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.: Big review of HP iPAQ rx3715

Author - Pavel Koza :: User rating - 4.5/5 gems   (651 votes) :: Views - 91767
September 02, 2004 :: The new HP iPAQ rx3000 series has been somewhat overshadowed by the models h6300 and hx4700 that are currently in the limelight. As you will soon find out, this is unjustified. This series is designed to provide maximum multimedia experience. The most powerful model, which I am reviewing, offers an integrated digital camera of unprecedented quality and an infra port that can be used to remotely control home appliances.

No doubt, HP's recent model iPAQ rz1710 somewhat damaged the company's otherwise excellent reputation. The problem was not the technical specifications (although the designers would deserve a bonus cut for the less then 20 MB of RAM available right after a hard reset) but rather in its extremely high price, disproportionate to the device's features and capabilities. Today, HP has a chance to win the lost reputation back with the most powerful model of the rx3000 series, new HP iPAQ rx3715. I would like to thank Hewlett-Packard Czech for providing a specimen for review purposes.

HP iPAQ rx3000
HP iPAQ rx3000

There are so many models in the rx3000 series that a smaller manufacturer could make it a complete product range. I described the differences between them in this article, so there is no need to repeat them, especially when I could test only the top model. As soon as I obtain two other models, I will update this review.

What's in the box?

HP has refrained from extravagant packaging as that of HP iPAQ rz1710 and the box is "plain", just with colour print. This device is aimed at a completely different sort of users than those who buy electronics on their Sunday trip to hypermarket. No eye to hang the box on a rod in the supermarket this time:) The box contains a wide range of accessories:

The box Content of the box
  • HP iPAQ rx3700
  • replaceable Li-Ion battery
  • stylus
  • USB cradle
  • AC adapter with a connector for direct charging
  • basic case
  • stereo headphones (earplug-type)
  • quick stat guide
  • brochure describing special features
  • FAQ brochure
  • warranty information
  • voucher for iPAQ Choice software
  • two CD-ROMs with bonus applications
HP iPAQ rx3715 HP iPAQ rx3715 HP iPAQ rx3715

Let's leave the Pocket PC plugged to the mains to recharge and take a look first at the accessories. The cradle is completely different than those supplied with previous models. I must say I prefer this elegant style - simple and practical. Its small height and relatively big weight give the cradle maximum stability. It does not take up much space on the desktop, either. Unlike previous models, this cradle does not feature an extra slot for charging a spare battery to the disappointment for power users who always have at least one ready. On the other hand, if I understand it correctly, a power source is supplied with every spare battery you buy extra. You can easily adapt the cradle for the iPAQ hx4700 by removing a detachable plastic part (this is more of a cost reduction for the manufacturer rather than user convenience). There is no USB host support.

Cradle Cradle in two parts iPAQ in cradle

The case resembles that of h2210 and h4150, i.e. a simple folded piece of leatherette with rubber trips on the sides. In this case, though, the sides are made of leatherette, too. Soft padding protects the device against damage. The case is very tight and it takes some force to insert the iPAQ. Fortunately, there are no rubber parts on the device to get rubbed off in a few weeks (owners of the h2210 can tell;)

iPAQ in a case iPAQ in a case

There is nothing interesting about the AC adapter - it is compact, with the same parameters as AC adapters of all other iPAQs (5 V, 2 A) since the times of Compaq Aero (well, that was not an iPAQ but its predecessor). You need to use a special adapter if you want to charge the device directly. The stylus is also compact, all made of plastic. It is much thicker than that of h4150 and therefore holds better.

AC Adapter

The headphones... well, not too bad but nothing to write home about, either. The jack is gold-plated (judging by the colour). My hearing may not be perfect yet I would expect better-quality headphones to be supplied with a multimedia Pocket PC. In my opinion, these black earplugs bearing a Plantronics brand are not good enough.

iPAQ with a headphones

Unlike most other Pocket PCs, the rx3700 ships with two of them. One of them contains a standard combination of MS Outlook and ActiveSync plus a few interesting bonus applications, the other contains HP Image Zone for PC.

There are several brochures and leaflets in the package: a very brief quick-start guide, a hundred-page manual describing all the special multimedia features, a brochure with answers to some 30 most frequently asked questions, a picture leaflet offering original accessories you can buy extra, and a few leaflets and brochures, such as warranty information, EULA etc. Of course, enclosed is a voucher you can use to buy software from the iPAQ Choice server.


Design or I have seen this before...

The iPAQ rz1710 and rx3700 apparently come from the same designer's desk. The two devices are identical but for the colour and a few design features. However, the rx3700 is clearly in a different price category. Its greyish silver colour successfully imitates the metal surface of the iPAQ hx4700 and creates a much better impression than the rz1710. Likewise, the device is very well assembly with all parts fitting perfectly. The device's design will please lovers of angular shapes as HP has given up rounded design for the time being. It holds very well. I was a little surprised at the relatively big weight but after some time, I could hardly notice. In my opinion, it is good to feel the device in your hand when taking photos. Extra weak users can try to trade the iPAQ Choice voucher for fitness centre admission;) The device's dimensions are 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.64 in / 114.3 x 71.2 x 16.3 millimetres, the weight is 5.6 oz / 158 grams.

iPAQ in all its beauty iPAQ in my hand Making photos - please don't disturb me:)

The front panel is dominated by a display (what else:) that looks larger than it actually is due to the dark colour of the body of the device. Underneath, there is a classical combination of a joypad and four user-definable buttons. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the iPAQ's weaknesses. The fact that the buttons are made of plastic is regrettable but does not hamper functionality in any way. The problem is that the buttons and joypad are diminutive (smaller than those in rz1700), which is quite inconvenient for people with large fingers like me. On the other hand, designers placed stops between neighbouring buttons, which makes it easier to control the device. It is possible to assign two actions to each button the same way as in the rz1710, one for a short press, one for a long press. The default setting is rather unusual and stems from the multimedia capabilities of the device - instead of Contacts or Calendar, the buttons launch an image viewer and remote infrared control. It is good that you can deactivate all buttons in the suspend mode - without that, I just could not take the device out of the case without taking at least one snap... Above the display, there are two small LED indicators. The one on the left indicates status, the other activity of wireless modules.

Comparison to Axim X30 Comparison to iPAQ h4150 Buttons Buttons disabled

The most important element on the back is a silver circle with camera lens in the middle and a small mirror for narcissist users to easily take pictures of themselves:) I should also mention a small stop under the lens which improves the grip and makes it possible to take photos with a steady hand (right). The largest part of the rear panel is occupied by the battery compartment door with a Lithium-Ion underneath.

iPAQ h4150 comparison Back side Digital camera

The top side sports an equally severe design as the rest of the device. Besides an almost indispensable SD slot, there is a stereo headphones jack, main switch, infrared eye, and a stylus shaft. On the bottom, there is a sunk soft reset button and a data connector.

Comparison :: iPAQ h4150 on the top, Axim X30 in the bottom Comparison :: iPAQ h4150 on the top, Axim X30 in the bottom

The sides are not overcrowded with controls, either. There is only one button on the left side that serves both as camera shutter release and sound record start (long press). That's all.

Comparison :: iPAQ h4150 on the top, Axim X30 in the bottom Comparison :: iPAQ h4150 on the top, Axim X30 in the bottom

You can tune the image of the device to your taste by one of two bonus themes preloeaded in the ROM.

HP Theme HP Theme

Parameters or What more can you wish for?

Parameters of the iPAQ rx3700 are well balanced. It does not offer the very best yet it is difficult to find a weak link. Let's start with the CPU and memory, as usual. At present, HP iPAQs ship with three different brands of processors. Devices supposed to give maximum performance run Intel processors, Samsung processors offer a good balance of price and performance, and Texas Instruments processors are used in devices where maximum power efficiency is required. This device features the Samsung S3C2440 processor running at 400 MHz. If you hesitate to go for other than an Intel processor, do not worry - full compatibility is guaranteed. All your software will run with the Samsung processor with the exception of specialised utilities for tweaking processor performance. Although the processor clock is a "mere" 400 MHz, its computing power is more than sufficient. Unlike other manufacturers, HP has been staunchly ignoring the possibility to adjust processor speed using a software utility - it is not a serious problem yet it would come handy sometimes to prolong the battery life by a few minutes.

System information Processor type Basic info

The individual models differ mainly in the amount of memory. The iPAQ rx3715 that I tested was fitted with memory quite generously. There are 56.66 MB of operating memory available for saving data and running applications. However, some useless things such as HP iPAQ Experience demo shrink the amount of memory accessible to the user to 42 MB, which is quite a difference from what the technical specifications say. There is more storage available in the iPAQ File Store - up to 96 MB! There is a danger of corrupting the safe store in exceptional cases of extremely intensive use. The iPAQ therefore offers a utility for quick format of this memory space.

Memory info Memory settings iPAQ File Store File Storage format utility

The display failed to impress me much. From the technical point of view, it is supposed to be the best available technology in the area of QVGA displays (240x320 pixels) - transflexive TFT with a 3.5 in / 89-millimetre diagonal, 65 thousand colours. In real life, it was a disappointment. It has no yellow tint as some previous models but all different colours. With maximum backlight, the device had a visible pink shadow on the left and a green one on the right (3 people confirmed that:). There were colour variations across a large (not only white) area, too. The only colour that did not suffer from this was black, which testifies to my suppositions that there is a problem with the backlight. As usual, I should make it clear that I am extremely picky and other users may be less concerned. Whereas the h4150 had a yellowish tint all over the display, only parts of the display are affected in this device, which I find more annoying. Sigh...

Display info Backlight settings

In other respects, the display is flawless. The backlight is adjustable at ten levels separately for battery and mains operation. The touch layer is evenly sensitive all over the display, the upper layer seems scratch-resistant and there is no drag when moving the stylus. The Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system supports not only ClearType but also easy screen rotation by 90 degrees and change of the system font. The maximum backlight is intensive enough to make the display well readable even in bright sunlight. Nevertheless, checking photos on the beach by the sea may be a little problematic. Subjectively, it does not differ from other devices in this respect.

Screen orientation ClearType

One would expect a device called proudly "Mobile Media Companion" to offer top-quality audio features. This presumption is correct - the iPAQ is really good at it. A standard 3.5-mm audio jack offers clear sound with no noise. You can adjust the sound to your liking (both bass and treble at three levels). The volume is more than sufficient. I tried connecting the iPAQ to my quite powerful hi-fi with an unexpectedly good result. The quality was slightly worse than that of CD playback but it could have been due to MP3 conversion with just average bitrate. A loudspeaker hidden under the joypad offers acceptable sound quality. The microphone is completely covered yet it is extremely sensitive. Those who find automatic adjustment insufficient can set the sensitivity manually.

Audio settings Microphone gain

Unlike the rz1710, whose communication features were quite poor, the rx3700 offers a lot. The basic communication channel is serial USB. This device does not support the ever more common USB Host functionality but works only as a client. The infra port is slow (SIR) but supports Consumer IrDA, which combined with the excellent application Nevo can turn this iPAQ into a powerful remote control of all common home appliances.

The Bluetooth functionality is provided by Widcomm, which the vast majority most users will take as good news. There is no point is repeating over and over again that it is a good, user-friendly product. If you are not familiar with Bluetooth, read some of the previous reviews, which will tell you more. Another fast wireless module is WiFi version 802.11b. It is again a standard module that newly supports WPA authentication. Its sensitivity appears to be good (unfortunately, I have not found a universal utility measuring signal strength yet). Nevertheless, the device had no problems in my office where there is a weak signal.

iPAQ Wireless Bluetooth settings Bluetooth Connection Wizard WiFi Wireless Network configuration

When out of office, the device is powered by a replaceable 1440-mAh Lithium-Ion battery. An optional double-capacity battery is also available. This iPAQ offers charging over USB cable, an increasingly widespread feature, here in two different modes - fast and slow. It is also possible to set time the device will retain memory contents when it is running low on power. In a test, the iPAQ lasted for... no, it's impossible! Let's try again. Well, in this test, the iPAQ lasted for... an absolutely amazing 8 hours and 1 minute with full backlights and simulation of usual usage! It is an incredible result and needs no further comment.

Battery status Standby period USB Charging WLAN power saving Battery test was very surprising

Camera or How beautiful!

When I first heard that HP was going to fit the iPAQ rx3000 series with the same camera as it has been long offering as an SDIO card, I took it with a grain of salt. But after seeing the fist set of photos I stood and stared in wonder - the iPAQ rx3715 photographs like a real camera! No blurred patches usable only as entries for competitions like "Guess what it is", no snaps taken as if through the thick glass bottom of a dirty ashtray. There are some mino glitches but if we compare the quality with digital cameras integrated in PDAs (and mobile phones), this is the absolutely highest quality. Judge yourself.

Big building View from my windows (picture taken through a colored glass) Nice car (unfortunately, not mine;)

From the technical point of view, it is a digital camera with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, i.e. 1.2 megapixel. Naturally, you can take smaller photos - you can choose from four resolution - 1280 x 960, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 and 160 x 120. You can save the photos in the JPEG format. Other features include a 4x digital zoom, and an indispensable mirror for taking photos of yourself. The software utility for controlling the camera offers automatic and manual adjustment of the white colour (manual for sun, halogen bulb and fluorescent lamp), colour palette (full colour, B/W, imitation of old photos, negative and blue & white), three degrees of compression, and shutter time setting calculated either from the centre or the whole area. There are also fine features, such as genuine shutter release sound and shutter timer for delayed exposure.

When applying a color filter, you can see the result immediately on the display Program settings Camera settings Video settings Camera settings

It is clear to everyone who photographs at least occasionally that quality of photos depends largely on the light conditions. Photos taken in broad daylight are usually fine if you know your camera, and you can have them printed in a photo lab. The iPAQ does not have an integrated flash and even though the effect of flashes on cameras of this class is disputable, the quality of photos degrades significantly with worsening lighting conditions. Exposure times grow steeply and it requires an Olympic champion in shooting to keep the iPAQ steady for one second. The following set of photos has been shot indoors, which has affected the quality... What about an SD flash;)?

Glass table My TV corner An artificial flower

These are not the only problems. Photos are sometimes deformed (keg-like), or white colour is not exactly white... The following photos illustrate that. Sample movies [5274KB]

Wanna some souvenier? Wanna a souvenier?

The iPAQ rx3715 can capture not only still images but also video. It is not as admirable but not too bad, either. Two formats are available - a highly compressed H.263 (file with a tag, half a minute video in the 176 x 144 resolutions takes up less tan half a megabyte). If this is too big for you, you can switch to a lower resolution of 128 x 96 pixels. On the other hand, the Motion JPEG format offers three different resolutions (320 x 240, 176 x 144 and 160 x 120). The main disadvantage is a significantly larger amount of data - half a minute video in the highest resolution takes some 6 MB. You can download sample videos to see for yourself. Question is whether you will be able to open them:) Just joking. You can open the MotionJPEG file e.g. in Windows Media Player, the .3GP in Apple QuickTime etc. Click here to download: Original, unedited photos [2871KB]

Video in 3GP format Video in MotionJPEG format

It is time to revise my previous statement that digital cameras integrated in PDAs have reached technological limits. Apparently, there is still room for improvement. This iPAQ is at least one step ahead of competition in this category. If you are interested, you can download photos in the original quality: Original photos [2871KB]. Of course, I could have taken many more photos but I did not want to spend half a year writing this review. I believe the samples will give you a good idea of the camera's quality.

Color tests - iPAQ Color tests - Canon G1

NB:: Please bear in mind that the built-in digital camera is on the top in its category - it excels other built-in digital cameras. However, it cannot compare to any cheap standalone camera.

Expandability or Is anything lacking...?

Although the iPAQ offers almost everything in the basic configuration, there may be functionalities you will wish to add, such as lager memory on a card (music and video take up some megs) and GPS which is becoming an indispensable companion for a growing number of PDA users. This iPAQ offers three different ways to connect, including a GPRS SDIO card, data cable and Bluetooth.

Comparison with SD Digital Camera iPAQ and a foldable keyboard Comparison with Ericsson T610

That's not everything, though. It is possible to pair with many different devices over Bluetooth, from a mobile phone to Bluetooth-enabled printer. The iPAQ using Widcomm drivers and software, there were absolutely no problems during testing and I do not expect any to occur. No need to stress that the iPAQ has the same backwards compatible connector as all the other new iPAQs (except for the h1900 series), which makes it possible to connect accessories such as an old foldable keyboard with a Compaq logo (a driver needed).


Software or Tons of bonus apps

Like the vast majority of new devices, the iPAQ rx3715 ships with pre-installed Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system. It includes the complete set of applications for Pocket PC except those for devices with an integrated mobile phone (Premium Edition). However, there are also many bonus applications. Although there is not a critical lack of memory in this device, I consider it a waste of space to preload a 1.14-MB demo in the RAM, considered the same demo is on the accompanying CD...

Landscape orientation

Let's start with what you will spot immediately - the whole Today screen is occupied by a plug-in designed to launch four applications. It is the same plug-in as that in the rx1715, only launching different applications. It cannot do anything but launch the four applications. I do not understand why it was necessary to claim the whole screen for such a trivial task but there may be some underlying philosophy that I did not get. Maybe some surveys showed that this is what the average user desires... Who knows:)

iPAQ Entertainment iPAQ Entertainment

There are several bonus applications in the Programs folder. First is DockWare which activates automatically when the device is in the cradle - it is in fact a screen saver which displays date or calendar and one of the photos you have taken and saved in the device. Perhaps the most positive feature is that it can be deactivated;) Well, it is not that bad and if you need a clock on the desktop, you do not need to spend your money on some plastic c**p from Ikea.

DockWare DockWare

Then there is the demo presenting the device's capabilities. The idea is quite good (although it is somewhat strange to tell someone who has just bought a device with an integrated camera that he or she can take photos with it...), the problem lies in the form. I would understand if the demo got erased automatically after finishing but this is a waste of precious memory, especially given the fact that it plays automatically when you insert the CD. What I consider much more useful is an electronic version of the FAQ brochure, which you can find under the icon How Do I.

Experience HP iPAQ Experience HP iPAQ Experience HP iPAQ

A Pocket PC version of HP Image Zone has been a permanent member of the group of bonus apps in every iPAQ. The more meaningful it is in a device with an integrated digital camera. It is a very fast image manager with basic editing features (Paint-style tools and 11 filters). Features like brightness, contrast and saturation are a matter-of-course. You can easily send photographs by e-mail or to a printer, attach a note or view all images in a slideshow. There are numerous possibilities:)

HP Image Zone Picture editing Slideshow settings

Data backup is cared for by iPAQ Backup. It offers two modes, basic and advanced. It is perhaps the most sophisticated solution for backing up Pocket PC data. You can compress and encrypt your backups, exclude certain types of files, and create executable backups! It is also possible to schedule regular updates in daily or weekly intervals or automatic when battery power decreases under a certain level. The utility can backup PIM data to the FlashROM, so that they are renewed automatically after a hard reset.

Simple mode Advanced mode Program settings Scheduled backups

An application called iPAQ Mobile Media should be the multimedia heart of the device. The application has a server part and a client preinstalled on the PDA. Applications NevoMedia Server, NevoMedia Player and NevoBackup are to be installed on the server. After that, all five applications from Nevo should be available. The PDA communicates with the desktop server over Wi-Fi.

iPAQ Mobile Media

The first of the applications serves as a photo viewer and audio & video player. It supports WMA and MP3 audio formats, and WMV video format. As you can see in the screenshots, it is nothing groundbreaking but the GUI is neat. You can view photos while listening to MP3 but that's all the application can do.

Local files List of files Audioplayer Image viewer Movie player

An application called Nevo, launched by one of the multimedia buttons, is one of the most sophisticated utilities of its kind. It includes pre-defined control sets for several hundred appliances, many of which I have never heard of before:) If your appliance is not included, you can "teach" Nevo control it. There is a convenient wizard to help you with the task. On top of that, the utility boasts such features as individual settings for each room or user etc.

Nevo TV control Favourite TV channels

The third application downloads data from the server. It should work this way: you are lying down on the sofa, listening to MP3 music. When an album ends, you do not need to stand up, go to the desktop and download another but simply connect to the desktop computer over Wi-Fi and choose which songs (videos, images...) you wish to download. There is one problem, though. I did not manage to download a single song complete because the Wi-Fi disconnected every once in a while. And it is probably not due to the Wi-Fi because I could keep pinging between my laptop and the iPAQ for more than an hour.

Simple media copy from server Copying is complete

If you do not have enough space on your PDA, you can stream the data instead of downloading them. Everything is categorised, so you can browse by title, author, genre and other criteria. There is a serious limitation for songs - MP3 cannot be streamed - you need to convert everything into the WMA or WMV format. Unfortunately, the application has problems with the streaming, too. Playback is jerky and sometimes freezes altogether. Nevertheless, this could be an easy to fix software bug. I could have well set something wrongly...

Media Streaming Next picture is being loaded

The last icon launches a desktop control utility that makes it possible to run multimedia content on the desktop PC using the PDA as a remote control. You can easily view images or play MP3 files on the PC. What should I add? The idea is undoubtedly interesting and the software very good. However, I had the iPAQ for too short a period of time to be able to judge if it is suitable for everyday use.

Media Control The same image on the desktop computer Playing MP3 songs

That's not everything, though. There is also an MPEG video player called PocketTV, which is probably the best piece of software available in this category. The MPEG format has been somewhat losing popularity lately but still remains widespread, so a player supporting this format does have a place in a multimedia device.

Pocket TV

The last preinstalled application is a utility for printing on HP printers. Unfortunately, I do not have a Bluetooth or IrDa compatible printer and could not test this functionality. Hopefully it will be possible next time. That's all you are getting with device. I think I have never seen so many applications preinstalled in the ROM:)

HP Printing HP Printing HP Printing

Now, onto the CD-ROMs. First One of them contains Microsoft Outlook 2002 and Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1. as well as a useful beginners' guide and a few applications, mostly freeware or demo version, if I am not mistaken. The other CD contains a full version of HP Image Zone 3.5 for desktop. It is a sophisticated solution for image management. It is so complex that it would deserve a review on its own. However, it did not impress me very much. I found it difficult to control and perhaps too complicated. But you know the saying about the gift horse:) It will be appreciated mainly by those who own not only a PDA from HP but also a camera, scanner or printer - they will be able to control all those devices from within one application.

HP Image Zone


The HP iPAQ rx3715 is very sophisticated device and it would be naive to expect a low price. Prices tags differ according to the model; the cheapest one will officially sell for $350 USD, the top one (the one I reviewed) will cost $500 USD. I think the prices match the value.

Benchmarks & Tests

I have expanded my list of testing applications. My test SD card now contains standard games (Anthelion, Snails and Z-Raid [affiliate]), films (a Shrek 2 trailer in MPEG format 650-kbps bitrate), the same short movie in Windows Media format (250 and 500-kbps bitrates), newly added DivX video (500 and 1000-kbps bitrates), a few MP3 files of various genres, and some documents and images. I have discovered a great DivX player called BetaPlayer which, when combined with extremely user-friendly PocketDivXEncoder utility, will make you forget about all other players. I deleted a 1-Mbps Windows Media file and created a 1-Mbps DivX file because Windows Media Player is embarrassingly sluggish in comparison with BetaPlayer. And finally, please be advised that whereas I stick to the fact in the other chapters, here I share my impressions:)

Motion pictures first and we will be done quickly with them. The device's performance was absolutely flawless. Windows Media Player, PocketTV, BetaPlayer, one playing better than another. Everything is smooth and seamless; there is no point in elaborating.

BetaPlayer PocketTV Windows Media Player

There is not much to criticise about running games, either. The only problem I encountered was in Z-Raid, which runs pretty fast (60FPS) but the fire button just won't work. However I reconfigured the controls, my guns remained silent. This is obviously a software problem (the button works in other applications) and will be easy to fix but for the time being, you cannot enjoy flying your aircraft. I have mentioned the small size of the buttons before. One can get used to it but it is not very comfortable. Snails run without any problems and the action is smooth even when the computer ponders how to move the creatures it controls. Anthelion as well as other games I played was also problem-free. The device's performance is simply sufficient for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Z-Raid Snails Anthelion

Bluetooth worked fine with devices such as a mobile phone or GPS. The same applies to Wi-Fi. In my opinion, the problem with the Media Centre is due to the software and responsibility falls on its producer. As I wrote above, the Wi-Fi module's sensitivity appears to be very good, although I have no way to measure it precisely as there is no universal application for measuring signal strength...

And finally, some figures. I use Spb Benchmark for a complete performance test. Having reviewed several new Pocket PCs, I can compare. If you are interested in the detailed results, the complete .XML file is available for download here :: HP iPAQ rx3715 (2003 SE, 400MHz) [1KB]. To compare with other devices, copy the contents of the file to this page and click on Add device.

ROM version of the tested device :: 1.00.09 ENG

Processor computing power is officially lower than that of Intel processors with the same clock speed
Processor computing power is officially lower than that of Intel processors with the same clock speed

The file system is extremely fast
The file system is extremely fast

The graphics subsystem is not a top performer but you will hardly notice in real life
The graphics subsystem is not a top performer but you will hardly notice in real life

ActiveSync file transfer is very fast
ActiveSync file transfer is very fast

Excellent overall result suggests that the device is very well balanced
Excellent overall result suggests that the device is very well balanced

I tested the graphics performance also with the GXmark utility. It is far less sophisticated than Spb Benchmark and offers comparison only with iPAQ h3600, but at least you can find out how many objects can move on the display simultaneously:)

HP iPAQ rx3715
HP iPAQ rx3715

...and that's all I can tell you about this device;)

PDAgold recommends!


I can say that HP did quite well in repairing its reputation:) The iPAQ rx3715 is a very well balanced device with a powerful processor, large memory, excellent digital camera, very good communication capabilities, a lot of useful software, incredible battery life etc. All that for quite a reasonable price. Otherwise excellent devices from HP more and more often lag behind competing products in the quality of displays. Unfortunately, it applies to this model, too. A 3.6-inch VGA display which would suit such a device perfectly is only wishful thinking. Despite all that, the iPAQ rx3715 is one of the best devices I have reviewed lately. :: The final rating is 94%

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