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Waterous, manjfacturer of quality products for the global fire service, is pleased to introduce a number of new products recently launched for the European market.




70-35E Portable CAFSystem™
The 70-35E Portable CAFSystem delivers water, aspirated foam, and compressed air foam (CAFS), and is ideally suited for mounting on a 4 X 4 for operational duty in many fire scenarios – from forestry and rural fires, to motorways and fast attacks in towns – the list of applications is nearly endless for this small, multifunctional unit. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 17.2 kW gasoline engine, the 70-35E has a rugged, close-grained iron cased, centrifugal water pump that has a rated delivery of 340 l/m @ 8.6 bar and 0.9m(3) cfm of air @ 6.9 bar. Waterous/Pneumax exclusive Auto-Sync™ balancing system automatically maintains the balance between the pump pressure and air pressure. The foam proportioner included is the most accurate available, and the rotary screw-type air compressor can be operated independently, to provide compressed air to pneumatic tools or rescue air bags.





HL200 and HL300 Rear-Mounted Fire Pumps
The new HL200 (HiLo) Series pump is designed for use in all rear-mounted applications. Manufactured to the latest CEN-recommended standards, the HL200 is capable of 2000 l/m @ 10 bar and 400 l/m @ 40 bar. Constructed of lightweight yet rugged aluminum alloy, the two-stage HL200 features automatic piston priming with a rated performance of 1000 l/m from 7.5-meters lift. It is also delivered with a standard six-port manifold for flexible discharge valve positioning, left- or right-hand 100 mm tank-to-pump connection, and easy mounting for a 'Round-the-Pump' Foam System.





S100 Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump
The S100 end suction single-stage centrifugal fire pump is cast in ductile iron that reduces the pump weight by 35 percent, yet increases its strength by 25 percent (compared to gray iron). This high-performance, large midship-mounted pump delivers up to 7600 l/m @ 10 bar and comes with Waterous' heavy-duty split-shaft transmission housed in a special lightweight aluminum case to reduce weight even more. It is designed to meet flow requirements for Petrochemical and large-volume hose lays. If you need over 7000 l/m, this pump is the one for you.





E602 Portable Fire Pump
Originally designed to meet Swedish Class II specifications, the E602 is a small yet powerful high-performance motor pump that delivers either 800 l/m @ 15 bar or 1700 l/m @ 8 bar. This lightweight (only 139 kg) motor pump is powered by a 41 kW Folan liquid-cooled engine. The standard package comes complete with automatic piston priming, heated volute and light mast. All controls and gauges are located in one place and are well-lit for easy operation. Alternative European suction and discharge connections are available.





As the global leader in compressed air foam technology, Waterous builds CAFSystems to meet the needs of European brigades. PTO-driven units with or without pumps are available in a variety of sizes and include the Auto-Sync controller, an oil-air separator, filters, hoses, and a foam metering system for Class A foam or, alternatively, A & B foam. Engine-driven units are also available in many sizes.

For more information about all of Waterous' products, please contact your sales representative or visit www.waterousco.com.