Rose and June Hovick
A brief history:


Rose Louise Hovick

Rose Louise Hovick AKA Gypsy Rose Lee AKA "The most publicized woman in the world," was one of the most covered strippers of all time.

As a child she and her sister June Hovick had an act called "Dainty June and her Newsboy Songsters." Which in time was followed by their "Madame Rose and her Dancing Daughters's act. Later, She would have her own act, which was known as "Rose Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes."

She was spotted by H.K. Minsky who made her a headliner at Minsky's . She would later work her way uptown to the Ziegfeld Follies.

Her first job in legitimate theater was in "I Must Love Someone" and a summer theater tour of the play "Burlesque." She also starred in Michael Todd's "Streets of Paris."

She would go on to films and even become a novelist with her bestseller "The G-String Murders" and it's sequel "Mother Finds a Body" ( although many believe they were actually penned by Craig Rice.)

June Hovick

At the age of two June had appeared in a few Harold Loyd short films.

She entered Vaudeville at the age of 5 solo, and later on as "Dainty Baby June and her Newsboy Songsters," a vaudeville act with her mother and sister Rose Louise Hovick.

She married at the age of 13.

At 17 (1933)she began entering dance marathons in San Francisco under the name of June Reed.

She would dance 6 marathons and held the all time record for marathon dancing of 3,6OO hours ( for 5 months)

She would quit vaudeville and marathon dancing and would later become a successful actress. She even starred in a tour of Sweeney Todd as Mrs. Lovett. She had a film career and was featured in such movies as Brewster's Millions and Gentleman's Agreement.

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