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Created and maintained by Shane Chen

Copyright 1996-2000.

Welcome to the Imation IMR080020 8X20 CD-R Users Resource.

If you are the proud owner of a Imation IMR080020 8X20 CD-R burner or are thinking about purchasing one, you've come to the right place. I imagine that the reason that you're here is because you'veimr8x20-sm.jpg (13202 bytes) heard that the Imation IMR080020 CD-R is the same as the Plextor PX-R820T CD-R. Well, the rumors are true. The drives are nearly identical. The biggest difference of the drives is the price, as the Imation drives are selling for about $100 less than the Plextor, and it includes a bootable Adaptec AHA-2930C Ultra SCSI controller.. If your local BestBuy has the retail package in stock (SKU#3665509), it should be selling for $199. The Imation 8X20 external drive is SKU# 272151 at CompUSA, and goes for $199 to $229 if they have it in stock.


03/27/2001 - A note about the mailing list subscription procedure: To subscribe, send an email to and include the word subscribe in the body of the email. To unsubscribe, send an email to and include the word unsubscribe in the body of the email. If you want your replies to go back to the list, instead of the sender, make sure you reply-to-all instead of using a normal reply-to.
I also updated the download section.

09/03/2000 - Well, as you can see, not much has been happening. There's yet another release of CloneCD (v2.7.7.3). Plextor also released a new version of PlexManager 2000 last month. As I'm sure most of you are aware, Imation is no longer selling these drives. I get an occasional question or two from people who ask if they should upgrade from their 8x to 12x. When the 8x drivers came out, it reduced recording time from 20 minutes for a full (74min) CD to 10 minutes. Going from an 8x to 12x only shaves off another 3-4 minutes. Do what you will with your money. =)

07/01/2000 - CloneCD v2.5.5.2 was released today. Download from Elaboate Bytes.

04/24/2000 - I received an email today that the external SCSI Imation 8x20 is $179 at CompUSA, SKU# 272151! Pray that your local store has them in stock.

04/20/2000 - Updated the mini-FAQ.

04/17/2000 - Plextor's v1.07 firmware is now available for download. It claims to improve its RAW reading performance among other things. CloneCD now requires the new v1.07 firmware on their hardware requirements page.

02/29/2000 - I received an email today that informed me that the program to flash the ID string back to an Imation puts the wrong BIOS ID string. He was kind enough to hexedit the program to correct this error. The fixed version is now available for download (the original is removed). If you downloaded the program prior to today (or obtained a version from the original author), please download the new program instead.

BTW, neither Plextor nor their legal representative has contacted me back yet.