk before running ahead. They must break away from self-adopted restrictions, limiting conceptions and dogmas. Limited, dogmatic, or loose concepts of good and evil (money politics & corruption) will hold them back.

They have created their own settings or environment and wrote the script for the first NEP. Like a true absent-minded professor, they forget all this, however, so when tragedy appears (unable to achieve their quotas, percentages and etc), difficulty or challenges, the UMNO youths look for someone or something to blame.

They have to change their ways of seeking help from others in avoiding responsibilities and in so doing deny their own race abilities for self-understanding and growth.

We have already now the Glocal Malays – mainly the products of inter racial marriages. Can the UMNO, MCA or MIC youths mixed to produce the BN youths to form the Glocal Malaysians? No way, this cannot happen, as the Malays would not allow their race or religion to be compromised in the process.

This inward looking is their greatest setback and they dare to call it the NNA - a NATIONAL agenda for the Malays. It should be NMA!

Posted by: mwt at July 25, 2005 09:42 AM

You draw a sword against an enemy? You thrust a sword to warn off an enemy. You never need to draw a sword out among friends and family.

The UMNO General Assembly was family. So the sword that that spoilt brat Hishamuddin Onn drew was for someone outside the Assembly. Who was that enemy?

Read through all the speaches and you will see who the enemy is. No...its not Israel or the Jews. No, its not the USA or George Bush. And no its not even England or Tony Blair. Neither is it Indonesia, Singapore, China or India or Thailand. And no its not even drawn in the launch of a Jihad.

The speaches say it all. The enemy is the enemy within. The enemy are all the non-Malays living in this country. The Malaysian Chinese and Indians and others. They are the enemies and the sword was drawn against them.

Why? Is that the Malay mentality? Cannot a bunch of Malays meet without the presence of an enemy or a perceived enemy at their midst? Cannot these Malay leaders understand that you do not need to have an enemy in order that you lead a people? Leading a people does not have to mean that the people need to have an enemy among their fellow men. Only "leaders" who have hijacked themsleves to that role by holding others to ransom or by stealth and deceit need the presence of the "fear of the perceived enemy" to justify their continued leadership of that bunch of people.

It is sad indeed that the Malays cannot find from amongst them a leader who can lead them at a time of peace and in a time when they do not have enemies. It would seem that even when it is not necessary and even when the enemy is not there, the Malay leader needs to instil the fear of the enemy to get his 2 minutes of standing ovation and applause from his flock.

The "enemy" who is not really an enemy because they consider the Malays to be friends and fellow country men is bewildered. Tired! Patient! Laughing! Fearful! Fed up! Amused! Sorry!

Yes, sorry for the flock who so easily suck up to their leaders' rhetoric and rather live in fear and to let fear guide their every actions and beliefs. Fed-up of the leaders, because the leaders are devoid of any qualities that cuts them into a leadership role without first having in front of them a non-existent enemy!

Posted by: Observer at July 25, 2005 09:47 AM

Just give him some room..he is youth chief so have to wayang a bit with keris and rhetorics and play to the gallery..

Posted by: art chan at July 25, 2005 09:50 AM

The message is clear... Most of you got it right. Pemuda UMNO is definitely immature and confined within the country declaring the need to wrestle among MALAYSIANs. While the rest of the world championing their country by unity among the citizens as a team.

Najib talks about global competitive but Hishamuddin talks about local competitive.

Ideas must have run dry for our PEMUDA. Future of Malaysia is definitely unknown...

Posted by: vERINe at July 25, 2005 10:21 AM

Umno youth President wave a keris to emphasise their struggle is not over yet. I suggest OngKahTing should wave a samurai sword for the same purpose during the coming election. Lim Kit Siang should bring a rocket launcher to signify its strength.
Will they be charge for possession of offensive weapon or worst still be detained under ISA?
Hishamuddin is trying to gain political mileage and in waving the keris , he is trying to cover up his lacking in leadership materials. But little did he know that through his clownish act,he is frightening away would be investor. Any one looking at his image with his ugly look holding a keris would definitely be frightened. He portrays leaders in Malaysia are pugnacious and raring for a fight if need to be. As Lim Kheng Yaik rightly said that we are already finding it difficulty in attracting investment and there goes a clown whose act would definitely worsen the situation. Only God can help Malaysia if we have such leaders in our midst.

Posted by: mewah at July 25, 2005 10:22 AM

didn't the "keris-handler" talk about building unity in schools just a few weeks ago. i wonder if clutching a weapon is his idea of instituting this "unity". we have been inundated with pages upon pages of blatant racism (and it's apparently ok!) in the mainstream newspapers for about a week serves as a great impetus for most of us to get the hell out of this apartheid-wannabe regime (a rose [thorn?] by any other name) while we still can. front page "star" yesterday proclaimed that thou shalt not question the NEP.... yes sir, whatever you say, sir!

Posted by: jg at July 25, 2005 10:27 AM


What is the difference between wielding the Symbol or a gun for the matter...

They are aware that the world n all malaysians are watching this...yet they might just have sent out a threat...

Why can't they correct their own eyesights n visions...or treat their own 'illness' first...n come to terms that...what went wrong in the past 35 years...are of their own faults n responsibilites...

Having said that...the rest of us malaysians...err...dead or alive...ought to share the equal blames as well...:rolleyes:

Posted by: Orchi at July 25, 2005 10:36 AM

Therefore, "reviving the NEP" should not overturn the present ideal of meritocratic competition but draw from it. The objective, restated 35 years on, is to reach that level of human development where 30 per cent of the national economy is not what the Malays and their fellow Bumiputeras are decreed, but what they deserve. Unquote.

The key word is "Deserve". Abdullah once mentioned, what is EASY to get is EASY to let go. It will be hard to achieve in the next 30 years, if the UMNO malays continue the abuse of NEP to feed the selected few while the rest of the Bumis remain same. "pi mai.. pi mai, tang tu"

Besides, if it did... human will never be satisfied even if the 30% is achieved. Do you really think they will restructure the system? Hell no!

The key word is DESERVE! With the word so strongly used to defend the NEP, do you really think Malaysia will ever, ever change? Non-Bumis will always and always be side-lined.

Do you belong here?

Posted by: vERINe at July 25, 2005 10:43 AM;=nation


THERE has been a lot of heat generated during the past week over the New Economic Policy. It started with Umno Youth calling for the ýreintroductioný or ýrevivalý of the NEP.

Itýs sad to see a surprising lack of understanding from so many quarters, both non-Malay and Malay, of the NEP, as well as how to move forward. Some, particularly the young, thought there was no such thing as the NEP.

Part of the lack of understanding ý and the controversy generated ý could be due to the dual objectives of the NEP and the emphasis given to each of the objectives by the Malay and non-Malay communities.

****Before I proceed further, itýs perhaps appropriate to reiterate the background to the NEP and its twin objectives.

The policy was formulated after the bloody racial riots of May 1969. The architect was Malaysiaýs second prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak, father of current deputy prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Tun Razak was Malaysiaýs Master Planner. Although he was prime minister for only five-and-a-half years, he left behind two enduring national legacies: the massive land development schemes (Felda) to alleviate rural poverty and the NEP.

The NEP has two objectives. One: to eradicate the identification of economic function with race; and Two: to eradicate poverty irrespective of race.

The first objective has a sub-text: that is to create a modern Malay business community capable of competing with the other races.

In pushing for the NEP, Tun Razak (and other Malay leaders at that time) argued that unless the economic status of the Malays was upgraded and that they had a stake in the wealth of the country, there could be no guarantee for peace and stability.

At the same time he promised that the NEP would be implemented in such a manner that no community would feel deprived or alienated. The NEP objectives are to be achieved through an expanding economic pie.

The NEP is an all-embracing social and economic programme and among its principal targets is that at least 30% of the shares on the Malaysian stock exchange are held by Malays. (It was only 2% when the NEP was introduced in 1970).

Now, nearly 35 years since its introduction, few Malaysians will deny that the NEP has been a great success in ensuring peace and stability and that all Malaysians ý Malays and non-Malays ý have benefited from the expanding economic pie. Itýs important to note that during the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 when Malaysia faced its worst recession, there was no racial upheaval, as experienced in neighbouring Indonesia. This is because throughout our post-Merdeka history, we have always had governments that are fair and pragmatic.****

===> The great leader - Tun Razak in the past had trying very very hard to ensure racial integration among different races but after the 35 years, NEP still failed to achieve any GOOD results! 35 years of wasting energy and resources to plan, what is going on there!!!hello??!! DO THEY REALLY PLAN? OR THEY JUST SIT THERE ENJOYING THEIR AIR-CONDITIONED OFFICE AND SIPPING COFFEE AT 3 PM AND THEN GO BACK HOME EXACTLY AT 5 PM EVERYDAY..... ONLY leaders in the past DID care about their country and the ppl of different ethnicity...FIGHT for our independence and kicked-out the Singapore's PM (Lee Kuan Yew) at that time that time for trying to create racial polarisation among community in Malaysia... ONLY our leaders in the past really understand the our NEED!! But, all that were just something you would dream about now...the present governement now is just an empty shell!!! Screaming loud in the assembly but practising money politics - CORRUPTION - to be a more suitable WORD, squeezing every single penny that we are earning for their own pleasures....

It is seditious ý and thatýs entrenched in the Constitution and Law ý to question the special Malay privileges and the NEP.

*****However, itýs all right to debate on how the NEP is implemented. And itýs the nature of this debate that occasionally the race issue shows its ugly head. Malays would emphasise on the first NEP objective; the non-Malays on the second.

In his winding-up speech at the Umno general assembly on Saturday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, quickly moved to defuse a potentially divisive situation by telling Chinese newspapers not to bring up the racial issue in the debate.

The NEP, he added, was a government policy and the Government would work to complete its ýunfinished job.ý

ýWe are not denying the rights of other races which are enshrined in the Constitution and which we defend. What we are doing is to work harder for the progress of the Malays,ý he explained.

What I find sad is that after nearly 50 years of independence and 35 years of the NEP, Malaysians are still very divided on how the economic cake is to be shared when the country is facing a very serious challenge to its prosperity from globalisation and liberalisation.

All Malaysians must accept this fact and be comfortable with it: No government can afford to abandon the Malays and their welfare. There has always been some form of affirmative action for the Malays even in the days of the British. The NEP greatly accelerated the process. *****

===> Special priviledges of Malays must be preserved and none of us have any problem with it and we do not question it BUT one thing for sure, the reason WHY the Malays are still FAILED to develop themselves as compared to others are mainly because of their mentality... and they laziness as they have more benefits in almost everything that other ethnic don't and THAT IS WHY they are always behind others! ALL these can be witnessed when you are visiting or calling any governmental institution, right? really sad....Chinese and Indians in the communities were shipped by the colonialists as slaves and they had worked extremely hard to earn their place in the community...VERY...VERY HARD!!! Therefore, government should re-analyse the strategies and push the Malays more harder with some proper rules and regulations such as making strict quotas to universities for Malays as well - make them understand the pain the rest are suffering, provide equal opportunities to obtain loans and scholarships btw Malays and NOn-Malays - local and overseas and making sure that ONLY those students who are really maintaining good academic results and possessed the leadership quality continue to enjoy and are useful to the society ENTITTLED for those scholarships or loans! DID the government realised taht majority of Malays and some minority of non-Malays that graduated from universities
failed to secure a good job in the MARKET? WHY? INstead they can be seen working in F &B; industries and low-salaried
positions in the firm...WHY? This directly resulting PTPTN FAILED to collect the loans from those student!!
I recalled when I was working in this trading firm, I was incharged of recruiting staffs for my boss. You will definitely surprised that the MAJORITY of the local universities graduates applying for FRONT-DESK or clerks at which the salaries are only ranging from RM750 to RM800! Moreover, they have a considerably good CGPA standings BUT unable to speak proper English (My Boss can only understand English)... the most hilarious thing is that when I called them up for the interview session, I was speaking in English AND that person was talking with me in OTHER LANGUAGE in the entire conversation!!!Ohmigod........

This policy of affirmative action will continue whatever the nametag. The question is how to make it more equitable and less divisive, not only among Malaysians but more importantly among the Malays.

Malaysians must stop chasing and biting their own tails through endless argument about who gets what share of the national economic pie. Ensure the pie gets bigger, and faster, first. What is there to share if it shrinks? And it will shrink if we are not globally competitive.

Umno 2005 saw Abdullah reasserting his control over this dynamic and often factious political organisation. He must use this opportunity to accelerate his reform programme ý to change the Malaysian mindset, to cleanse Umno and country of corruption, to nurture ýToweringý Malays, to introduce Islam Hadhari to eradicate religious ignorance and extremism, and to transform the Malaysian economy to achieve Vision 2020.

Will history see Pak Lah as a great reformer? I hope so. The opportunity is NOW.

===> the effort to alleviate poverty should not be aiming only to the Malays but also the Indians as majority of them still living in a very bad condition. We always watch in the Majalah 3 and whatsoever asking for help for the poor - mostly the Malays and at this moment I haven't really seen
any helps really given to the other races, especially the Indians, who equally POOR and also staying in a extremely terrible conditions and lack of education aid!!WHY?!!

Posted by: eigna at July 25, 2005 10:45 AM

Wanita chief claimed that wresting businesses from fellow citizen of Malaysia of the minority races by the Melayu as an 'achievement' to be proud of.

I wept for the other 47% of Citizen of Malaysia.

Posted by: numbprick at July 25, 2005 10:45 AM

don't cry friend...
i'm malay, when my family watching the UMNO youth chief with the keris..all of us laughing! there you go another drama & wayang. trust me, the same drama will be play again next 20 years...maybe

Posted by: nhm at July 25, 2005 10:50 AM


I still say let those loud-mouths the UMNO General Assembly stir in their own juice.

Whe they leave that UMNO Assembly hall, that is when they face the raw acts and reality of what needs to be done. The only way they can get away with their rhetoric in the real world is to engage in under-hand tactics, corrupt practices and "tearing the pages of the Malaysian constitution". Of course , money-politics and nepotism and Umno-centric policies in disguise.

Don't lose sleep or drain your adrenalin on these chaps who still are locked into the kampung politics of the 60sand 70s. The shift of global politics and economics in the 21st century has meant Malaysia's parochial raical domestic politics are exposed to international scrutiny, of the West and not forgetting the emerging powers of India and China.

The world has move on and let them have the 15 minutes fame on local papers... let them enjoy their own juice.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 25, 2005 10:52 AM

My fear is that UMNO is using the plight of the vast majority of Malays as a way to enrich themselves. In the process of helping the Malays, many projects will be planned and implemented, and these projects will be awarded to UMNO members who will in turn subcontract them, and earn a tidy profit without doing anything.
As for the weilding of the keris and all that, it's only for show by small minded polticians to their smaller minded followers. So don't take it too seriously; come Monday everything is back to normal.

Posted by: longjafaar at July 25, 2005 11:11 AM

Longjaafar is right. The waving of the keris was just for show, and the rhetoric by Hishamuddin and KJ were just for those poor Malays who don't know any better. The stealing will continue, and the discrimination will continue, until global economic realities will strike and Malaysia finds itself without clothes.

Rafidah talks of her pride at Malays wresting the car business from the Chinese. Hey, if you go to Honda or Toyota and tell them that the Chinese won't get APs to import cars, and only bumiputras can get APs, these international companies will of course talk only to the bumiputras. If you have a level playing field, I can't see Naza or Mofaz ever get close to Kah Motors or Tan Chong. The Malays can continue to consolidate their banks (in many instances using public funds), but not one of them can hold a candle to Public Bank, which is owned and run by Teh Hong Piow.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the latest UMNO general assembly only affirmed their right to steal and pillage, and not a single voice was heard calling for competitiveness to the outside world.

Posted by: WilliamL at July 25, 2005 11:23 AM

Umno Youth are just showing wayang for the hardcore Malay folks who wants to hear this kinda of things.

He knew the camera are all pointing to him. I was hoping he would do some silat moves.

Good entertainment

Posted by: BJ at July 25, 2005 11:23 AM

Amazing what UMNO is up to, lots of wayang and sandiwara. How can UMNO help the average malays when the party is corrupt and only interested in making a few rich. If they want to help the rural malays by setting up a billion ringgit fund, no one will complain. But this show about unfinished business just shows that they have not managed to do a good job of managing things. Maybe it is time we look at alternative parties. Anwar/Pas - if you respond well, you can come back to some kind of power.

What LKY said was great. Hope the guys in UMNO hear what he said and take action. they should also read between the lines on what uncle Lim had to say.

It is time to change mind set of the malays and to really focus on the rural malays and upgrade their education. Money should not be an issue. Auction the APs.

I felt very sad that Rafidah was so happy that Honda was taken away from Kah Motors. was that a racial issue.And she was not telling the whole truth and trying to save herself. Honda is sold by Honda Malaysia and not Weststar.AP Only given to the chosen ones, who actualy sell the APs to Honda Malaysia. That is what is happening, rich Malays are getting richer and the poor ones remain where they are. they need to be there cos if not, there can't be a wayang and sandiwara.

Posted by: rocky at July 25, 2005 11:24 AM

Well said Thomas and longjaafar.

The problem lies with the people in power because they fail to lead and live with good example. They fail to perform and undertake the trusts bestowed upon them by the rakyat.

Posted by: ayah_mie at July 25, 2005 11:28 AM

I kinda like the analogy of an enlarged/rotten pie to describe the current situation of Malaysia in economic terms. Sadly, the under-achieving group of people in my beloved country does not seem to realise the need to deal with the brutal facts of reality.

We Malaysians have to work together as a team to perform better in the global economy.

It's disheartening to learn that the focus of the national development plan is still on pushing that group of people who are not that inspired to become successful forward. I am not saying that helping them catch up with the other groups is not important. What I believe is that we need to prioritise. We have a more important task at hand as a nation. With China and India emerging as the new economic powerhouses in Asia, we should channel our resources into areas that will help our country grow and become part of the success story of the Asian economies. We should focus instead on ensuring that our country's economic growth is on par with the global economic development. If our nation's economy fails to remain revelant to the global economy, what's left for us all to share is a rotten pie indeed!

Absence of trust among different races only hurts us all as a nation. We cannot succeed as a nation if that group of people thinks that 30% of the nation's economic pie is all they need to achieve to become successful in the global economy. We should strive to move forward as a nation by providing the necessary resources to help all Malaysians grow. Meritocracy is the answer and the evidences are everywhere to be seen. That group of people will have to look harder to learn this fact.

Posted by: ahjuju18 at July 25, 2005 11:32 AM

Is it just me or does anyone see some worrying trend here? Malaysia is becoming more segregated than it ever was.

Posted by: jigsawpuzzle at July 25, 2005 11:33 AM

Waving a Keris is one thing but does Hishammudin know how to silat? What is the point of having a weapon if you don't know how to use it? Same goes with the NEP. UMNO alreadly have the wespon "NEP" for 30 years and yet can't show the results.

I am all for helping the Malays but make sure the bread is buttered evenly, make sure the real poor Malays benefit from it and not just the well connected and the rich. It seems UMNO is a party for the rich and not for Malay struggle. Gone were the days when UMNO struggle for independence, Malay rights and self government.

Hishammudin is bankrupt of ideas on how to garner support and have to resort to racial lines and thus draw UMNO towards being a racist party.

One question tho is how come he is allowed to bring in a weapon into the PWTC? If anyone else do it they would be arrested and thrown the ISA. Sudahlah Melayu, inikah yang boleg ditunjuk selepas lama berkuasa? Saya malu sebagai saorang Melayu membaca tata teliti ketua ketua UMNO. The Malays are their own worst enemies. Chew on that.

Posted by: ogre at July 25, 2005 11:38 AM

i doubt this present government will ever know how to upgrade the malay's livelihood. They only know how to enrich themselves. After 35 yrs they cant even do a good job even though they are the sole power of the country, shame shame. i'm sad for my malay frens, stucked deep in mud by their own race.

Posted by: Thisismalaysia !!...oh.. at July 25, 2005 11:40 AM

I partially agree with Art Chan that Hisham's brandishing the keris could be just rhetorics expected of an UMNO chief's role on the PWTC stage, annually.

What worries this writer is that the present DPM enacted the same scene at a more open area in a much tenser time, and he's just a heartbeat away from the nation's leadership helm. I shudder everytime I thnk about it.

And one question NOT answerd by Hishamuddin Hussein, also the country's Education Minister who should promote knowldege based on facts and logical thiking -- is his claim that the Bumiequity ownership stands today at 19%, and that's far from its target of 30%. One more honest comrade Shabery Cheek said the 19% was already acheived in 1985, in 15 years after the NEP was launched. So from that time till now, 1985 - 2005, a long 25 yaers, is Hisham telling us simple arithmathical minded Malaysians the Bumi equity stake has not progressed.

Two conclusions: (1) that the Bumi corporates have stood still for 25 yaers;
OR (2) that Hisham's figure is mere FICtion.

I believe it's more likely the second inference that holds -- so that UMNO DPM or PM-wannabes can continue to use the MALAY CARD. A politician I've got to know quite well has often eplained this well -- whenever an UMNO politician wants to ove up the ranks, he plays this card, again, and again. It works every time, within PWTC, so damned the globalised world outside the Great Hall!

I've, like many readers, grown "tired of being tired". I'm having a whole week of Poltics-Free Party at my Desi's Place, it's more ENJOYABLE that way.

Posted by: desiderata at July 25, 2005 11:45 AM

when fidel castro carried a gun in his speech he was lambasted. but it is ok when we hold up a keris. symbolic it says. so what diff is it from castro? it is also symblic mah to show that he is in power. dont mess with me it says.

now u know why the rest of the world gv no respect to Msia. Till today still asking for crutches. In the real world, even the lame can walk liao.

since the normal malay folk cant benefit from the 30%, so u guys shld know who to vote for lo. The only reason i c them arguing over the AP and 30% is so that they can pocket as much as they could b4 this priviledge is really being taken away.

Posted by: groo at July 25, 2005 11:51 AM

The unfinish business is about 30% wealth allocation to Bumiputra. I think its a fair request from Bumiputra. There's no need to talk bad about this intention by the leaders representing the Bumiputra. I agree that some of the speakers (leaders) are only doing it for "wayang kulit" purposes, but so are the other politicians from other segment too...

If we want to dwelve on this matter, we can see that leaders from other parties that are facing stiff competition for their own party election in a few months time are talking to "generate support" and not talking for "us Malaysian".

After all, its politics....

Posted by: zaiman at July 25, 2005 12:08 PM

The PM says do not worry "we will be fair to everyone". When has it ever been fair? The unfairness can be adding new rules to business; shifting the goal posts and creating new rules.
What is fair about probihiting non bumis from enrolling into the Mara University? What is fair about the quota system of university admissions? What is fair about two standards for university admission - a lower standart for bumis. Interestingly, the PM in one of his statements said that UNMO will protect the rights of the malays and the bumiputra. Are the malays not bumiputra or the bumiputra not malays? Are they separate and need different protection? What is fair about the APs which show that new rules are created exclusive for bumis. Examples are too numerous to enumerate.

Also the PM said that "this is government policy and there should be no more discussion about. All have to accept it". What arrogant nonsense is this! It is tantamount to saying that the government knows best and the rest of you know nothing, so leave it to the government. Government policy is often flawed. Examples are the recent AP policy; the education policy as regards the English Language; the heavy industry policy such as Pewaja steel and Proton, which are failures. The privatisation policy which are failures. Ther are many others. The people know best not the government!

Posted by: veritas at July 25, 2005 12:36 PM

Err...just kinda Hishammuddin or anyone else possessing a able get pass security checks...before the assembly...?

For the life of Orchi...that is perhaps the longest keris n most intimidating sight of which...that Orchi has ever witnessed in this lifetime...

Can't help it...but feels the sudden chill on the back of the spine...

Orchi is now fearing for the worst is yet to come...

Posted by: Orchi at July 25, 2005 12:40 PM

Talking about helping the Malays, here's a real-life story for all of you:

A former classmate of mine, a Malay, decided to quit his job, and he bravely ventured into the construction business. Unfortunately for him, it was the economic meltdown of 1998, and he lost everything. To compound his troubles, his wife left him, and also left him with 4 school-going kids. Then the real disaster struck - he lost his only kidney, one which was donated by his brother 10 years earlier. He went to the papers for help. His plight came out in the Malay Mail. UMNO politicians went to see him, and made promises. Of course, none of the promises were ever met.

The rest of us - his classmates, his workmates - kept chipping in with cash to keep him afloat. Finally, we decided that we must raise enough money to get him a new kidney. We raised RM 120,000 to get him to China for the transplant.

Today, my friend is back and healthy, and trying to rebuild his life, plus ensure his children's welfare.

Now, this is a Malay worth helping, not the millionaires who got their wealth from selling APs. Not the millionaires who got their wealth because of their appointment by the government to contracts and handouts.

If UMNO really wants to help the Malays, they should keep the AP revenues, put in into a fund, and channel it to helping the rural poor who can't afford computers, books, and school uniforms. Unfortunately, this noble approach will disenfranchise those who have grown fat on handouts, so this is just wishful thinking on my part.

Posted by: WilliamL at July 25, 2005 01:55 PM

Well, I am embarrassed that Hishamuddin is from my old school - St.John's Institution. My first embarrassment of an old school boy. Najib is holding steadily meanwhile. The values of our alma mater is universal and no matter what race or creed you were from, we all got the same whacking or dedication from the late Bro. Joseph Yeoh, reverend brothers and all the teaching staff.

My heart really sank.

Now, people be honest and examine the trend of bullying in schools. Is there a pressure cooker boiling somewhere?

Meanwhile, I think the education minister himself brandishing a weapon is never ever going to help. The school kids won't differentiate the political agenda from a visual in the media.

Short sighted. Change the king-maker. Get someone with branding experience.

Posted by: doovad at July 25, 2005 01:55 PM

and they say they will protect the interests of non-bumis. What are they ?

Posted by: jsc at July 25, 2005 01:56 PM

Attention All Malaysian

People of Malaysia. I don't care whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other races. As long as you call Malaysia HOME, you are a Malaysian.

We have come so far since the day we achieved Independence on 31 August 1957. All of us, had made our sacrifices in order for us to live together and have a future for us and also our children and our children's children. We learned that we are no longer a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian but we are a Malaysian. A Malaysian in every sense. A Malaysian who is born in Malaysia. A Malaysian that grow up in Malaysia. A Malaysian who live by the rules of Malaysia. A Malaysian who will fight enemy of Malaysia and a Malaysian who will die for Malaysia. That is who we are. We all are. Why? Because we are Malaysian. We are proud to be a Malaysian. We love Malaysia.

But recently, there are some people who is trying to break the ties we have with each other as a Malaysian. Someone want to create a barrier between us all. Someone who which we don't trust each other. Someone who wish to break Malaysia. Someone with a mind of his own. Someone who want to make a profit for himself. Someone who believe that unity in Malaysia will spell doom for him. Someone who is greed.

That someone in among us. He is trying to lead those who trust him to misery. He is making plans to make the best out of the trust of his followers. He want to pressure the leaders of Malaysia into believing that he has the nation at his heart. He want to create havoc in Malaysia. He want chaos for Malaysia. He want The 513 Incident to take place all over again. He want destroy Malaysia. He want to benefit his friends. He want to discriminate the others. He want to undermind everyone else. He want to be on top Malaysia.

But he forget something. He forget that there are others in Malaysia. There are others who can see through him. There are others who would make sure his scheme will never succeed. There are others who is not blind. He forget that he is in Malaysia. He forget that he is among Malaysia. And Malaysian will never let him succeed into destroying Malaysia.

Malaysian! Please wake up. Please act now. Don't destroy the Malaysia that we all love.

Posted by: eztoyou at July 25, 2005 02:13 PM

Patah tumbuh silih berganti
Pemuda UMNO berlagu lagi
Selepas Najib Hishamuddin menanti
Hunus menjulang keris sakti

Sudah 1987 datang 2005
Rebana Melayu canang bertubi
Ekonomi Baru bakal kembali
Yang lama rupanya masih baru lagi

Diwar-warkan nasib pribumi
Terpaksa mengemis di tanah sendiri
Kontrak, kuota, lesen, rezab dan majoriti
Rasanya tak cukup nak tambah lagi

Terpinggir anak-anak Malaysia ini
Puas menangguk ehsan dan simpati
Baik bumi atau bukan bumi
Tidak semuanya yang bawa Mercedes

Pemimpin yang datang dan yang pergi
Beraja di mata bersultan di hati
Padah padam silap berbudi
Yang disembah kuat ambil dari memberi

Daulat tuanku ampun tuanku
Pejuang dan pembela bangsa pertiwi
Dipohon agar tidak dizalimi
Rapuh getis Raya putik dan ranggi

Posted by: Chez1978 at July 25, 2005 02:15 PM

Here is food for thought: Question: When does a person holds a knife or a weapon or a keris (that's in Malaysia)??

Answer: When he is frightened or afraid!!

So, UMNO is ACTUALLY afraid, scared and frightened, like a frightened mouse. The public display of the keris is to say: "Hey, man, we are NOT afraid".

When you are scared and frightened, like UMNO is at the General Assembly, by wielding a keris, you are telling the world you are baring your teeth, like you see in National Geographic, the way chimps and our cousins in the jungle do when they are frightened.

The irony is: After holding power since independence, 1957, and with all the money it can amass, legally or otherwise, with no checks and balances to prevent corruption and abuse of power, how come UMNO is still as frightened, scared and afraid of the rest of the population, as a mouse?

All the loud-mouthing at the UMNO General Assembly means one thing: UMNO is frightened and afraid. The display of the keris is just a confirmation of this fact.

PAS and Keadilan can take comfort in this.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 25, 2005 02:50 PM

Many years ago, LKY spoke at a forum in one of Singapore's universities. A student asked if it was not unfair that he had to slog through university to earn a degree, then, earn a living while the children of the rich could just inherit and enjoy their parent's wealth.

LKY's reply went something like this: "If you work hard enough to gain the knowledge to compete in an increasingly competitive world, and the rich man's son is busy enjoying his father's wealth, the day will come when what is his may become yours."

The government is always encouraging the malays to shoot for the stars when they have not got their feet planted firmly on the ground and get their basics right. You can't do well at university without getting your primary and secondary basics right. You can't suddenly start a business if you have not worked in that field to know what makes it tick.

You cannot keep lowering the bar in education and insist that you can score 15As or score a 4.0 CGPA (you know, it is very rare for American students to get that kind of score; and that's where the CGPA originated from, and anyone with that kind of score is definite Ivy League material) then, graduate and say that you are not equiped for the job market. Then, you get paid an allowance to be re-trained in some government sponsored program?

Neither can your business flourish if you do not have the basic business skills, thrift, hard-work and perseverence. No amount of capital, licences, APs or government projects can make your business work. Look at the many businesses which failed during the financial crisis; many just did not have the business fundamentals to carry them through.

This generation is already lost without the fundamentals. Don't create another with the same policies and strategies which failed.

Posted by: daniel at July 25, 2005 03:00 PM

I've been reading this thread on the NEP and I m not very sure what this is all about. Anyway, can I suggest that the top 20 richest Chinese transfer all their shares in all their companies for RM1 to the Bumis? I think that should be enough to achieve 30% or more of the equity that the Bumis want under the NEP. Lets not punish the other Chinese or Indian or "Others", and let all of them compete on meritocracy. Or is this what the Bumis REALLY want? 30% of the economic pie in the hands of a few taipans?? Is this the true "Malay Agenda"??

When the NEP was formulated in 1970, by Najib's dad, it was to create a Malay middle-class. With a huge Malay middle-class, this will eradicate the income disparity between the races and hopefully, people won't get jealous and can concentrate on national harmony. I think we have achieved that now already as we have a huge Bumi middle-class. Nowadays, we see Bumis driving their Protons, Perodua, Kia and living in Semi-D houses.

But the trouble is that we still have a big lower classs (for want of a better phrase) of Bumis and other races (viz, Indians). I say there is no point in having Bumis control 30% or even more of the economy when this is in the hands of a few only. You give them even 75% of the equity in all companies in Malaysia, that is not going to make every Malay or Bumi happy.

I remember back there was a "Debat Perdana" where DAP member Chong Eng asked whether the moderator, who has the title "Datuk", whether he needs a 10 to 15% discount for his house. I think that hit the nail on its head. No point helping the already wealthy Bumis. Help is needed for those who still live in atap houses without electricity and water. And those houses may be owned by Muthu, Ah Seng or Ali.

Posted by: Primus at July 25, 2005 03:08 PM

When you give, you receive. Any self-made tycoon knows this. The boomerang effect. Universal values again.

See what the MCA is doing - their programmes are for all race, creed and kind. This is nothing specifically Chinese but a practise of giving then receiving the blessings.

UMNO needs to change thinking to WHAT"S BEST FOR MALAYSIA WILL BE WHAT'S BEST FOR ALL. Like LKY well-said - we all want to share a great pie.

(eztoyou, u inspired this, thanks)

Posted by: doovad at July 25, 2005 03:10 PM

Taken from:

"DEB - ekuiti BUMIPUTERA 19% peratus, statistik ini mungkin tidak benar

Dikatakan pencapaian pegangan Bumiputera sehingga ke hari ini adalah 19%. Mungkinkah 19% tersebut adalah pegangan beberapa kerat Bumiputera sahaja? mungkinkan nilai itu sebenarnya lebih kecil di tolak dengan ekuiti pegangan proxi? Apapun pernah menghadiri satu seminar tajaan Sekretariat Melayu Muda dan antara lain yang di sebut oleh Tan Sri Abdullah (kok lanas) adalah "beliau percaya sekiranya perangkaan yang betul di berikan dengan mengambilkira faktor pegangan proxi dan bentuk - bentuk pegangan lain nilai sebenarnya pegangan Bumiputera hanya dalam lingkungan 4-7% sahaja. "

After reading the article above, I am more blur than ever. 4% - 7% only?? Can anyone enlighten this blur soul??

Posted by: beagle at July 25, 2005 03:10 PM

Dlm UMNO bantai RAfidah , habis persidangan ..cakap tinggal cakap.. no action just talked cock!

Again Rafidah dramatic Psyco (crying) and reverse psycology engineering method have pull down the angers of tones of UMNO orang kampung politician.
And in the end the spinning doctor Pak Lah have decided that this AP issues was settled.

The Pemuda UMNO always talked about hak orang melayu and all that nonsense but did they know that lots of homeless malay (Hobos) small kids are loafing around under LRT station bridge near PWTC area? Jeff I think if you have time please go the and take a snap of pictures of this poor kids rather than give this filty rich UMNO members all this nonsense coverage. ;)

Posted by: readerdee at July 25, 2005 03:25 PM

I agree with williamL. Assistance should be extended to those that he mentioned and definately not those that shove a "keris" at your face.

These so-called "keris wielding" and "privileged of the privilege" gang is the one thats mopping up the economic pie meant for the NEP objective. If i am at their position, i would have done the same thing. 2 bird with one stone. By raising the "Malay" agenda, it will score brownie point with supporters and he gets to perpetuate his power and, wealth of course.

So you can't really blame him because it's "His" agenda. He is malay what?

Another glaring point that need to be pointed out is that: ALL KLSE counter (mesdaq aside) are "FORCED" to have at least 30% bumi participation b4 they list or else no listing. so shouldnt there be at least 30% bumi ownership? the 30% equity touted so famously? But no! because these "privileged of the privilege" sold their stake the day the market open. So can we ever hope to achieve the 30% bumi stake? don't dream. the scheme is only used to perpetuate their grip on quick profit in the corporate world. Its like a scheme cepat kaya for them and Malay agenda for the nation.

But if you add up all the 30% share "allocated" to this elitist Bumi instead of what the Bumi currently owned, we are really well over this threshold. And if you add the other scheme, AP, contract, benefit. well, i guess you get the picture.

But unless you are somehow has certain "connection", those benefit above is out of your reach even if you are bumi.

I think the politician should encourage the bumi to stand up and earn their places in the world instead of impose a mandatory handout from the others. No point poking the "keris" around, it will not make you a "Towering Malay" or "Glokal" for that matter. Any kid can do that.

Posted by: megahyper at July 25, 2005 03:40 PM

They are the youth. They are supposed to be the most energetic, imaginative and creative lots. And yet they are asking to revive the NEP of the 1970s. For those who had grown up in the 70s-80s, NEP means quotas and easy handouts for only “the-selected-few”. This is a form of discrimination which did not care how good the rest of “NOT-the-selected-few” (i.e. both bumi and non-bumiputras) are.

Hence, NEP to me means a “gold tongkat” aka total injustice, total discrimination and total abuse of nation’s resources for only “the-selected-few”. In my eyes, I did not see him holding a golden Kris, I just saw a man held up high a gold Tongkat.

For the NEW Malaysians of all races who are living in the real world of this early part of the 21st century, they know one simple truth :- One must work hard and smart to make a living. One must be creative to create things. One must use their “noodle” to survive. This is “Making a living 101” and no amount of shouting, drum beating, chest beating, Kris wielding or Tongkat waving could ever change this simple basic fact of life.

Posted by: Niuku at July 25, 2005 03:52 PM


I would like to highlight couple of points with regards to the 30%

If one were to go by business / industry sectors, some of them especially mass transportation, banks, plantations, oil and gas and electronic media are virtually 100% owned by bumis.

very few bus companies are owned by non-bumi these days - similar to the auto franchises. Gone are the days when you can see Len Seng, Len Chee, Utam Singh, etc.

Likewise television and radio stations. I just give a few examples.

Furthermore if I am not mistaken the numbers frequently quoted does not include pieces (large ones) held by groups such as PNB and Mara. The latter exclusively bumi. I believe this is conveniently overlooked.


Posted by: pengembara at July 25, 2005 04:19 PM

Yup, the figure quoted by numerous UMNO politicians are a little amusing. In my honest opinion, I think the 30% equity has been achieved some time ago, probably before the Asian Financial Crisis. But once you are on "Can-Do", kicking th habit is a tough thing to do, what's more when the supply of "can-do" is free and easily available!

Pak Lah's statement to assure other communities that their rights will not be taken away is more of a political spin to me. As many have mentioned, with the introduction of APs, most chinese involve in the distributing of vehicles were wiped out. Isn't that a clear cut example of robbing it from the chinese and giving it to the malays? And we are supposed to be PROUD of it? Towering Malays as Rafidah puts it!!

What about the Finance sector? Do you think any Chinese tycoon could get a banking license nowadays? What about TV and radio stations? What about oil and gas companies that are forced by Petronas to hire at least 70% bumis? Isn't that depriving opportunities for other deserving Malaysians to contribute to the country? NO?

Its about time, these politicians stop insulting our intelligence! Oh yeah, this is definitely isu all started from racist policies such as NEP.

Posted by: Al at July 25, 2005 04:29 PM

Err...FranknHonest is right...the same can be said...the sewerage system is being blocked...n what ya gonna have are more filths n mess spewing out of it...

The show of aggression...could be seen as a way to defend their weaknesses...n deter further criticism from the public...

Ahem...with this kind of attitude...we might be heading to doomsday...

Posted by: Orchi at July 25, 2005 04:41 PM

A lil off topic here. How much is that keris as a prop for his speech? Can we sell that keris and acctually help the hardcore poor Malays?

Posted by: nUtZ` at July 25, 2005 05:29 PM


It's a world of laughter
- A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
- And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
- That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world

There is just one moon
- And one golden sun
And a smile means
- Friendship to every one
Though the mountains divide
- And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world


Posted by: doovad at July 25, 2005 05:45 PM

Guys, Guys, Guys,

You have all forgotten, the whole thing was a circus. What do circus citizens do when people are watching ??? put on a show.

I bet by now, all those who were keris and what have you totting Alis' are now sipping 10-dollar coffee with their 'babas' at the poshest places in town while we are splitting hairs about things that were said.

Relax, Semuanya OK.

Posted by: xhamkax at July 25, 2005 05:52 PM

'Jangan Ambil'?

Just when UMNO was saying the NEP was not a charity, you expect other people to hand you this charity?

Welcome to REAL COMPETITION. Everyone would be striving hard to make full use of every business opportunity they have, and no one would say 'jangan ambil' to themselves given the chance. No charity here.

Again, UMNO shows that in their view, the outside world does not matter. To draw swords against your own Malaysian brothers instead of gearing up to compete with foreigners. To create an internal market for Proton, so that they can feel happy they have a market.

Wake up UMNO, there's a world beyond our borders, we cannot insulate ourselves forever.

Posted by: eastern at July 25, 2005 06:18 PM

Until the Malaysian people have the courage to vote for a change (and make others vote for a change too), UMNO will continue to do things at their whims and fancies. UMNO can have the gall to tell us to put up or shut up.

So ... tepuk dada tanya selera. The power is in your hand. We may not have much right now, but we need to start somewhere. Otherwise nothing will change and continue we will to put up or shut up ...

Posted by: NA at July 25, 2005 06:45 PM

KJ and his Boss should be blandishing the golden walking stick or should i say tongkat instead of the keris.As long as they keep their head into the sand like an ostrich when feel threated.Given another 30 years they will be still the same.If UMNO wants to suceed they should bite the bullet now or end up as endangered species that need very special protection or they will disappear from this bumi

Posted by: skton at July 25, 2005 06:48 PM

it's a wonder why these folks (perhaps intoxicated by delusions of grandeur) seem to perpetually think that the universe revolves solely around them and their pseudo-mediocrity (towering? not unless they want to redefine that word to suit their mentality). it's always a case of me! me! me! i want more! i want more! i want more! frankly, all these repeated spoilt-brat-chest-thumping episodes are getting extremely vexatious.

Posted by: jg at July 25, 2005 07:09 PM

Well, in the next election, hishamuddin is certainly fighting to be the next DPM and the NEP is the only issue than the Malays will support in regardless of other issues. So, grab the chance while he can now.

It is sad that the NEP which has been so successful in creating wealth to the Malays; unfortunately not to the bumiputra, was still said to be fail to achieve the targets. Looks, who are the richest people in the nation. It is not the Queks, Gohs and Kuoks, but them. There are many undeclared wealth accumulated by nepotism,or whatever that made the NEP to continue to be a failure. It is not. Other Malaysians from other races are being discriminated for over 30 years; be it in scholarship, entrance to university, projects etc. How long can Malaysians from other races can accommodate these situation when all of them have been honestly helping the Malays to be more wealthy.

For 30 years as Malaysians, yet those UMNO politicians are trying to stir another bad chapter into the history. Wake up, Hishamuddin! and UMNO Youth! Please be a truly Malaysian and stop hypocrite race into NEP.

Posted by: williamC at July 25, 2005 07:31 PM

Hey! Is that Hishamuddin is wielding is real KRIS? Is it OK to be a mad man in public to do so with such a dangerous weapon? Perhaps, the next time, Hishamuddin can subsitute with a banana!

Posted by: williamC at July 25, 2005 07:41 PM

Hi all,

I think you all forgotten this line,


Its the reality in life, you guys can bark as loud (allowed) as you want as often as you like.

Look at the US, Britain, Australia for example, are the minorities in these countries being treated as well as the majority?.

Don't bullshit that their government or their majority are treating them well and far better than what we have at home.

In life, you win some, you lose some.

It'll be the same if DAP, PAS, BA or what have you rules this country.........the result is the same. Look at Phlippines and Indonesia, where are they now?.

Polticians sucks.

Posted by: ynos at July 25, 2005 08:06 PM

well said NA...

the winds of change for a better tomorrow must begin with a small step.... do we want to continue and live as second class citizens and allow the ''deserving'' & ''priviledge'' to take from us what we have built up on our own ?

case in point - i refer to thomas example, millions of RM are spent annually to finance ''deserving??'' bumi students to study overseas...but are these scholarship given to these bumi students on a silver platter appreciated by these students??

there are many more deserving & capable non bumi Malaysian students with the pure intention to study who are being marginalise !!

Malaysians we take a stand ?

Posted by: arwen78 at July 25, 2005 08:26 PM

It is easy to complain, it is easy to just throw words that really stink against all those bullshits..

My comment would be, be no one who just speak..
Be someone who would do something, to go against what we don't like.

Jeff did it, he started a blog..
Well, there is no freedom of speech, but if we all fight for it.. There WILL BE!!..

It is the same as for the police force, u see so many malays in there and few non-malays..
Why don't many of us non-malays join the force and make things different?
It is our mentality that is killing us..

I have not yet reached my age yet..
But the time comes..
I will sure fight for what should be meant for all..!!

Posted by: Ultimat3 at July 25, 2005 08:27 PM said 'Look at the US, Britain, Australia for example, are the minorities in these countries being treated as well as the majority?'

If i said yes, how would you reply? If i said the minorities are treated way better than the minorities in malaysia, what would you say?

Have you lived in these countries? i have lived in Australia as a so-called minority....let me tell you that life is beautiful. Why? Because i am treated as an Aussie and not as an Indian. In Malaysia, i am made to feel like an outsider. 'They' make me feel that 'they' are doing me a favor by letting me stay in Malaysia. And guess what, i feel like an outsider in malaysia when i am a malaysian. Huh!

they world is laughing at us.

Posted by: dr.strangelove at July 25, 2005 08:31 PM

What is Khazanah Nasional and other exclusively Bumiputra funds' percentage shareholdings in the top 20 highest capitalised companies on the KLSE? Forget about all the penny stocks, they are an embarassment.

Does that dubious 19% bandied about represents only individual/private shareholdings or does it include the above funds as well? Anyone can clarify?

Posted by: Jason at July 25, 2005 10:55 PM

I am certainly with dr.strangelove. Perhaps ynos was simply referring to the racial discrimation issues that exist among the people. Certainly no government policies of any developed countries allow any form of discrimination against the against anyone in the country, including the minority groups.

I am currently studying as a foreign student (well they call us international students. sounds more respectful and endearing at heart) in Canada. The national education policy here was actually designed that the minority groups (the native people) are protected and given the opportunity to compete against the others. Whether they become successful later in life or not, meritocracy is still the ultimate deciding factor. The Malaysian education system is doing the opposite. We have a system that was devised to protect the majority group. Even if they don't do well in school, some'd still be guaranteed a "successful" life that they don't deserve in a meritocratic system.

As a Malaysian, I am ashamed to say that I feel more at home in a Canadian system than in a Malaysian system. Yes, ynos, most developed countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore etc are giving the minority people equal opportunities and treatment because they have a meritocracy-based system. They treat foreign students better than the Malaysian government treats its deserving, high-achieving domestic non-Malay students.

I hate to say this but I am sorry. ynos, you are the one "b-sing" everyone here.

Posted by: ahjuju18 at July 26, 2005 12:02 AM

why do malays still using keris when the world are moving towards atomic era?? what can be done using keris besides filling some empty space??

Posted by: secret_agent at July 26, 2005 12:23 AM

Check this out! Found on the net:

Posted by: notolls at July 26, 2005 12:45 AM


You wrote, "It is the same as for the police force, u see so many malays in there and few non-malays..
Why don't many of us non-malays join the force and make things different?
It is our mentality that is killing us..
.......I will sure fight for what should be meant for all..!!"

Well, I applaud you on your optimism. I wish you all the best in your future career in law enforcement.

You asked," Why don't many of us non-malays join the force and make things different?" ...
Please tell me what difference can it make if non-Malays join the force? Easy access to firearms to start a military coup?

You said our mentality is killing us, what mentality? If you are implying that we feel like victims in our own country, then let me tell you this - after 35 years of opression and degradation since the implementation of the NEP, I think the non-Malays EARNED the right to feel victimise. By the way, do the non-Malays go crying to the govenment to help them with subsidies/policies? No. Non-Malays rest their faith on the comfort that what cannot kill you could only make you stronger.

Lastly, you said, "I will sure fight for what should be meant for all..." Good. I will write to you if you are ever in Sungai Buloh ISA detention camp.

All the best.

Posted by: beagle at July 26, 2005 01:52 AM


I am a Malaysian currently living in the US for the past 10 years. I am treated extremely well as a minority. When I say well, I mean WELL!!!

Posted by: jigsawpuzzle at July 26, 2005 07:18 AM

I agreed with dr.strangelove and ahjuju18. Foreign countries treat Malaysians better than Malaysia treat the non malays. I'm green card holder in US and when I returned to US I'm greeted by the immigration officer "Welcome Home".
Two simple words but really make me feel good.
I love Malaysia but the politics sicken me. There are so many things that work against non malays - in school hardly expect scholarship while malays with less than desired standard are given, in university and work there is quota system - forget about joining civil service if you are not bumi. With so many barriers in your home country, it's no wonder you'll find so many legal or illegal Malaysians in UK, Europe, Japan, US, Australia and Canada.
The root to all evils are the 3 main political parties. Where in the world do you find party that have race in the name of the party and is exclusive to a particular race??
Isn't this exclusiveness is similar to apartied system in old South Africa?
United Malaysian not United Malay, Malaysian Central not Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Independent not Malaysian Indian. Ban all parties with racial name and exclusive membership.
Let all Muthus and Ah Bengs join the United Malaysian National Organisation party.
Be prepared for long struggle as the ruling class will not give up easily.

Posted by: superlotto at July 26, 2005 07:44 AM

To those of you who thinks 'barking' aint taking us no where.... well maybe you are right.

Have it ever occur to you that expressing our opinion are not just meant to make changes in an instant? Who are we kidding? No changes can be made for now we know.

But we must speak, because when u speak someone listens. When someone listens, something change. If the system does not change, our mind does. And most of you said it well... our mind is no more confined to BN...

For me, in the next general election... I know which box to 'cross'. Hope is only we have left for this country. Cheers all.

Posted by: vERINe at July 26, 2005 08:07 AM

Have to agree with many of you guys out . I too spend quite some time when I was in training in Perth Australlia. People there does not discriminate you whether you are a chinese or australlian. They treat you as equal in both business opportunities and respect as a human being.The only downside for permanent residents of Australlia , is that you don't get to vote. And this is the only time you are treated as 2nd class citizen. But in all other aspects, heck you are an Australlian.
You pay the same taxes and each state council are accountable to the public by revealing their accounts to the public viewing . You can see where all those taxes have been going albeit taxes are expensive in Australlia.
Heck if you are a tourist, the way Australlian treats you , is no different than they treat other citizens of australlia.
But back in Malaysia, it 's almost like india..where the caste system is implemented across other races than bumiputras...and of course within bumiputras..where different class of privellege.Kinda like Citibank Card holders.if you are a regular member. you have these standard privelleges , but if you are a premium platinum card holder, you are entitled to more privellege. Well you know what ? Non Muslims/Malays have been supporting Malaysian economies for 30 years , helping the malays to win back their homeland...taking ownership of Malaysia as our own homeland as well....cushonining the economy shock during the depression and still Malay agenda over rules us .
We are called Malaysian but we are not treated as one..we are still slaves.

Badawi ensures that our non malay privelleges are not to taken away..but i beg the question..what privelleges are we talking bout here.? What do we have left...that the taxes we pay and our duty to nationalistic effort that made that earned our privelleges. Everyday policies are made by UMNO to take away non malays "privelleges". WE ARE MADE MODERN SLAVES To the PRIVELLEGED MONARCHY.
Other than that your normal malays are also part time slaves to the nation as well.

Posted by: Kayanbutter at July 26, 2005 08:41 AM

If you guys want to know what it feels like to be a Malaysian, GO OVERSEAS, LIVE OVERSEAS.

In Malaysia I am either an Indian, Chinese or Malay. When you migrate and live in a country like New Zealand or Australia or Canada where you have migrants from all over, you will hate to be cast into the same basket as Indians from India or Chinese from mainlain China or Indonesians from Indonesia. So you identify yourself as Malaysians. Indeed this insistence has caused some offficial forms to have as a separate ethnic origin a box for South East Asian to distinguish you from Chinese from China or Indian from India. Of course there are Malaysians and Singaporeans who continue to nudge for a box for people from these two countries as a single ethnic group. Why? Simply because we can see that there is commoness in our cultural background. Indeed there is suc a thing as a Malaysian culture as distinct from Malay, Indian or Chinese. But sadly, the UMNO boys will never want to acknowledge it because it may not be profitable to them.

Posted by: Observer at July 26, 2005 08:52 AM

People like Hishamuddin and KJ who were rallying for more rights for the bumiputera community should read the book entitled "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth H. Blanchard. He should make to understand the nature of cheese (NEP) and the role it plays in their lives. The point of the story is that we have to be alert to the changes in the cheese (NEP), and be prepared to go running off in search of new sources of cheese when the cheese we have runs out. The Bumiputra can not forever depend on NEP in their entire life. Otherwise, what the point of Najib saying Malays should be "GLOCAL"?

Posted by: sonicwall at July 26, 2005 08:54 AM

Ynos mentioned -

Hi all,

I think you all forgotten this line,


Its the reality in life, you guys can bark as loud (allowed) as you want as often as you like.

Look at the US, Britain, Australia for example, are the minorities in these countries being treated as well as the majority?.

Don't bullshit that their government or their majority are treating them well and far better than what we have at home.

In life, you win some, you lose some.

It'll be the same if DAP, PAS, BA or what have you rules this country.........the result is the same. Look at Phlippines and Indonesia, where are they now?.

Polticians sucks.

Ynos, from that statement it is clear that you have never lived in the US or if you did, you probably did not mix around outside your bubble. I have lived in the US for 10 years and in Canada for 2 years and let me tell you, people, government department, immigration department, you name it, even policemen from far deep country side of the US have treated me far better than the so-called "majority Malaysians" and the government have treated me when I return to Malaysia every 2 weeks every year. So who is bullshitting who? If I was stupid, I probably would have believed your scare tactic. What is sad is that, I am sure there are a lot of Malaysian who will believe statements like yours.

Oh forgot to mention, Ynos do you know why the US, and even Canada,(I cant speak for Britain or Australia) treat Malaysians better, ...simple...because they are far more educated than Malaysians who segregate others.

Posted by: vision 2020? at July 26, 2005 09:30 AM

Ynos mentioned -

Hi all,

I think you all forgotten this line,


Its the reality in life, you guys can bark as loud (allowed) as you want as often as you like.

Look at the US, Britain, Australia for example, are the minorities in these countries being treated as well as the majority?.

Don't bullshit that their government or their majority are treating them well and far better than what we have at home.

In life, you win some, you lose some.

It'll be the same if DAP, PAS, BA or what have you rules this country.........the result is the same. Look at Phlippines and Indonesia, where are they now?.

Polticians sucks.

Ynos, from that statement it is clear that you have never lived in the US or if you did, you probably did not mix around outside your bubble. I have lived in the US for 10 years and in Canada for 2 years and let me tell you, people, government department, immigration department, you name it, even policemen from far deep country side of the US have treated me far better than the so-called "majority Malaysians" and the government have treated me when I return to Malaysia every 2 weeks every year. So who is bullshitting who? If I was stupid, I probably would have believed your scare tactic. What is sad is that, I am sure there are a lot of Malaysian who will believe statements like yours.

Oh forgot to mention, Ynos do you know why the US, and even Canada,(I cant speak for Britain or Australia) treat Malaysians better, ...simple...because they are far more educated than Malaysians who segregate others.

Posted by: vision 2020? at July 26, 2005 09:31 AM

I never thought it would come to this one day. So let me fire the first shot.

Let me un-neil and embrace the dark side of the force this morning.

It seems that for so many years since Independence the non-Malays in this country have been suckered as second-class citizens, even those born here.

Yet, Umno fears one thing - racial separation that sunders their propaganda of a bangsa malaysia.

They have tried to hold all together by systematically pushing forward only the Malay agenda to the exclusion of the birth-right interests and sensitivities of all the other races, even if these be represented by components of a Barisan Nasional which in effect is Umno through-and-through in all but name.

Because they've read that the other races won't complain and won't be able to get sufficient critical mass representation to stir up a new voice.

So that every now and then Umno brandishes the keris of Malay rights and rams it down the throats of all, bristling against anyone who so much as whimpers a call for reasonableness and fairness.

Their audience are the hoi-polloi, the simple kampung folks, the vote-buyees, the neo-ultras, the hang-tuah wannabees, the civil servants who practise selective policy implementation and blockage, the religious zealots whose attention they want to attract.

Because they themselves as elites of the government machinery have already carved out for themselves the spoils of the future, the partitioning of the voting boundaries, the grants, licenses, permits, board director seats and shares, interest-free loans, and scholarships to the best overseas universities in the world.

Because they already control the government, education, utilities, telecoms, transportation, finance, media, construction, electronic gateways and hundreds of other key sectors in the country.

Some things i will hate myself for suggesting:

- don't allow your daughters to wear the baju kurung to school, even if it is cheaper to buy than the pinafore;

- minimize all interactions with the Umno race; if your neighbour or colleague smiles at you, smile back for just as long, but that's all;

- don't publicise any statements made or events officiated by Khairi, Hishammudin, Ali Rustam, Khir Toyo, and all the others; if you're an editor and are forced to print, consign the coverage to only a small edit boxed in a small place, ideally next to the Obituary columns; they must not have their mischief paraded; consider your action a national service to maintain law, order and justice for the long term future of Malaysia; do that with almost religious fervour;

- don't patronise any Umno race restaurant; don't buy anything from Tesco, don't bank with Maybank, mobile not with Celcom or Maxis, and if you can, avoid IndahWater or Puncak Niaga; never ever buy proton or perodua or any national car; even if your jalopy's engine is about to roll across the highway, use a foreign make; why pay to subsidize with your hands tied and your pockets squeezed?

- know how to distinguish between tax avoidance and tax evasion; practise the former as well as you can avoid the latter; why pay to a government who doesn't recognize your rights, but fleece your money for the ill-gains of Umnoputras, squanders off national wealth, and then blames you for not supporting or understanding them better? if you have been doing tax avoidance, do so even more vigorously; teach the innocents, naives and clueless.

- if you can cronyise, do so but calculate so that you win more; you will need the money to send your children overseas - for education and emigration;

- never send your children to a national school again; support the non-national schools to the hilt; if they pressurize against these schools, raise hell whichever way you can;

- when creating posts, make sure your criteria for recruitment are germane to the best interests of being 'glocal' (cough) - but emphasise 'global' more than 'local'; this means if the candidate can only speak the Malay language, reject; if proficient in Mandarin or Tamil, recruit; if they enforce the ruling that so many percent must be of Umno-race, then raise the bar in the tasks, and expel after six months probation, filling the vacancy after with non-Umno, even if on contract basis, with permanent post benefits;

- reject all TV1 programs; switch off your radios and TVs when they play national-fervour songs; don't bother with attending the national day parade;

- never allow your children to inter-marry with any Umno-race; avoid all contacts with them; their leaders don't recognize your existence as citizens, return the compliment.

- propagate your own culture and business development; build your own network of like-minded people;

- best to save your money overseas; invest overseas only; jack up the valuation of your local assets so that you can sell off to whoever at a colossal gain, then park the money offshore to pay less taxes;

- whatever you import, underdeclare - pay as little as possible - why give the Umno-govt more money so that they can squander more?

- come any election, for any constituent - never vote; ignore this travesty of justice completely.

- never attend any government function or open house; if you happen to be at one, walk out collectively and in a humph when they are about to start on their speeches; if a press stops you and ask why, answer back sardonically - ''what fer?"

Every blood corpuscle in my veins hurts when writing the above; i now know the taste of being a racist, ultra, extremist, anti-national.

But i throw back the question - what's the difference in spirit between what was written above and what's pronounced by the khairies and hishammudins and rustams and all the friggin' umno ultras all the way back to razak?

They have been playing a game thinking the other communities can take it, so that they can continue to appear to be champions, so that they can continue to run this country.

But they forget, they are running this country.

To the ground.

Sorry for this post, people.

Won't happen again.

Posted by: Neil at July 26, 2005 10:06 AM

My boss use to tell me itz better to promote a useful worker who is a foreigner rather than a useless local who can't do nuts. In Singapore if you are good enough to and you can prove your talents well to them, they will even offer you a PR without you having to apply for it. And if you think they are prejudiced againts Malays then you better shove that mentality out. They are only looking for people with talents and their system is based on meritocracy which our dear Abdul Ghani pointed out that is killing the bumis in this country. And most bumis here wonder why they were not offered jobs in MNCs despite spending so many donkey years in local unis. Hello MOE this is a wake up call. Quantity is not equal to Quality.

Posted by: kacang_inc at July 26, 2005 10:15 AM

I like the way vERINe put his/her train of thoughts together. It is only when freedom of speech flourishes that the truths be spoken and then corrective actions be taken. Drastic changes in an instant to a huge entity as a nation are not desirable, as history has proved that it'd be a painful process for the nation in every aspect of life. And the damaging effects would be long-lasting. Just look at how our neighboring countries eg Indonesia are doing now. The Indonesian economic and social developments have been in stagnation after an earthquake in Indonesian politics ever since the Suharto's regime collapsed. That is how Malaysia may end up being if we Malaysians allow and advocate for immediate, drastic changes to our national system. Of course, we know that it is next to impossible to ask for equal treatment for all Malaysians with so many Malay supremacists flexing their muscles in the political scene of this country at the moment. We know that it's not worth risking the current political and economic stability that we are enjoying now in Malaysia.

But as a people who has the nation's best interest at heart, we Malaysians must constantly ask this question of how we can make Malaysia a greater nation. The leaders of our neighboring country Singapore have been asking Singaporeans what Singapore should do to ensure its national survival many, many years down the road as the competitions from other emerging economies are becoming more intense. In comparison, many of our top national leaders are asking this obsolete question of what their own race should do to compete against the other races for more economic power in the country. From that, we can see how short-sighted our national leaders are. What else should I say when one of the leaders was even brandishing his weapon in front of the entire nation, which looks, to most of us, like a blatant declaration of war against the other Malaysians. Some of us have interpreted it well as saying this act was fear-driven. It sounds ridiculous to me to even think about a Malaysian feeling intimidated by the other Malaysians who have helped this nation grow and faithfully supported this "scared" fellow Malaysian to become a better-off Malaysian. On what grounds should this fellow Malaysian feel intimidated? Unless he feels inadequate in terms of knowledge and ability in the face of healthy competition from the other well-intentioned Malaysians.

We all know that our nation is ill, but luckily not ill beyond hope. We are in fact better than many other developing countries. But we cannot risk taking our current progress for granted. Look what happened to China when it practised its infamous "closed-door" policy from the 14th-19th century? Someone has been there, done that and we certainly do not want to go there. It's therefore crucial that our government spearhead a national development plan that focusses on implementing a gradual, radical change to the entire national system that encourages independent-mindedness and responsible behaviors, which will eventually lead the people to become appreciative of a meritocracy-based system. It all has to begin by educating the people. A radical change is a thorough change and that can only happen if we have the right people as our leaders who will lead the change by example and wipe out the ills of our country from the top right to the bottom. We are asking for creative destruction that brings short-term pains but long-term gains. If you don't get what I meant, read up on how Singapore's founding father LKY did his magics to transform Singapore into a miracle economy in mere 30 years. Some may disagree with his methodology. But hey look to the south and see who's celebrating their 40th national independence day happily as a nation today regardless of race and religion without fearing that their portion of the nation's economic pie being taken away from them by another race.

We still celebrate our national day together but deep within us all Alis, Ah Mengs and Muthus (to borrow a few names from among us chit-chatters :P) we are not as united as we like to think. But who's to blame when we have so many racially discriminitory policies in our national system?

I am old enough to be a voter for the next general election. And I don't really want to vote for an uninspiring political party as BN. But I am also equally doubtful that the other parties can do a better job than the BN in terms of nation-building, given that the rest don't really have any track record to prove their capability. I am kinda in a dilemma. Can someone please tell me if there's any worthy political party in Malaysia that can cure the ills of our country without causing too much pain to the people?

Posted by: ahjuju18 at July 26, 2005 10:17 AM

I might sound abit dumb..
but to answer your question ahjuju..
"Can someone please tell me if there's any worthy political party in Malaysia that can cure the ills of our country without causing too much pain to the people?"

Create our own political party which takes cares the interest of all..
We call it the Party MIC 2
MIC as in "Malay Indian Chinese"


Posted by: Ultimat3 at July 26, 2005 10:53 AM


I might sound abit dumb..
but to answer your question.. heh
"Can someone please tell me if there's any worthy political party in Malaysia that can cure the ills of our country without causing too much pain to the people?"

Create our own political party which takes cares the interest of all..
We call it the Party MIC 2
MIC as in "Malay Indian Chinese"



My career will not be in law enforcement..

If I ever end up in ISA Sg. Buloh.. please don't just write to me..
But come and visit me...

We earned the right to be victimise, but for how long are
we gonna stand this victimization.


I like your these words.. "Let all Muthus and Ah Bengs join the
United Malaysian National Organisation party. Be prepared for long
struggle as the ruling class will not give up easily."

Posted by: Ultimat3 at July 26, 2005 10:58 AM


I share your grief, your frustrations, your anger and your deeply held emotions. These are said for the love of the country and the love of our fellow Malaysians. If it has to be said, it must said.

You need not apologise, for your sentiments are deeply rooted in the subsconsciousness of many non-UMNO citizens, which include many proud and self-made Malays, Chinese and Indians.

As I said in the other thread on the same issue (More Shabery Cheeks please), the problem of racial divisiveness and discontent lies not with our fellow Malay brothers and sisters.

It lies squarely with the race politics of UMNO, who we, as voters, unwittingly allowed and continue to allow the party to rule this country, with no checks and balances, since independence (1957).

Arrogance and intransigence set in UMNO rank and file, and political corruption pervades the whole moral fibre of UMNO at the same time having the race-card being played by some of the racist-oriented UMNO leaders in public, in the media and in Government, including wielding the "keris", the symbol of threat of harm.

UMNO has deliberated manipulated their self-interest and financial greed for its own UMNO members by shifting the problems of the country into a Malay vs Non-Malay issue. Racial discontent was propagated to enhance UMNO's greed for power and for finanical gains. UMNO's interest for the general wellbeing of the Malays, is only secondary to the enrichment of UMNO Malays. Our fellow Kelantanese Malays and some Malays in Kedah, Trengganu and Perlis know that. Non-Malays are oblivious to this fact.

UMNO owned the main press and they suppressed the freedom of other press eg Star (owned by MCA). And they use this media control to press on their greed and selfish agenda at the expense of the general wellbeing of the general population of the country.

Let us not get suck and made to react wildly and emotionally to the deliberate and mischievous race politics of UMNO, which is used to extend their hold on political power.

UMNO can only survive politically if it wins in the divide and rule based on race discontent.

It is only fair that we assist and share what our fellow Malay brothers and sisters want, as we all want to, to have a decent living, a decent future for our children. There are still the majority who, by default of not being an UMNO member or had no political connection to the UMNO hierarchy, are suffering as much, if not more than some of the non-Malays.

Redirect your anger and frustration not at our fellow Malay brothers and sisters, but at the scourge of UMNO's race politics and blatant display of the race card in publuc to create dissent among the Malays, among the Chinese and among the Indians.

The race divisiveness in the country and the incitement of racial fears lie at UMNO's door, not at our fellow Malay brothers and sisters. Period! And, this fine distinction must be made, which UMNO would prefer it is not.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 26, 2005 11:14 AM

as najob said yesterday during a press interview, "we the umno will work together with mca and mic to sort out the NNA issue. we are BN and therefore we shld consult each other" (not the exact words but the story is abt there). so if UMNO is willing to discuss with MCA n MIC, so i say to OKT, dont gv in easily, protect the interests of the chinese as u r our leader. Our hopes lie with u so dont fail us. BUt fat chance lah.

Posted by: groo at July 26, 2005 11:37 AM

I view with sadness the antics of UMNO youth, and my feelings of indignation and frustration probably equal Neil’s. I’ve heard how my father felt when he saw the kris being brandished at one of the earlier gatherings. He felt that that weapon was threatening to all other Malaysians. It’s like being told we have no place here on this land. And I’m having the same feelings at this moment. I wanted to turn it into a joke that it looks to me like he was holding up The Crutch for all the things he’s talking about, but this is certainly not funny. And I could only shake my head and remain wordless. But I know I must also speak up even if mine is but a small voice in a crowd. At least here’s another vote against this kind of behavior. It’s not appropriate at all. Not then, not now, not ever. You can hold up a pen, a flag or whatever but not a weapon. Even though symbolic, it’s still viewed as one. Have we ever been aggressive? We just wanted a place we can work and live peacefully, excel in whatever we can achieve and pay our dues. We don't begrudge your 30%. Take it by all lawful means. But leave your weapon outside the door.

Posted by: LC Teh at July 26, 2005 01:49 PM

I think all the action in the last few days,(well ever since Pak Lah came into office) is a big wake up call for all the other races in Malaysia. The pressure is on! Don't get me wrong, I do not mean we should take our weapons and swing them around. The only viable, most effective weapon we have is our knowledge and our abilities. We do not have time to close our eyes and think every thing is going to be fine. We have to work twice as hard. Since we are all ahead, we have to keep the race going and not fall back and give up. We should teach our children to safe money and study as hard as they can. If it means that our children should sacrifice spending too much time studying Bahasa Malaysia and concentrate more on Advance Math and Science, more power to them. Mind you, I got a C6 for my BM and no one in both US and Singapore cared. The only way we can speak up is through our actions. We can freely speak in Malaysia, yet lets all keep in mind what happened in the Parliment 2-3 weeks ago when the MIC guy spoke up and was suspended. Although we have the right to speak, we do not have control over the consequence of our speech. So lets educate our children of our government and where the country is going so that they understand we are on our own to determine our future. We all should have enough education and savings so that we can pack up and leave if we have to. This is only going to get worst so lets all get our old thinking cap and set a back up plan for our future generation.

Some may think I am too negative but hey, the smart one will always have his rain coat/umbrella ready even though it is bright and sunny. You never know when the dark cloud will come.

Posted by: vision 2020? at July 26, 2005 02:49 PM

The voice of the rakyat will only be heard loud and clear when there is a two-party rule in the country. Only then will we see the light of meritocracy and fairness, irrespective of race, creed or colour.

Posted by: Car at July 26, 2005 03:22 PM

The Minister of Education is a national disgrace.
His public display is comparable to one fat so and so.

Just when we are pondering ways on combating school bullies, we have this guy brandishing a deadly weapon. Is it just to score points?

C'mon this guy is supposed to be highly educated; no maybe trained is a better word.
His behaviour can hardly be seen as educated.

We must make sure the likes of such character never become the PM.

Posted by: hjangus at July 26, 2005 03:45 PM


You said... "The Minister of Education is a national disgrace."

You are too kind with your words. I have words and adjectives to describe the behaviour of the Minister of Education at the UMNO Assembly that Jeff will not allow me to print!!

I am sure his parents did not teach him to behave like that in public, because traditional Malay cultural grace does not permit such behaviour.

Now, I wonder whether his children are proud of their father's disgusting behaviour as a Minister of Education?

I pray they are not.

If they are, then, what more can be said about parents imparting decent SOCIAL behaviour to their impressionable children.

There is a Malay phrase that starts with the letter "k" and ends with the word "ajar" for such behaviour.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 26, 2005 04:51 PM

I urge everyone to read the article by Azly Rahman on "New agenda - no Malaysian left behind?" on

"Understand the real issues being class, no longer race. This can be a better perspective of looking at the issue of ownership and control of the NEP"

"The new issue facing us is one that is class-based. We can longer use race and its sentimentality as a perspective to analyse what is gravely wrong with the developmental project we are pursuing"

Posted by: jsc at July 26, 2005 05:11 PM

you asked if there is a worthy party for the next election... I know it seems scary to even imagine other than BN running the country.

But I am not afraid of the change. If it must it will make things better. The country will still go on as how life will. Be it DAP or PAS, I am willing to take the chance. At least BN must realised that we are no longer the 'katak bawah tempurung'.

The 'cakap tak serupa bikin' symptom is getting out of hand and the 'ada gaya tiada mutu' is showing their colors.


Posted by: vERINe at July 26, 2005 05:18 PM

Just wondering .... did all those ministers take annual leave to attend the UMNO conference?

If they did not, they are using taxpayers monies to attend a private function.

Also the MoEd should be admonished for such bullying behaviour in a public forum.

Posted by: hjangus at July 26, 2005 05:49 PM

I agree with ahjuju and Verine that we should start to look at the "alternatives".

Barisan have taken all the non bumis for a ride for far too long.The situation is getting overboard with each passing day.

The only solution is to shoved the keris down their throat and vote for the "alternatives"

Posted by: facets at July 26, 2005 07:37 PM


You quoted an article that the issue is about class and not race.

To be honest with you, everybody knows what you said and what the writer in malaysiakini said, it is being taught as an introductory subject on Political Science 101 or in Sociology 101 or Good Governance 101.

Even UMNO knows fully well what you said. I also believe the famous son-in-law had also learnt that in Oxford. And Pak Lah would have found the same "eureka" in his quiet moments of religious meditation.

But if this becomes a class struggle and is not a race struggle, then UMNO is irrelevant and its existence is questionable. Its very mandate to exist is totally extinguished.

UMNO leaders know that they will be out of a job, without a political issue in any election.

And being in power since independence, UMNO will make sure that this remains a race issue and NOT a class issue, otherwise UMNO has no reason to exist at all.

So, as long as UMNO exists, race struggle will continue to be the agenda of the politics of Malaysia.

I hope those who still argue (in lectures and in academic circles )and have this sudden enlightenment, should also enlighten themselves on the realpolitik of UMNO-run Malaysia.

I hope you get my point.

Is there a choice of change? Yes. At the ballot box.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 26, 2005 08:27 PM

good observation HJ Angus,

probably they took emergency leave or just absconded from work, like when they are absent from parliamentary proceedings....

satu lagi projek kerajaan barisan nasional....sounds familair?

Posted by: dr.strangelove at July 26, 2005 09:57 PM


Someone sent through the internet the photo of the Minister of Education in action with the keris and interpose with set of other photos.

If you cannot open the page, download a free copy of Acrobat Reader ( as the page was set in .pdf format

Click here to see the photos:

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 26, 2005 10:08 PM

the black chimp is very nice looking.
and the primates they all have teeth, i see.
very menacing. no need to hold anything.

Posted by: doovad at July 27, 2005 02:25 AM

Being a Malaysian in the United States is great. I can definately say we get equal rights over here. I attended college over here and after I graduated I called a Malaysian woman who worked as a travel agent in New York to book my ticket back to Malaysia. The first thing she said was "Are you absolutely sure you want to go back to Malaysia?". It hit me like a ton of bricks, why should I go back and get treated like no class citizen. That was 4 years ago and I have been here ever since, freedom and equal rights are awesome. Once anyone gets a taste of it, its really hard to let go.

Posted by: delmark at July 27, 2005 09:11 AM

Frank&Honest;, I concur with you. Back to basic it is. Time to reflect, convince and make most Malaysians understand that we need to move on from the political parties that are race-based, especially the bumis, being the majority. Make them (race-based political parties) irrelevant is not a bad thing, the question is how and if we can do it ?

Yes, easier said than done, but can anyone else suggest otherwise, if we all want to stick around in this country.

Posted by: jsc at July 27, 2005 09:46 AM

F&H;, at the ballot box it is.

Posted by: vERINe at July 27, 2005 10:40 AM

It appears that this blog issue on NEP is indeed popular as it affects every Malaysian, regardless of race and creed. It was only 2 days ago when I posted my views. Mine was the third one by the name of Thomas, and by today, the number of postings has increased to almost 100!

Often, I wonder when would Malaysians be treated equal. We studied in our history books then the NEP came about after the May 13 riots, in 1969. It was decided then that affirmative actions were needed to assist the Malays in acquiring the skills/expertise for them to propel into the future, apart from ensuring that the nation's wealth is equally distributed.

We studied in our history books that these bumiputra benefits are temporary and should cease by 1990. However, easier said than done. Came 1990, Tun Mahathir claimed that the Malays were still poor and the Malay race on the whole owns only 19% of the economy. Instead of putting in place measures to rectify the mistakes made in the past policy, he devised another plan called NDP. NDP, like its predecessor NEP, further extend those privileges for the bumiputra race. This time round, there is no maturiy period. No politician would dare to revoke those benefits for fear of political reprisals.

Instead, the politicians argued that the NEP and NDP is enshrined in the Consitution. Can any legal expert in constitution confirm this to me? To my knowledge, the consitution of Malaysia do provide for special privileges for the Malay community like Malay reserve etc. As far as I am concern, the status of bumiputra and non-bumiputra is never spelt out in the Constitution.

Furthermore, regardless of the time frame given to NEP, NDP etc, there will always be poor Malays and likewise, rich Chinese. However, it is the poor Indians living in the estate and also, poor Chinese would suffer the most. The few rich Malay datuks will still enjoy up to 15% discount in buying up houses and no need to worry for children education as it is all provided for.

If Islam Hadhari is about justice and fairness, one need not go far to see injustices in Malaysia.


Posted by: thomas at July 27, 2005 10:53 AM

Our options are 'non-racial' based parties
GERAKAN within BN. If a swarm of 200,000 people suddenly become members, then they become a stronger voice within.
DAP. As long as they don't bergabung again with the religion or party based elements.

Or to non-racialise MCA. Only thing is some of us don't understand mandarin to even start doing anything.

Do we all realise that this is the New Malaysia. While our postings may be read by 'elements', we are enjoying the freedom of speech as long as we don't behave like the UMNOputras.

I think this Merdeka 310805 will see a unity of the modern Malaysians of all races.


Posted by: doovad at July 27, 2005 10:58 AM


Nice pictures. I think better effect if the guy is shown first.

Are you sure those primates don't object to his presence?
I have made a link the photos in my blog at

Hope no one objects.

Posted by: hjangus at July 27, 2005 11:43 AM


You asked........."Make them (race-based political parties) irrelevant is not a bad thing, "the question is how and if we can do it ?

Here is how:



a) If you are eligible to vote... use your vote carefully. I can't tell you which party to vote.With all the discussion going on, you should know where your vote should go to have a united Malaysia and which party/parties to avoid.

b) Share your thoughts and views with your parents, brothers sisters, uncles, aunties, neighbours, workmates, school mates and friends.

c) Between two evils in the choice of political parties to vote, there should be one that is of the LESSER EVIL.

d) As you know by now, the status quo is untenable. There is need for change and therefore there is need for COURAGE to make the change. In democracy, we make that change at the BALLOT BOX.. not on the streets. Stay safe and stay outside the gates of Kamunting(ISA) to be an effective and responsible citizen

e) It is NO use sobbing and complaining and whining behind closed doors, among friends or in front of the computer keyboard. Act on it!

e) Your fellow citizens may not see the benefit of your voice and activism.

There is a saying: Onlt 5 % of the people make things work while the remainder 95% are just followers. UMNO membership is a minority in the whole population of Malaysia yet they rule the country, because they go out and try to enforce their brand of politics.

And that is what the 5 % of us, educated, internet savvy, willing to see the difference for our next generation, should be doing.. and do it within the law.

That is the only way to fulfill the aspirations of Hidup Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh.

Posted by: Frank&Honest; at July 27, 2005 01:03 PM

Just wanna get the 100 posts. But at the same time want to post another view from Coffee Critics.

Malaysia For Malaysians: NEP No Longer In Need

BPlease read a bit of history of Malaysia's NEP (New Economic Policy) at Wikipedia

The Main Question is:
1) Why does the UMNO Youth Chief and his supporters want to revive NEP?
2) Will reviving NEP help the Malays?
2) Is it necessary for UMNO to revive the NEP?

1) From my point of view, there are a few reasons for UMNO Youth Chief, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, and his supporters want to revive NEP.

Reason one: They want to "stay competitive". They are afraid that sooner or later, the non-Malays will be able to control the economy of Malaysia again, thus losing their government, which is consider their golden goose (getting money by bidding for tender from the government - Malays will be able to get the tender even though their bid is alot higher than the non-Malays).

Reason Two: They want to make sure that that they will be the one who are going to make a profit out of NEP. This is easy for them because, as the people of same race, it is easier for them to talk "business" ("I give you this tender and you give me this "gift", okay?). Still, there are some of them who are willing to work with non-Malays but they will ask for more expensive "gift".

Reason Three: By reviving NEP, they will be able to force the government (which consists of Malays and Non-Malays) to allocate money for program that "will be use as a medium" to fulfill the objective of NEP (more money ready to be share among themselves).

2) Seriously speaking, even by reviving NEP, it does not necessary mean that it is going to help the (all) Malays much. What I am trying to say is that whatever the government id going to prepare for reviving NEP, only 10% of the total amount will be able to reach the Malays who really need the help. The other 90% will eventually went to the "those" who control the flow of the money, who deal with who will get what and how much plus "their friends".

3) Again, I don't really think reviving NEP is a step UMNO should take. Instead, UMNO should be thinking about make Malaysia as a place for Malaysian and not a place where there will be Malays, Chinese, Indian or any other races. After all, we are all Malaysian and we will always be Malaysian. Until UMNO is willing and determine to think and act this way, the real Malays will stay the way they are now, waiting for the government to feed them with foods, clothes and money. But when UMNO start to think Malaysian instead of Malays, I am sure that the rest of Malaysian will be more than willing to welcome this new era where everyone is same and equal in a place where competition is fair. Surely, this condition will make sure that Malaysia will be able to achieve Vision 2020.

Posted by: eztoyou at July 27, 2005 01:52 PM

The UMNO malays could start out with smaller gestures, like not using keris to threaten other races anymore. It would be great if they stop ridiculing other religions too.

Posted by: delmark at July 27, 2005 08:26 PM

In response to the question "Will reviving NEP help the Malays?" by eztoyou, I have this to say: If the previous two affirmative action policies NEP and NDP were not successful, what makes the Malays believe that the recently proposed NNA will help?

Educated minds will understand that change in mindsets of the Malays should come before allocating more resources to help them climb the social ladders. Learn to walk properly before learning to run. Get the basics right!

Also, I have this to say to our Minister for Education who seems to be in a dire need for an enemy to make his case for reviving NEP:

You have seen the enemy, and the enemy is you!

ahjuju18 wishes the Miniter well and hopes that he will not have to cut his own throat with his own keris after learning that the imaginary enemy is himself!

Posted by: ahjuju18 at July 27, 2005 10:08 PM

"You have seen the enemy, and the enemy is you!"

Well said ahjuju18.

Posted by: facets at July 27, 2005 11:10 PM

Those idiots kept saying that some narrow-minded people are harping on this issue to gain political mileage. Aren't they not?

Posted by: Mrslow at July 27, 2005 11:15 PM

hundreds years ago, malaya was under western colonization as a result from losing the battle called "keris vs gun"

and now, after so many years, some people just never take history as a lesson and still showing off the power of a keris.

Posted by: secret_agent at July 28, 2005 12:15 AM

I don't understand why Chinese are always associated with "wealthy" or "rich" by by other ethnics, notably the Malays. There are so many Chinese out there who are struggling to make a living and the lads have to depend on loans to complete their education, having failed to be granted any place into public unis.

If this is how we stereotype people, I can as well argue that the urban Malays are equally rich. Go to KLCC and you'll see which race go in and out to those branded shops most. When you see a Ferrari or a Porsche on the road, chances are the drivers are Malays (and you can't assume they are "Ahmads"-- nobody uses them for Ferraris).

And most of all, look at those big time firms in Malaysia say, Proton, Celcom, Maxis, NST and many more, who are their CEOs? If Hishamudin really concerns about the ever deteriorating gap between the riches and the poors, he should not just look into his UMNO malays but the silent majority including the suburban Malays as well as the Indians.

I'm a Chinese but I'm not requesting the government to look after the Chinese as well. I believe that most of us, including those Chinese newspapers (I've read them,they were quite liberal and objective in their articles)are looking forward to a fair allocation to all Malaysians. All Malaysians deserve fair share of chances.

As for Hisham's doings, it was not something new. You hear this kind of comments whenever UMNO General Meeting is on, especially from Pemuda. Yeah, he was trying to gain political mileage, just like what his predecessors did in the past. And when he eventually becomes a PM or DPM, he'll act as a leader for every race. That's the eternal formula. I believe that he has nothing against non-Malays personally since he was from St John which is a missionary school, and he was just solely "acting" to the interest of those ignorant, narrow-minded UMNO members. A person can change his behavior when it comes to political interests...

Posted by: skyfox at July 28, 2005 12:02 PM

May 13, 1967

Then we had hooligans with keris and blood on their hands.

Fast forward to the present.
We have a minister with a gold plated keris making threatening gestures in a public forum.

Is this the example we should be showing to potential school bullies?

A more apt prop for his speech, in the light of the AP revelations, would be a small pocket mirror that he should have given to his audience and then at the appropriate moment, he could have said, " Today I will share with you why the NEP has failed. Please look at the answer in the mirror I have given you."

Posted by: hjangus at July 28, 2005 12:22 PM

I couldn’t agree more with Wong Sulong (‘Keep up reform momentum’ The Star 25th July 2005) that affirmative action for the Malays will continue, whatever the nametag. This is why, despite the ‘abolishment’ of NEP and the introduction of Dasar Pembangunan Negara some 15 years ago, the government find itself having to continuously ensure our bumiputera friends be able to compete in the increasingly competitive local and global (or should I just say ‘glocal’) economy. And our beloved Pak Lah has rightfully explained that the Government would work to complete the ‘unfinished jobs’. Like Wong Sulong, I am also sad that Malaysians are still divided on how the economic cake is to be shared. No man, sane, would ever want to question the government’s affirmation to help bumiputera as it has been made their ‘constitutional’ right. I, personally, have no qualm on that. It is a system that had been agreed; and I believe in ‘system’ to ensure order and decorum.

But on the other hand, I am even sadder in that no one on the part of our bumiputera friends hears or understands the cries of the underprivileged in the non-Malay community. Why is that only the non-Malays must always understand the plight of our Malay friends and not vice versa? Why is that only after 47 years of independence the government has opened its eyes to Malaysian Indians’ equity holding? And thus the government has ‘graciously’ given assurance to help Indians to achieve 3 percent of national equity. So much on equitable distribution!

Wong Sulong was at his literary best to point out objectives of NEP and the promises of Tun Razak in the implementation of the policy – that it is to eradicate poverty irrespective of race; it will be an all-embracing social and economic programme; and therefore no community would feel deprived or alienated. May I ask Wong Sulong, despite these assurances, why is that the Indian community feels marginalized in the process of nation development? You may very well say they (the Indians) should not feel like that. But is not that the fact, looking at the kind of assistance or rather ‘non assistance’ we receive from the government? Has poverty been eradicated irrespective of race? As the Malay proverb says ‘tepuk dada, tanya selera’.

I certainly understand when Pak Lah said that the government has ‘unfinished jobs’; and like what was pointed out by Tan Sri Muhyiddin during the UMNO general assembly there are lots and lots of Malays whose income is below poverty line. Believe me, I have been to Malay dominant rural parts of Malaysia. Therefore, I would never question whatever assistance the government gives to my brethren in the Malay community because I believe in equitable distribution of wealth. Obviously, it is the utmost responsibility of the government to ensure that no one is let off in having a share of the nation’s development. But I have also been to non-Malay dominant – especially Indians – rural parts of Malaysia. I could see little (or none) government assistance to help these people to lead a better life. It is no different for the urban-poor Indians. Why is that, Wong Sulong? Please do not tell me MIC should tackle this problem because you and I know the limitations and constraints for MIC to perform their social responsibilities – finance being the biggest constraint.

Tolerance and co-existence have been the virtues by which Malaysia has come a long way together to what we are today. I wish to see these virtues are embraced and protected for the rest our life and the days of our children and thereafter. But I feel that the government is doing very little in ensuring that everyone in this country feel that he / she is wanted and appreciated for who he / she is. Preference and privileges are to be given to a certain community to the extent that it does not breach into the comfort zone of another community. Let the government build low cost houses or even free houses for the Malays, but lest ask the non Malays to subsidize. Let Malays enter into public universities with less qualification or no qualification at all, but lest deprive the non-Malay students of their hard earned and rightful places in these institutions of higher education. Let Malays given permits for commercial vehicles, but why forcing the non-Malays to lease permits from those who just want to earn (monthly rentals) by sitting comfortably on their posh couch? Why is that the non-Malays have to work hard to earn their livelihoods and pay their monthly installments for these commercial vehicles and rentals for permits? Is this fair and just? Why can’t non-Malays too own permits for their own vehicles? Aren’t these just some obvious examples that the government has denied the rights of the other races, Wong Sulong? Can you see why Malaysians are divided on how the cake is to be shared, Wong Sulong?

Again, I would like to reiterate my stand. There is nothing wrong in working for the progress of the Malays as it is important for the peace and stability of the country, or else we will be facing social unrest like some of our neighbouring countries. But everything is wrong if it is done at the expense of the other communities in the country. And everything will be wrong when substance is compromised in actions. For example, what kind of Malay graduates the nation will produce when we compromise on requirements for university admissions? Should not the government encourage more and more students like Amalina rather than ensuring less qualified and unqualified Malays becoming degree holders? I agree with Deputy Prime Minister that the government will only assist Malays who are hard working and who have the determination to be successful. But I also wish to hear from our leaders that the government will assist hard working and determined non-Malays as well. Is this too much to expect from a just government?

Finally, whenever something terrible happens elsewhere, our leaders are quick to point to the need to look for root causes of those problems. Likewise, as Gerakan President Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik said, find out the reasons for the Malays’ failures in these 35 years of affirmative actions. One thing for sure, the ‘asking’ will never stop until and unless the ‘giving’ is stopped. And as long as the ‘giving’ is continued, the ‘receivers’ would never become proactive hence, the ‘job’ will continue to be ‘unfinished’ - forever.

Posted by: cantona at August 4, 2005 04:44 PM


Very well opined. Many policies are extremely biased and discriminatory towards the non-Malays segment. There are also many more poor non-Malays in the country. Countless examples had been highlighted in the press, not to mention those not highlighted.

Government policies should be meant to help the poor, the weak, irrespective of race, colour or creed. I just feel we, non-Malays, despite being a Malaysian, are treated more like a third class citizen, not even 2nd class!!!!

Posted by: Car at August 5, 2005 11:49 AM

U are rite Car. That's the problem we, the non Malays, are facing today. The government, on one hand is propagating unity and racial intergration; while on the other devicing policies that eventually develops communal hatred. I, personally, hate to harbour or preach hatred and hostility toward fellow human being for it is this very prejudice that is causing unrest and killings all over the world.

But that is exactly what this government is forcing us to do. Suppose we face another communal riot in this country, I would only blame the government that majority of us have voted to give the biggest mandate.

Posted by: cantona at August 5, 2005 04:44 PM
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