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Take the Torque Game Engine ($100) for a test drive and experience the award winning netcode, GUI editor, C-like scripting, full C++ source, seamless indoor-outdoor rendering, world editor, and much more.TSTPro Torque artists and programmers receive a major boost to their art pipelines with the Torque ShowTool Pro, which provides an array of tools to inspect and understand every aspect of DTS shapes.RTS Starter Kit The  RTS Starter Kit  opens up the power of the Torque Game Engine to strategy fans and developers. A customized add-on to Torque, the RTS Starter Kit provides functionality needed by developers to create strategy games. Race your marble through platforms, hazards, and power ups.  Now bundled with every Linspire computer and new Apple iMac G5, iBook G4 and  MacMini.  100 original levels, gold times and over 120 user-created levels will make this game top on your playlist.

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