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November 7
7 p.m. Charlie Moore Outdoors
November 8
6 p.m. Granite City Electric Breakaway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get NESN?

If you live in NESN's broadcast territory (New England with the exception of Fairfield County, CT), you are entitled to get NESN from your local cable provider or through DirecTV and Dish Network. If you live outside of NESN's broadcast territory, you can get NESN through satellite, however, Red Sox and Bruins games will be blacked out.

Why are the Red Sox and Bruins games on NESN blacked out outside of NESN's broadcast territory?

Outside of NESN's broadcast area (New England with the exception of Fairfield County, CT), game broadcasts are blacked out in order to protect other teams' territories, as well as the exclusivity of national television outlets.

How can I get Red Sox and Bruins broadcasts outside of NESN's broadcast territory?

DirecTV, DISH Network and digital cable providers offer special out-of-market packages: the Major League Baseball Extra Innings package or the NHL Center Ice package include most of the games that are broadcast on NESN. Please note, some games may still be subject to blackouts. For more information, contact DirecTV's Web at or call them at 1-800-DIRECTV, or the DISH Network at or 1-800-333-DISH.

What is the Boston DMA?

The Boston/Manchester (NH) DMA, or Designated Market Area, is the area considered to be part of the Boston television viewing market. The following map highlights the counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont that are part of the Boston DMA.

Are any Red Sox or Bruins games broadcast in high definition (HDTV)?

On September 15, 2003, NESN began producing all of our exclusive Red Sox and Bruins home games in HDTV. Beginning with the 2005 Red Sox season, 40 road games have been added to the HDTV schedule. Check in with for an updated HDTV Red Sox schedule.

I watch NESN on satellite. Why do I experience blackouts of NESN's ESPN college basketball games?

NESN only has the rights to broadcast ESPN's college basketball games via satellite in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In Connecticut, NESN's satellite distribution of ESPN's college basketball coverage is limited to areas with zip codes that begin with either 060, 061, 062 or 067. If you live outside of these areas, you must order ESPN Full Court from your satellite provider to see the games that are scheduled to be televised on NESN. This package allows satellite viewers to watch out-of-market college basketball games televised by ESPN.

Can I purchase tapes of NESN programming?

Unfortunately, NESN programming is not available for purchase because NESN does not own the rights to redistribute most of our programming outside of when it is broadcast on our air.

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